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Bush`s Farewell Freedom Address

Bush gave his mawkish, farewell address tonight, oozing with self-praise and self vindication, a paean to the 15th century, before the reformation and the age of reason, when the world was simple, and there were only two sides, good and evil. It is no wonder that America is languishing in a world that seems almost as fixed in time as do Bush's eighth century Islamic fundamentalist jihad opponents.

Bush framed his whole speech, indeed framed his whole presidency and policies around 9/11. Didn't that happen early in his first term? The US has lost seven years in Bush 's dwelling on one single day/ one single issue and now must catch up to the rest of world, as he finally exits the scene.

His address was in large part a self-promotion infomercial for his Freedumb Institute in Dallas, where he wants to "fill up the the family coffers" under his superannuated leadership.

If America does not lead the cause of freedom, that cause will not be lead." He has such a truly impoverished concept of freedom.

He compared "two dramatically different systems." In one a small band of fanatics demands total obedience to an oppressive ideology (for those keeping track at home, that's the other side), while the other is based on the conviction that freedom is the universal gift of Almighty God. He gave no options for a system not centered on a belief in God and an attribution of ideological preferences to Him.

There is no `waiting for Godot' with Bush, no sense of doubt, no sense of ambivalence (except with torture if America applies it, or the Geneva Conventions if America does not comply with it).

Bush: Murdering the innocent to advance an ideology is wrong every time, everywhere, (but not in Gaza when the Israelis, with US support and miltary aid are bombing schools, clinics and UN shelters). Freeing people from oppression and despair is eternally right (even if it means shelling them in Iraq and Gaza). This nation must continue to speak out for justice and truth (but not in the DOJ under "I don't recall" Gonzales).

Bush: We must always be willing to act in their defense -- and to advance the cause of peace

What did Orwell, through his character Big Brother, say in his 1984 novel, written in 1948, "War is peace, Peace is war".

Fundamentalists, both Muslim and Christian, will miss Bush, but the rest of the world have learned the consequences of a world led by the messianic, simple-minded antideluvian Bush who did not know the difference between Sunnis and Shiites, before ordering the invasion into Iraq.

In his speech, there was no mention of the energy ecomomy, climate change, the collapse of Wall Street, science -education, health care, the Middle East. It is as if the new world of China, 'the internets' as Bush clumsily calls them, globalization, in other words 'the flat world" that Thomas Friedman has written of, had never laid a glove on Bush.

A complete and total loss for America, the Bush years. No one could have wished that he stay a moment longer. He will not be missed. What was America thinking when they voted him into office in two controversial elections?

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"Bush framed his whole speech, indeed framed his whole presidency and policies around 9/11."_sc

Around 9/11 and Thomas Jefferson of all people.

"His address was in large part a self-promotion infomercial for his Freedumb Institute in Dallas, where he wants to "fill up the the family coffers" under his superannuated leadership."_sc

Paraguay is the place to watch though I'm sure some yards of cement will be laid in Texas to keep up appearances. Sort of like Kennebunkport being a less curious mailing address than Jupiter Island for George Sr.


How many fundamentalist Christians do you know, exactly? I don't know a single person who will miss George Bush ... it's just that most of them do not suffer the same level of BDS as most people on the Left.



Steve Crickmore:

From 'The Economist', 'The Frat Boy Ships Out',

Mr Bush is a convert to an evangelical Christianity that emphasises emotion--particularly the intensely emotional experience of being born again--over ratiocination.

Steve, Bush is the first born again evangelist in the White House. Right wing evangelists were not very fond of either John McCain or Barack Obama and Karl Rove said the reason the GOP lost the 2006 Congressional elections was because the evangelists didn't come out to vote (for the GOP).

Bob, I wouldn't put so much into it. The game was rather up with with Al-Qaeda once 9/11 occurred. Bush closed the barn door after the horse had left. Al-Qaeda weren't likely to duplicate such an attack again, with the whole world on the lookout. And it is really the Executive who makes policy, not Congress.

bryanD, yes, I've heard rumours that Dubya and his father have puchased an enormous property in Paraquay of all places, but Paraquay is extremely cheap. Kind of goes against the grain that Bush said last night the title "that means the most" to him is being a citizen of the US. But then Harken Resources moved its headquarters to the Cayman Islands when Bush sat on the Board of Directors.

sharinlite[TypeKey Profile Page]:

God (and I'm an atheist)..can you dorks get over yourselves? Jesus, who died and made any of you God. Give up your hate or at least look in a mirror to see who you really are hating, but needed someone else for cover. What will you do in 6 months when your Messiah shows his true colors. For now, kiss america goodbye...it left the building in 2006!! Boy you BDDer's make me sick!!

Lee Ward:

Letting you go now, Sharinlite - you and the Americans who drove this country into the ground for 8 long years with your hate and fearmongering and disgust for anyone who dared to think differently than you think or look different than you look.

Take George with you, America has no need for him anymore. He'd done all the damage he's going to do to this country and its people and to the nations of the world.

America rose up and rejected you and your like. Your numbers have dwindled down to 20% or so, and the rest of us loudly and soundly reject you and your doctrine.

It's new day, and the parade no longer follows your leader.


"Steve, Bush is the first born again evangelist in the White House."

Gosh, I didn't know Bush was a preacher.

Oh -- you mean "evangelical." Sorry, ever hear of Jimmy Carter?

And yes, it's so awful to talk about your accomplishments, isn't it? Ah, for the days of Bill Clinton again. Clinton obviously would NEVER brag about his accomplishments, would he?

Why, I remember his farewell speech like it was yesterday -- apologies for dragging America through the Whitewater and Lewinsky impeachment scandals, apologies to all the women he abused, apologies for not keeping Saddam Hussein contained, apologies for not apprehending Osama Bin Laden, and fully taking the blame for the tech market crash (which by that time had wiped out 50% of NASDAQ value).


Steve Crickmore:

Bush, yes is probably more an evangelical than an evangelist; the latter I guess technically is one who spreads evangelism as a missionary or minister. And yes I had forgotten that Jimmy Carter was a Baptist sunday school teacher.

Listen I have nothing against religion...Indian Muslims are among the most peaceful people in the world (so far as I know never as one entered Al -Qeada) and India is the second largest Muslim country in the world behind Indonesia. It is just that Bush maintains as a given that God is working through him, which can easily be translated that he is God's instrument.

Jefferson, who Bush was alluding to, was quite religious as a Christian, but he forbid theology to be taught at the University Of Virginia, whereas Bush seemed to try to include a theological perspective as a requisite for many of his policies and public recruitment. How many of the Bush DOJ people, such as Monica Gooding came from Regent University law school, Pat Robertson's university for example? My first ever post touched on this, and the differences between Carter and Bush.


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