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Hamas Offers Nonsensical Explanation For Rocket Attacks On Israel

By now you would really think that Hamas would only realize that continued rocket attacks on Israeli civilians would only provoke a violent Israeli military action at some point. But apparently Hamas is so radicalized that common sense just doesn't seem to abound in this organization's logic. And yesterday, a spokesman for Hamas had a decent opportunity to offer an opportunity to explain the continued rocket attacks on Israeli civilians, but instead used the opportunity to claim absurdly that "Israeli provocateurs" were somehow responsible for the rocket attacks that have taken place since December 19, that provoked the latest violent military response by Israel.

The fact of the matter is that Hamas won control of representation of the Palestinian people because of years of corruption among the rival Fatah leaders. And for a time Hamas did provide many essential social services to the Palestinian persons while many in the Hamas leadership simply pocketed any international relief funds or else skimmed their share into world bank accounts such as Yasser Arafat and his widow who had millions socked away into Swiss bank accounts rather than give it to the poor people they serve. By comparison, Hamas looked to be somewhat more honest by comparison. But it is the militant philosophy of this organization that always seems to want to provoke conflict with Israel, and only ends up bringing down Israeli military wrath that seems to bring nothing but bad on the Palestinian people.hamas_.jpg

Hamas lacks a constructive and pragmatic approach to power, and the latest military blows against this organization will once again cause the Palestinian people much suffering. Unlike other former radicals such as the Chinese or Vietnamese Communists who have largely become pragmatic businessmen rather than revolutionaries, Hamas continues to believe in extremist politics that are unrealistic in the modern world for any organization that really intends to form a government or lead.

It's certainly not much of a governing strategy for Hamas to provoke military conflict with the far more powerful Israeli military, get beaten up badly in war, but then appeal for sympathy among the Palestinians and the world community, but that's been their political strategy for many years and doesn't look about to change anytime soon.

Whoever knew that making yourself a "punching bag" and causing great destruction, poverty and suffering on your own people by your own irresponsible actions was a great way to rule? Other former radicals like the Chinese Communists moderated, invited investment in their nation, improved poverty and provided jobs, and really improved conditions in their nation, unlike Hamas which prides itself in ruling by making life only more difficult for the people they serve.

Now, there are some whispers that Fatah leadership is actively encouraging the Israeli military destruction of Hamas so that Fatah can return to power in Gaza. But in all their years of power, the corruption of Fatah always managed to keep this organization as poor representation for the poverty issues or the economic disadvantages among the Palestinians. Fatah may appear as far more moderate than Hamas. But it greatly needs to improve it's own house if it ever wants to considered as the best possible leadership for the serious problems of the Palestinian people. In the meantime, the Palestinian people only suffer between two poor political organizations that vie for their control and ill serve them.

When American voters felt ill-served by the Bush Administration and the Republican Party they at least had some good option to select in a real democracy like the U.S. But others around the world have less freedom to pick their leadership. And the Palestinian people seem to be stuck with the bad leadership of Fatah or the far worst leadership of Hamas. That's not much choice in my view.

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Comments (7)

Steve Crickmore:

Paul, I think you could just as easily say that..

By now you would really think that the IDF would only realize that continued airstrike attacks on Gaza civilians would only provoke a violent Hamas (or Arab) military action at some point on Israeli or even American forces. But apparently the IDF is so radicalized that common sense just doesn't seem to abound in this organization's logic. And yesterday, a spokesman for IDF had a decent opportunity to offer an opportunity to explain the continued airstrikes on Gaza`s civilians, but instead used the opportunity to claim absurdly that "Hamas provocateurs" were somehow responsible for the airstrikes that have taken place since December 19, that provoked the latest violent military response by Israel.

And so it goes..But the US administration which gives the Israeli military up to 3 billion a year in aide conditional on it be be used for self- defense purposes, is only publicly asking for Hamas to stop its puny rocket attacks.



You could say that. It'd be grossly inaccurate, but you could say that.

The Palestinians rejected (under Arafat) peace negotiations that would have given them 90% of what they wanted as a STARTING point for further talks. Since then, Palestinians chose to remove Fatah and put Hamas in power, knowing that Israel wouldn't deal with them and that Hamas was committed to Israel's destruction.

Israel pulled out of Gaza altogether, and some predicted it would be used as a base for attacks against other, previously unreachable parts of Israel. The international community pooh-poohed that, and yet that's exactly what has happened.

On top of that, Hamas was firing rockets into Israel 4 days after the most recent cease-fire. Other Arab countries have never accepted the Palestinian people and even now do nothing but talk. At some point, after 60 years, it must be accepted that diplomacy is not, has not, and likely will not work.

Egypt is the only nation in the area that is actively involved in trying to resolve, or at least contain, the situation.

Steve, I certainly share your concerns about the continued violence in Gaza, no matter who the guilty party is. However, Hamas is playing a deadly game just like Hezbollah did in Lebanon of firing rockets deep into Israeli civilian territory, and targeting civilian targets such as women, children, day care units, schools, hospitals and other nonmilitary targets as an expression of their Islamic radicalism, while the rival Fatah faction appears to be both encouraging the Israeli military to weaken Hamas, as well as providing the Israeli military intelligence data on these Hamas weapons targets to strike. Fatah seeks a peaceful path with Israeli while Hamas certainly does not.

