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The Ground War Mission of Israel and its Backers, the Bush Administration -Destroy Hamas

Bush, on script, says the Gaza war is solely due to the Hamas rocket attacks, in his Saturday radio address:

He got right to the most important issue in analyzing any event in the Middle East: who started it. "This recent outburst of violence was instigated by Hamas". They did so with "a barrage of rockets and mortars that deliberately targeted innocent Israelis." He didn't get around to mentioning the rather more numerous Israeli rockets or whom they might be targeting. (Also, what mortars?)

He did say that "Regrettably, Palestinian civilians have been killed in recent days." Somehow, it's always the passive voice when Palestinians "have been killed," isn't it? He put the blame for these deaths on "Hamas terrorists" who, "as part of their strategy" (8 years as commander in chief and he still doesn't know the difference between strategy and tactics), "often hide within the civilian population, which puts innocent Palestinians at risk." Some of them were "hiding" within their own homes, the sneaky so and sos.

But the Gaza attacks and assault are really the culmination of conflict that has been going on for three years, since Hamas won the Palestinian Territories elections in January, 2006, that Bush almost alone insisted on.

I suppose this was one election that Bush/Rove couldn`t rig. Rice nearly fell off her exercise bike when she saw the surprising results (to her), at her DC fitness club the morning after, on CNN.

Bush at his press conference, later that day, January 26, explained that the Palestinian people didn't "like the status quo" and voted for services, where they might find decent education for their children and health care. "the pot-hole" theory of democracy..mnnn... they are sure getting that now in Gaza.

But since "that reminder of the power of democracy" as Bush declared that day, the Bush administration has tried to topple Hamas by covertly, arming and funding Hamas's rival Fatah, the old status quo, until they were defeated by Hamas in Gaza, in a 'preemptive coup" in June of 2007.

And Israel has attempted to squeeze or suffocate Hamas immediately since the election, with a blockade that has caused grievous suffering on Gaza's people, and from time to time, for good measure, even during the recent six months cease-fire, carried out assassination plots, of Hamas officials.

Now, the official Israeli justification of "Operation Cast Lead', the air-to-ground assault on Gaza, is to rid nearby parts of southern Israel of the threat of the 'Hamas' missles; actually they really are from the Islamic Jihad brigades, but they get lumped, for Israeli strategic and propaganda purposes with the Hamas ruling party.

Also so crucial was what was not said. Just a few months ago Livni (Israeli Foreign Minister) was talking of wiping out Hamas, but that would be unpalatable to much of the outside world as a justification for the assault. So now the talk is of pressing Gaza's government to agree to a new ceasefire. Occasionally someone has got off-message.
At the United Nations in New York, the Israeli ambassador, Gabriella Shalev, also seemed to depart the approved script. "[It will continue for] as long as it takes to dismantle Hamas completely," she said....

The objective of a complete overthrow of Hamas explains the choice of targets in Operation Cast Lead. Instead of just smugglers' tunnels and weapons caches, buildings that might be described as symbols of Hamas power - universities, ministerial offices and police stations - have been taken out.

So much for the power and respect for Gazans choosing their government of whatever stripe, at a ballot box. Bush should have ala Henry Ford - they can vote for any party so long as it were the corrupt Fatah, headed by the 'safe pair of hands', Mahmoud Abbas.

And, has anyone seen any reporters in Gaza? The Israeli Supreme Court ruled that Israel/ the Defence Ministry had to allow reprorters into Gaza to cover the war.. I suppose the IDF doesn't want the Western or Israeli reporters to see the death and destruction... and therefore, the public to see the harrowing images from scenes of military targets struck: schools, mosques and packed apartment buildings, where so many civilian bodies are strewn. They are on youtube, if anyone can bear to see them.

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Comments (17)


israel would have a lot more incentive to respect the democratically elected Hamas government if they had ever stopped lobbing rockets at Israel, if they had ever renounced violence, if they didn't brag about wanting to wipe israel off the face of the earth, if they hadn't been digging arms smuggling tunnels from Gaza into Israel, if they had ever made any attempt to restrain the more militant Palestinian factions. I could go on, but you should get the point here.


