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Witch Hunter Kenneth Starr Back Again

Kenneth Starr, the right wing witch hunter who attempted to end the Clinton presidency over a silly oral sex indiscretion by the once president is back on the stage again with yet another Puritanical mission to rid the world of any hanky panky. This time Kenneth Starr has signed on to act as the lead lawyer for the "Yes On Proposition 8" forces when this ballot measure is debated by the California State Supreme Court over whether this ballot measure is indeed constitutional or not. But California's Attorney General, Jerry Brown, has his doubts about the validity of the measure, and may well up up arguing that the measure is unconstitutional in testimony in front of the California's highest court.

Normally, a state attorney general will go to court to defend the interest of the state in matters, however, the legal opinion of Attorney General Brown has recently found new reason to doubt the legal validity of the measure, while Kenneth Starr who is now the Dean of Pepperdine Law School is following his typical path of defending Puritanical sexual values.

Certainly Kenneth Starr will wrap up all of his Puritanicalism in some eloquent language of legalese to defend his very conservative views. But the bottom line is that it's still the same old guy who is out on mission to put anyone into the stocks that offends his uptight sense of sexual values. kenneth starr.jpg

Somewhere out there, Kenneth Starr isn't having sex. And he'll be damned if he can't prevent someone else out there from not having sex as well. Kenneth Starr's advocacy for Proposition 8 is simply more of his moral crusade masquerading as law. But whatever compels those like a Kenneth Starr to be so obsessed with what others are doing with their romantic lives behind their own closed doors continues to amaze me. I suppose the Kenneth Stars of America lost the power to put homosexuals in prison on sodomy charges, so now they're down to attempting to control their romance lives and ability to marry. But it was indeed very disappointing that a state like California signed on to such foolishness when it very narrowly passed Proposition 8.

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Comments (10)


Funny how right-wing folks always manage to see incompetence on the other side of the aisle (and there's plenty there to be remarked, make no mistake), but keep the blinkers on when it comes to their own little cesspool, isn't it?

The republics didn't care about the blowjob, it was that nasty lying about it. If there's one thing they can't stand, it's lying. hahahahahhaha I cracked myself up again.

It's the 'Conservative' concept that if you repeat something enough it will become true. If they continued running this country and our schools, we wouldn't have enough educated people who actually know history. Thank goodness the average people of this country voted for change and elected an educated person who believes that others should be educated as well.

Ah, but let them whine all they like. Right-wing disappointment is music to our ears.


Quite an interesting spin on the subject by the author, and an entirely predictable spin by Allen.

My objection to the Clinton behavior was his exploitation of a position of power to gratify his desires at the expense of a lower-level employee (no matter how calculating she thought she was). That he had not the balls to be truthful about his actions under oath was a minimal coda. Its not about the sex any more than rape is about sex. Its about wielding power. A man who represents our country who feels no compunction about restraining himself in that basic situation, leads me to ask how he can utilize his power to represent us in any less selfish and narcissistic manner. I believe that was Ken Starr's motivation to seek prosecution as well.

But hey, if you just want to make it a Puritanical jihad, it's your right to promote that point of view.

Epador, I actually do agree with your abuse of power argument though. However, how many older guys don't use their power or wealth to bag some younger lady? As long as both are willing and it's not forced such as a job requirement, then it's hardly illegal, but not always real ethical or even appropriate. Look at the Kennedys and Marilyn Monroe for example. Their power was probably a turn-on for her.

But I also see a pattern with our good friend Ken Starr. He doesn't like guys getting head. He doesn't like Gays getting married. He probably opposes porn because some poor guy with no old lady might be masturbating a little to some PLAYBOY centerfold girl. He probably supports those Southern states that made selling a lady a vibrator a crime. His type just doesn't like that somewhere out there someone is getting a little because it makes them happy and floats their boat a little.

And it's also a little depressing that the Ken Starr's also believe that government place is in everyone's bedroom. They just can't stand that person's should be entitled to a little freedom as long as they're not hurting anyone and their sexual foolishness is consensual.


Epador, it wasn't a spin, it the friggin truth, but like all GOP people, you think if you keep saying something for a long time, people will believe it.

NEWSFLASH FOR YOU! Only the repugs believe it as everyone else has seen thru the BS of the people of "family values." And none of you GOP losers will explain what your party values are!

"you lost the election"
so (YOU, Republicans) get over it...........................
(sound familiar?) That was your talking points in 2000, wasn't it? Seems like a lot of things you people agreed to back then will be coming back to haunt you.

And since President Bush could declare someone an enemy, even though they were American citizens, no trial, just the navy brig, how are you going to complain when Obama decides to claim than Rush Limpdick, Hannity, Beck, Coulter, etc are enemies, and throw them in the navy brig without any lawyers, courts, etc.

Are you going to complain then? Too late suckers, what goes around comes around. You people never though about that, did you?

Spread your BS somewhere else where you have people who love your lying talking points. I'm probably more conservative than you are, but I just won't stand the pure BS you put out. Nor will I put up with the bleeding hearts BS either.

You said: "And an entirely predictable spin by Allen." Me thinks you need some cranium/rectal surgery, as you are unable to see what is going on. Both parties have screwed the taxpayer, and all you can complain about is the libs? Christ, get a life.

And as to Ken Starr, + $80 million bucks later, all he could prove that Clinton received a BJ and lied about it. It took that much money to prove that? BS, he tried everything he could to find dirt on Clinton and couldn't. I'm not saying Clinton was Mr. Clean, but he sure was smarter than Starr, wasn't he?


proved that Clinton lied under oath in a civil trial, Allen. it wouldn't have taken the $80M if Clinton had told the truth. don't blame Starr, blame Clinton. period. he's the one that did something wrong, and then lied about it.

also, starr is a prominent conservatice lawyer. you're surprised he's involved with this? especially when there may be some key constituation issues as to whether the process was correct or not?

what you don't understand is that for many conservatives, it's not about the sex, or anything like that. it's about the way they perceive liberals trying to game the constitution. whether it be the US constitution or the state ones.

you have to understand that there is still a lot of anger over the way that FDR coerced the supreme court to ignore the constitution in order to implement the New Deal. Or the way that Roe v. Wade was decided on umbras of penumbras. Heck even liberal constitutional scholars have been known to question that decision.

face it liberals have a reputation of using the courts to implement their agendas, regardless of the sentiment of the people. just like conservatives have the reputation of using the executive for the same purpose.


ke, I can't disagree with what you said, because most of the time the liberals do use the courts the wrong way. And so does the GOP at times, and for the wrong items they want changed.


You think maybe he is concerned that the California Supreme Court will rule that a Constitutional Amendment is unconstitutional? For that matter, the amendment prohibits gay marriage, not gay sex. Hell, the cops stand by while they do it in the street. Let us hark back to this photo essay from Zombietime (SERIOUSLY NSFW):


Doubting Thomas:

Oh, man - and I was trying so hard to forget that stuff from Zombietime...

Makes you appreciate the old joke about not doing it in the street and scaring the horses...

You know, I didn't mention it before, but what in heck is Starr demonstrating with his hand any way ?

Larry wills:

CBS News poll:

Now 3/2007 10/2006 11/2004 3/2004
To legally marry 30% 28% 28% 21% 22%
To form civil unions 28 32 29 32 33
No legal recognition 36 35 38 44 40

So give it a rest. Most democrats don't support gay marriage. I know I do not. It is a diverse party.

Sure Ken Starr is vile, but most people in your own party will disagree with you, no matter how hysterical or insulting you become. It's not a civil rights issue.


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