The IDF has little choice but to carefully target these weapons sites and other Hamas military targets to degrade their ability to harm innocent civilians. The IDF is carefully selecting targets of some military importance, unlike the Hamas rockets which indiscriminately target Israeli civilians.

It is completely unacceptable for any Islamic radical organization to fire rockets into civilian areas, which threaten the lives of Israelis of all types, Jews, Muslims, Christians, etc. In Baghdad, there was a similar nightly problem of rival Sunni and Shiite neighbors firing mortars or rockets into each others neighborhoods, requiring military action by both the Iraqi as well as American forces to quiet this unacceptable violence.

The radicalism of Hamas, that continues to advocate for the complete destruction of Israel is entirely the opposite of Fatah and the Israeli government which both believe that an open dialogue and constructive relations are the key to long-range Mideast peace.

I'm certainly unhappy when any side is using military means to settle issues with the long running Israel-Palestine issue. However, it is indeed Hamas that has provoked the IDF to act to defend civilians from senseless rocket attack violence.

Hamas is a long ways from other former radicals such as the Chinese or Vietnamese Communists who are devoted to constructive world relations, building a strong economy for their people, and other moderate goals. Hamas does run some important social services for the benefit of the Palestinian people, but simply refuses to disband and give up on terrorism or other acts of Islamic radicalism.

Steve Crickmore:

Sure BPG, when Arafat walked away from the Camp David's agreement at the last possible moment, without even a counter proposal, Palestinians were doomed.

Paul, I am not sure what military targets ordinary police stations, the Islamic University and almost every Hamas government bulding are...sounds to me like civilian targets as much as military targets and Israel seems bent on the destruction of the Hamas government even more than Hamas is bent on the destruction of the Israeli government.

I don`t always see the strict distinction between what is called terrorism or state terrorism or collective punishment practised by a state and so on.

As you know many of the founding fathers of Israel were freedom fighters who engaged in justifiable, to them, acts of terrorism against the British especially, because they felt their land was being occupied and they were fighting a war of liberation.

And then there is Ariel Sharron who has a history of war crimes or crimes against humanity. Among the many incidents in General Sharron`s career occurred in 1982 in

Sabra & Shatila: The slaughter in the camps at Sabra and Shatila took place between 6:00pm on September 16 and 8:00 am on September 18, 1982 in an area under the control of the Israeli army. Sharon's troops, having held the camps under siege, allowed Phalangists to enter. Israeli searchlights illuminated the camps, while Israeli army personnel watched through binoculars as the death squads spread unchallenged through the camps. Whole families were murdered, many were raped and tortured before being killed. So many bodies were heaped into lorries and taken away, or buried in mass graves, that the exact toll will never be known, but Palestinian sources estimate at least 2000 people were killed.

Thomas Friedman won the Pulitzer prize for his account of the slaughter and George W. Bush years later lavished praise not on the influential Friedman but on Sharron whom he called "a man of peace", after Sharron`s IDF levelled the Jenin refugee camp and made it look like "an earthquake zone" in 2002.

But the indignation of the chattering classes and political elite in the US (not Europe) is saved for Palestinian rocket attacks that rarely do any damage.

The result is that Sharron and then is successor now Olmert are engaged in what are considered (bloody) acts of self-defense with a country that it has never signed a peace treaty with (I grant you largely thanks to Arafat).

I know this a ancient history but it keeps repeating itself.. as do the same arguments. I remember talking like this a couple of years ago after the Lebanon invasion.

Doubting Thomas:


Any place that's used for launching rockets towards Israel is a valid target, regardless of how pitiable the attempt is. The fact is that they're shooting rockets, attempting to kill Israelis. It doesn't MATTER how crappy the rockets are - the fact that they're fired with murderous intent is sufficient to justify a response.

(Let's say you've got a mad-on against your neighbor. You fire a gross of bottle rockets against his house one night, just to be an asshole. A couple manage to break a window, a couple more get in, and a fire starts. Neighbor family doesn't get out, everyone dies. What should you be charged with? Murder? Manslaughter? Noise violations?)

As far as targets in Gaza goes, even the Geneva Accords recognizes that hospitals and churches (mosques, temples, what have you...) have their nominal immunities stripped when used for offensive actions. (IE a sniper in a mosque, rockets being launched from a hospital courtyard, a command post set up in a university, rockets being stored in the basement and launched from its roof, and so on...)

You're supposed to PROTECT noncombatants as much as possible - but the Hamas leadership has succeeded in turning the entire Gaza strip into one large target zone by firing rockets from damn near anyplace flat enough to set up a launcher, whether it's on top of a tenement roof, the middle of a park or market, the roof of a hospital or mosque - and thereby are holding hostage the civilian population.

Of course, hostage holding is against the Geneva Conventions also, as well as random targeting of civilian populations (no matter how badly aimed or how effective) - but since when have the Palestinians paid any attention to that?

Common Sense Angel:

Hamas is a group of bullies with pretentions of legitimacy. They are allied with Hezbollah, which immediately udermines any claim to be rational. While Israel may have gone overboard in it's response, at the same time I can't criticize them since I haven't been on the receiving end of a seemingly endless stream of home-made katyusha rockets that are deliberatley "aimed" at non-military targets (aimed meanig pointed in the general direction of Israel. Which comes first, the Palestinians breaking a ceasefire, or the IDF counterattack?


How come no one is talking about all the fatta people killed by hamas. I guess it ok if the arabs kill each other. I would venture to say that more innocents were killed by hamas than by the IDF


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