Yes, Israel could have done things different, but when the elected gov't of a bunch of people declares they are going to wipe you off the face of the earth, isn't that a declaration of war?

Well, they have their war, and now everyone wants to pick on Israel. Ask yourself why Egypt will not accept the "poor innocent" from Gaza. Ask yourself why no Arab country wants them.

Mohammed Amin:

These Arab Rulers are scared of America and Israel. So we really can't expect any help from them. And what is their 'national' interest if they were to get involved? Don't forget that Tzipi Livni had a meeting with Husni Mubarak just few days before the attack.

This has become an issue of revenge and counter-revenge.

I appeal to your human conscious. Life is at stake on both sides. This is not a War between two countries which have exclusive military sovereignty but an attack on a militia force (that has been elected by its people against the wishes of the attacker).

This is my sincere thoughts and an appeal to reason: The Islamic people will never accept a foreign political entity in their lands, esp. a land they hold dear to their belief due to al Quds, whether it is a communist or a capitalist regime. This is a concept no war machine can eliminate (unless they complementally annihilate the Islamic belief).

Todays Israeli government knows all too well how Muslims feel. For them why should Muslims resentment matter? 'Jews should have the right to exist'. Muslims have no problem with that.

But what they do have a problem is with ruling with concocted man-made laws over the land.

The Palestinian people, have no problems of Jews, Christians or any other religious people. Jews can live in the 'Land of Israel' or 'Promise Land' (from the river of Egypt to Euphrates). But where does it say they should rule or they must have a Jewish government.

So the argument must turn to which system is better for Jews, Muslims or any human being.

The only government that managed to successfully rule that area was the Islamic Caliphate. There are numerous evidences of Jews enjoying wealth and security under the Islamic Caliphate. Please note that there are no nation in the world that implements the Khilafah system (incl. Hamas, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran etc.


so, because Muslims won't accept a non-muslim nation in Palestine, we should just accept that? What about the fact that the area has been considered sacred by Jews and Christians for an even longer period or time? Or do you just want to convientiently forget about that?

Where does it say they shouldn't have a Jewish goverment? Or that they should have a Muslim one?

It's intellectual dishonesty like this that makes me even less likely to give the Palestinians the benefit of the doubt.


It is too bad the Palestinians are suffering thru this - but they chose to do it this way. Should they give up Hamas - it all goes away. Hamas is only furthering the cause of Iran, not the Palestinian people. The Hamas leadership, as usual, is in "hiding". They are really getting good at it. It is really, really, too sad.

Hamas suspended the six month cease fire, and has began firing rockets into Israel - more than 80 rockets landed in Israel on Christmas alone!
The Israeli incursion is a direct response to Hamas firing rockets into Israel - that's all.
If, as so many have argued here, Hamas has "the right to defend itself". the same must also apply to Israel.
More's the pity for innocent Palestinians that they must suffer under political leadership that is willing to sacrifice their safety so that Hamas can exercise its "right" to fire rockets indiscriminately at Israeli civilian targets.
However, the citizens of Gaza DID elect these miserable gangsters to lead them.

Doubting Thomas:

Don't always agree with you, Allen - but you hit the problem solidly on the head. Seems like folks are trying hard to reframe the issue so the problem is with the US and Israel - and that completely absolves Hamas of any responsibility for what they're doing and what they've done to start the conflict. THEY won't coexist with anyone - as you (and I, in past posts) point out they've managed to pretty much piss off any other country that would take them - and yet they're perpetually painted as victims.

I just don't get it.

Steve Crickmore:

United States elected George Bush twice, with help from the Supreme Court. And the Hamas were at 13 % in popularity in Gaza, before the Israeli air and ground assault..The IDF is pursuing the same strategy that Bush and the Coalition / Nato military did in Iraq and Afghanistan -shooting and bombing everything that moves -sowing bitterness and death and no doubt, down the road more suicide bombers. Surely there must be a better way of ending this conflict. So much for the Holy Land.

