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Obama Honeymoon Continues With High Approval Ratings

Despite the continued efforts of Fox News and the right wing blogosphere to paint dark clouds over President-elect Barack Obama and his presidential transition team, a recently-released public opinion poll has Obama with a stunning high approval rating - a sign that that efforts of the twisted right wing media machine continues to reap low returns. America has just plain tuned-out the lies and deceit constantly broadcast by the conservative media.

The steady drumbeat of lies and innuendo surrounding the right wing efforts to smear Obama with a broad Blagojevich brush are failing. Yesterday's report release effectively cleared Obama and his staff of any wrong-doing, and the results of a CNN poll released Wednesday show that the attempts to smear Obama have had no effect on the public's perception of the integrity of the Obama transition efforts to date:

Eighty-two percent of those questioned in a new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll released Wednesday morning approve of the way the Obama is handling his presidential transition. That's up 3 points from when we asked this question at the beginning of December. Fifteen percent of those surveyed disapprove of the way Obama's handling his transition, down 3 points from our last poll.

The 82 percent approval is higher than then President-elect George W. Bush 8 years ago, who had a 65 percent transition approval rating, and Bill Clinton, at 67 percent in 1992.

"Barack Obama is having a better honeymoon with the American public than any incoming president in the past three decades. He's putting up better numbers, usually by double digits, than Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, or either George Bush on every item traditionally measured in transition polls," says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland.

Obama's popularity is stunning, especially in comparison to past presidential approval ratings during the transition phase:

That 56 percent figure is 18 points higher than those who said then President-elect Bush's cabinet appointments were outstanding or above average and 26 points higher than those who felt the same way about then President-elect Clinton's nominees.

"Obama walks in with nearly twice the support on the economy that President-elect Clinton had in January, 1993, and he beats Ronald Reagan as well," adds Holland.

A third say that their impression of Obama has gotten better since the election, with only 8 percent saying their opinion has gotten worse.

Critics will be quick to suggest that Obama's fortunes will turn once he actually assumes office. CNN's Holland suggests that while a drop may occur...:

Presidents usually start to lose support once they assume office and start making the tough decisions. But with eight in ten currently approving of Obama, he can give away 20 or 30 points, estimates Holland, and still have a majority of the country on his side.

You can count on right wing efforts to drag the country down into the mud despite the horrendous economic disaster we find ourselves in that clearly calls instead for a unified effort on the part of Americans to pull together, shoulder the load, and get the nation back on track. So far, the poll results show those efforts to smear Obama have been a spectacular failure.

: Watch this video clip to see a perfect example of the Republican party's attempt to smear Obama.

In it Karl Rove is given six plus minutes to admit that there is no indication anywhere that any wrong doing took place from within the Obama team whatsoever, but he'd love to keep asking pointless questions of Obama just to give the anti-America GOPer aireads who watch Faux News and Sean Hannity in order to have something to cheer about.

It's a sadly pathetic example of the extent to which the chattering class of the right is trying to keep this non-issue alive.

Refer back to the CNN poll results for America's answer.

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Comments (6)

Even Newt Gingrich was recently disgusted with a Republican Party produced film that falsely tried to tear down Obama suggesting some connection to the controversial Illinois Governor who has had endless scandals since at least 2005. Obama has only been a U.S. senator since 2005 himself. Blagojevich is a longtime Chicago politician, while Obama is a newcomer and reformer to any old style Chicago politics. Obama has no connection to this old style of corruption whatsoever.

And Obama has contrasted his newcomer and fresh image with a cabinet that includes four former Democratic nomination rivals, Biden, Clinton, Richardson and Vilsack in his administration. He will also take the oath of office on the very same Bible that Abraham Lincoln used, for the first time since Lincoln.

The country has serious woes, and Obama will combine his fresh reformer approach to the expertise of one of the most talented cabinets ever. The result should be that America witnesses some real improvement in the next four years, and Obama wins a landslide re-election for four more years in 2012 to continue this advancement.


The fact that there is and never has been anything to this narrative has NOT stopped the bobble heads on MSNBC from raising the subject every twenty minutes for the past two weeks...The narrative always starts "There's no indication that the Obama camp did anything illegal in dealing with Blago over his successor, BUT....." Then the concern trolls go on an on about some mysterious black cloud over Obama if he doesn't turn all of the records of contacts over to reporters so they can sift methodically through them and decide for themselves...These are the same a**hats who seem to have ZERO concern about the millions of emails that Cheney and Rove have deleted from their files, and the fact that they used personal computers and blackberries to conduct Government business..As has been stated, the DC crowd has suddenly rediscovered their duty to be watchdogs for Democracy, after abdicating that job for the past 8 years...

I have a long-standing theory that we have a base of hard core Republicans who will never approve of anything Democrats do, and will always approve of anything Republicans do, no matter how disastrous. I've always figured this group at a little less than 30% of the electorate. They are the people we will never reach. In evidence, back when Mark Felt "outed" himself as Deep Throat, there was a poll showing that 30% of people polled said he was unpatriotic to blow the whistle on Richard Nixon's law breaking. And that kind of gave me a "Huh?" moment, that so many people would still think what Nixon did was OK. So these poll numbers are incredibly surprising. Even if they don't last, it's a sort of milestone that we got past the mental barrier.


I have a long-standing theory that we have a base of hard core Republicans who will never approve of anything Democrats do, and will always approve of anything Republicans do, no matter how disastrous.

And this is different from Democrats, how?

It's near impossible to get a hard core Democrat to disapprove of a Democrat if they're caught with a freezer full of cash or somehow managed not to realize that they had to actually pay taxes on their income.

The majority of people on either side, however, disagree about what the problems in the world actually are, what is the best way to deal with them, and what constitutes a disaster.

It's more comforting to believe that the truth is obvious than to admit that people of good faith and intelligence can disagree.


Synova, it isn't the average Democrat that thinks the crooks, from both parties, elected year after year, disagree. It's the elected crooks from both parties that won't do anything.

Also, why does the GOP have to smear the opposite party every time they have a chance. We both know that first, Obama and Rev. Wright in that church, then the GOP calls him a Muslim. So what is it? Religious nut or a Muslim. If the latter, then why bring up Rev. Wright?

And yes, Hawaii is a state/US possession, and yes he was born there. But listen to the smears on that. Same as Blago, the US Attorney, appointed by the GOP, has cleared Obama. BUT... you keep saying well.........

The days of not being questioned on your GOP talking points/lies/slander is over. And as the GOP told everyone when Bush stoled/won in 2000, GET OVER IT. Please take your advice and get over it, ok?

Lee Ward:

And it isn't a question of agreeing or disagreeing -- Rove, Hannity et. al readily admit that there is no sign or indication whatsoever that Obama or a member of his team has done anything illegal or even improper. Everyone agrees Obama is innocent.

They just want to keep this non-story in the headlines as much as possible, and continue to insinuate that some hidden impropriety exists.

I guess they are pissed that Obama's approval ratings are off-the-charts higher than Ronald Reagan's, and are trying (and failing miserably) to change that.

The Republican Party needs to get into the game and quit being the party of lies and deceit. America knows Obama doesn't pal around with terrorists, but 60 days ago those words were on the lips of every prominent Republican in the country.

When will you folks learn that America doesn't fall for these lies?

Karl Rove is downright evil


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