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Hallelujah, Praise The Lord, I Have Heat For Christmas

For those of you following my no heat in this near record cold and snowfall here in Portland, Oregon saga, I managed to walk to a neighborhood hardware store in the 14.5 inches of snow and buy tubing and gas cans and rig up a safe temporary fuel system for the furnace, and can get up to five hours at a time of continuous heat.DSC00173-5.JPG

I know that this sounds like something that people in Iraq have to rig up. It is commonplace for many storefronts in Iraq to be powered by little gas generators because of only a few hours a day of electrical service, or many other huge shortcomings in that backward society. But regardless of the hassle of having to refuel the furnace fuel supply after five hours of continuous use. which one might well come close to in this bad weather, but it's better than no heat at all for Christmas in this bone jarring cold unlike most mild Portland Winters.

I humorously added the religious reference to this piece because after I installed a new furnace myself and it did not function properly, I called in an expert at $180 dollars an hour who drove in the ice and cold and charged me $180 only to find out that the tank and fuel lines were bad. I knew that this guy had a great reputation for being quite religious. And when the poor fellow was so perplexed with the problem, he prayed for guidance from God. I was so desperate for heat that I actually found myself joining in as well. It seems that in war or in the cold, everyone suddenly has a strong faith in God.

Maybe some kids or even adults want some big things for Christmas. But I don't care. I'm just happy to have heat for Christmas as a new blast of Winter snow is scheduled to hit Portland again tomorrow. Well, at least I'll be a little warmer. And for that I'm very grateful. My holiday present came a little early this year.

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Comments (9)

Paul Phillips:

Who cares?


Are you sure what you rigged up is safe, Paul? Don't gas yourself and wake up dead on Christmas morning, or blow up your house.


Hope your Change keeps you warm and safe.


Paul, I hope you have a merry Christmas. I hope you stay warm, please be careful with the system you're using.

Doubting Thomas:

Heat is good, isn't it?

Water to the house, Hot water heaters, central heating (gas or electric or oil, doesn't matter) electricity, modern sewer systems -

All everyday miracles we don't realize how much we depend on until they're not there.

Merry Christmas, Paul!

Thanks for the warm and best wishes, Epador, Chad and Ryan. The temporary setup is safe enough to get me through the holiday and the deepest amount of snow in Portland history ever until I can get the oil tank repaired. I wouldn't go with this setup if I didn't have some faith that it is very safe because I don't want life-threatening arrangements very much in my life, except when it comes to motorbikes, then I'm a darn fool wild man there.

A very happy holiday to all my readers and well wishers here.

And Paul Phillips, you may wish me a big lump of coal for Christmas, but you get all my best Christmas wishes to you anyway.

Thanks so much for your kind thoughts as well your take on how Americans take modern miracles for granted, Doubting Thomas. You're a great guy. A most happy holiday to you.


Hang in there Paul, it's 34 degrees however, it will take several days to get rid of all this snow. Worst storm here in Vancouver and Portland metro area in 58 years. KATU is forecasting a heat wave for the next week, will be above freezing even at night.

A lot better than the last week and a half.

Merry Christmas to you also.

Thanks for your kind Christmas wishes, Allen. A very nice holiday to you as well.


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