What can I say. Many in Hamas wanted to be martyrs for God. Here's their big chance.

Steve Crickmore:

I suppose that is how the majority in Jerusalem taunted Jesus too. Christianity is the one major religion that was founded on wave upon wave of martyrdom.

The point is that innocent children are pretty easy targets and are being killed in Gaza for the sins of their forefathers and occupiers.

"The point is that innocent children are pretty easy targets and are being killed in Gaza for the sins of their forefathers and occupiers."

Nah...The point actually is that innocent children are being killed in Gaza -- because scumbags in their community are shooting rockets at another country, then hiding behind those children when the response comes.

Steve Crickmore:

They are not hiding behind children in the most densely packed city on earth but rather in tunnels. Israel is hiding behind its weaponry and air-ground assault armada. It has the fourth largest largest military in the world, augmented by over ninety nuclear weapons, a open secret, and won`t allow the press into Gaza.

What is Israel hiding? the phosphorous bombs, some nasty bloodshed, probably the fact that this is a wider war and civilians as in Iraq will probably be murdered, but never deliberately because by definition, Israel doesn`t target civilians, but just about everything that can thought as symbol or infrastructure of Hamas, which may be code word for Palestinians, based on their treatment in previous invasions.

Steve, I certainly like you, and I actually share in your sadness about any loss of life. I'm deeply sorry that some people in the world are so socially retarded that they follow crazy cult movements to their own deaths. This certainly doesn't bring me any joy at all. Certainly this is sad.

Near my home is a Palestinian run gas station, and they're the world's rudest bastards that run this place, even after I've done some repair work for them before on electronics for them. These mothers just don't seem to be intelligent enough to know how to treat customers decently in business. I'll start walking before I ever buy gas there again for my two motorbikes, car or Jeep, after the completely unwarranted rude crap the last two times I purchased gas there. I was mad for days afterward. Smart people just don't piss off motorbike guys. Motorbike guys don't like that sort of crap. So how in hell could some Hamas guys with a similar real crappy nature be expected to run a country like Palestine without making trouble for themselves, especially when some parade around in circles with wacky costumes and weapons and chant death to Israel crap and hope to provoke some trouble. They want a silly war that they aren't even half prepared to fight with poor weapons and no real military direction, and just a heart full of stupid hate, and a brain full of wrong ideals. 1948 was an awful long time ago. Why are they still fighting this old war. It's time for a peaceful solution.

Being major league bastards and sending rockets into Israeli civilian neighborhoods sure doesn't demonstrate any deep sense of social advancement to me. These people will keep getting the living tar beaten out of them by the more technologically superior Israeli military until they address their social and political plight by more civil means. Their puny little rocket attacks will never secure a homeland for themselves. Ever. This just puts this dream farther and farther away. I'm deeply sorry that some in Palestine just aren't intelligent enough to see this very obvious fact.

This fact certainly doesn't bring me much joy at all, because I'd like to see peace in the Mideast. It's funny but only about 76% of persons living in Israel are even Jewish, and nonJews are certainly free to vote or run for office and could hold a fair amount of power in Israel if they really wanted. In the U.S. only about 10% of Americans are African American, but that didn't prevent Obama from becoming president. In Israel, Palestinians should vote or run for office to address their problems, not send rockets into neighborhoods.

Nations like South Africa resolved their social problems by a leader like a Nelson Mandala acting like a moderate and ruling the country in a respectful manner. Palestinian leadership must do the same thing. Act moderate, and gain rights by creating due respect for themselves.

At any rate, Steve, I'm certainly glad that Wizbang Blue here is a big tent. We're both liberals in good standing for sure. But we simply see this Hamas issue a little bit differently. And that's fine with me. You write your opinion about this important story, and I'll write mine. And we should continue to comment on it as well to create a healthy debate here for our readers to think long and hard about this issue. It's great having you back writing at Wizbang Blue, Steve. You're a great guy and I sure like you. We may not always agree. But who the heck always does.

Mohammed Amin:

I am sure you value every human life and to avoid human life I ask to appeal to your reason. I am saddened that in this attack has lead to death of innocent people, including the four Israeli citizens, and many at this present continue to die. May God have mercy upon us.

Hence, our discussion is upon a life and death matter. I only wish to give you an Islamic perspective on this.

The overt objective the Israeli government puts forward is to effective stop the rocket bombings. 1. These bombing are done in revenge to the blockade that has killed and suffered many of its people (and the blockade is done because of that bombing! Tit-for-tat) and 2. It is launched not only by Hamas but also by many others who are not affiliated even with Hamas.

They will never achieve that as long as Palestinians die due to blockade or Israeli Operations.

Its real objective, I believe, is to topple the Hamas government (not to completely destroy it as Livni and Nentayahu wishes). It undertook this operation now is because of the elections, not that it really wants to win it but the bad name it got when it lost against Lebanon (Now that was not a stage war like 1967 six day war). The Israeli Government has managed to convince (or programme) its people that by bombing their neighbour will give more security (wrong it will create more hatred, especially by the new generations of Palestinian). The sad reality is that each minister, from the coalition government, allegiance lies in their own party and not the people. A coalition 2 month after its win goes to attack with Lebanon and now two months before its election goes to attack Gaza

Then they will hold a ceasefire with the secular and unpopular Fatah (who was funded heavily by America). And this will continue until another intifada or assault by Israel.

The truth is the Israeli state will never accept a truly independent Palestinian state, where it has full sovereignty in to its waterways, economy, checkpoints, military arms and army Etc Israel fears that if Palestine becomes as powerful as contemporary state then it may want revenge. And I have already said in my previous post what the Palestinians (who are Muslims) will only accept. What it wants is a Palestinian state which will always say 'how high' when Israel says jump. And thats not from any rational standpoint viable, that's why this issue will never be resolved as long as foreign 'ruling authority' exist in the land of Muslims.

Ke_future mentions "intellectual dishonesty" but where is the dishonesty.

Yes this land is sacred to all 3 religions. Who says that Jews and Christians cannot live under the Islamic Caliphate State?

Just because the theological text does not mention its prohibition it does not necessarily mean it is permissible per se. eg Paedophilia, Fascism, human cloning, nuclear weapon - the matters must be debated before acceptance.

You say "Jewish government'. From what theological text do you derive a Jewish government? Where in the Jewish religious scriptures, eg Talmud, does it talk about system of politics, judiciary, economics or even foreign relations. These are not integral in the Jewish belief or any other religion except Islam.

Strictly, from a theological perspective there are no grounds for a ruling system for Judaism. For many Jews this is a strong point since the arrival of the messiah takes a clearer meaning.

Was it not the Zionist Congress that managed to concoct a political system by combining bits of religious text and man-made principles! The sad reality is that the Jewish people have been oppressed for many decades and because of this Zionist ideology, majority of the world believes, they have now become the Oppressors.

Now when ruling authority insists upon its systems (like Israel's Zionist Ideology and Germanys Communist Ideology), whether it usurps it, then 1. the results its system produces, must be looked into and 2. it must be able to withstand the intellectual challenge of another ideological state.

It does not give ground when a state says "I have the right to exist" since it is not a human being (it is a system of governing) and what it calls may not guarantee happiness and security for all humans. No sane government accepts a foreign entity to unleash its military cruelty upon its native population and than accepts them when it says it has the right to exist! Would Britain accept a Communist Military to take control of any of its states!

Apart from becoming a military war machine Israel has produced very little in the last 60 years of its existence under the Zionist Ideology (even with the 3 billion hand-outs it receives from the west). But even if it had been successful it would be like success's of Communism (under Russia they competed against, the capitalist world leader, America in the space race).

The Zionist Ideology (which is another form of Secularism) has not faced an ideological challenge and this will come via the Islamic Caliphate State. That's just a matter of time.

I hope the Amir ul Mu'minin (ruler of the Islamic Caliphate State) indulges to appeal to the Jewish people who have been given false promising hopes by the extremist Zionist ideology.

Apart from becoming a military war machine Israel has produced very little in the last 60 years of its existence under the Zionist Ideology

You are nothing but a propagandist for Islamic terrorism and this is a bald-faced lie. The Israelis have made the desert bloom. They feed, clothe and provide medical care for both their own people, and for the ungrateful spoiled children, the Palestinian Arabs, who so far have demonstrated that they can barely avoid soiling their own diapers.

However, they do know how to jump up and down and scream "Death to America!" and "Death to Israel!" They are very good at that.

I feel sorry for the Palestinians, and I do not want them to suffer, but they are their own worst enemies. Time and time again, they have chosen the path of destruction for themselves. They are like my alcoholic uncle who gets pulled over by the police for drunk driving while on his way to court to stand trial for drunk driving. And then takes a swing at the police officer and ends up in jail.

Most of what you say is horseshit. It is based on the assumption that there can be no other legitimate ruling governments in the Mideast other than Islamic ones, but this is false. Hamas terrorism is doing nothing but emboldening the Israeli hard-liners who want to simply drive out the Palestinians completely.

But one of these days, Israel is going to stop pulling its punches, and the world will then see real massacres and real horror, and not the fakery that Hamas is snowing the media with now. And it will be terrible.

What can I say. Many in Hamas wanted to be martyrs for God. Here's their big chance.

Paul, I have to ask you, are your Mideast politics driven primarily by that crappy experience you had at the Palestinian-run gas station?

Why should your bad experience be relevant in determining how the Mideast problems should be solved? If it doesn't, then why bring it up?

And another thing about Islamic terror apologists like "Mohammed Amin" that is irritating as hell: no Islamic person or group ever has to take responsibility for themselves. Ever. Everything is always someone else's fault. All their misery and squalor is caused by (a) Jews, or (b) Zionists, or (c) America, or (d) neo-cons, etc. This constant stream of excuses is extremely wearying. You would achieve a lot more credibility, "Mohammed Amin", if the Islamic peoples, particularly the Palestinians, demonstrated they could do something other than cry like little girls.

Doubting Thomas:

You know, the Palestinians are starting to remind me about the joke of the hunter and the bear.


A hunter goes into the woods, sees a huge grizzly, takes aim and 'bang!'. He lowers his rifle, and the bear is nowhere to be seen. Suddenly, there's a tap on his shoulder. He turns around, and there's the bear.

"You had your shot - now it's my turn. I'll either tear your head off with my claws and use it as a basketball, or use you like a prison beyach. Your choice."

The man thinks and reasons he can get a larger rifle, come back and bag the bear - but it'll be a lot easier if his head is still attached. So he complies, staggers out of the woods in shame and pain and cringes and winces into town, where he heals up and arms up, and the next weekend he goes out again.

He spots the bear, takes aim with care - and "Bang"! The bear's not there.

A tap on his shoulder - "You again? You know the deal - it's tear your head off with my claws and use it as a basketball, or drop to your knees and blow me. Your choice."

The man winces and retches, but figures it'd still be easier to shoot the bear if his head is still attached.

He staggers out, embarassed and smeared, goes into town and gargles a gallon of Listerine after a 4-hour shower. Then he gets a .50 caliber single shot rifle, waits a week, and goes out bear hunting again.

He spots the bear. He takes aim.

"BLAMMO!" The hills echo, the recoil knocks him over.

He looks up. The bear is standing there, with a strange expression. Finally, the bear speaks.

"You're not really out here for the hunting, are ya?"


Is it possible for an entire culture to become militantly masochistic? They've got to realize there's no chance at all for them to beat Israel - their neighbors aren't helping, the only ones really cheering them on at this point (and even then not that much) is Hezbollah in Lebanon. They're getting some support from Iran, but how long that'll last is anyone's guess - no matter how much lip service they pay to the idea.

SOMEONE in the Hamas leadership's got to have a clue - don't they?


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