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Bush Be Gone!

The Last 8 Years: (hat tip Herman)

The path ahead:

A Step Towards Progress:

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Bush's greatest legacy is the passionate voter turnout he unintentionally inspired in the 2008 election. I do not think we should be blaming him for the misery of the last eight years. He is not to blame. We are. You are, the American people. We voted him into office. The most infuriating attribute of Bush is his unending arrogance and oversized ego. Few were the occasions that he really sought out to embrace the opinions and wishes of the American public. To quote a remark made of Howard Cosell, "he is a legend in his own mind."

I guess the simplest reason for my disgust is I have four kids and they will spend their lives paying for Bush's policies, wars, economic disasters and the general mess he is leaving behind both monetarily and in their general quality of life. What is interesting to note is that some of the worst presidents in history have been followed by the best presidents. Perhaps we will have a bright future to look forward to.


We can never know how things would be different if a Democrat administration had been in place the past couple of years. Neither can we yet say for sure how George W. Bush will bejudged.



So now turnout was driven by Bush? What about the Messiah-elect, with all the unicorns and rainbows and puppy dogs? Are we now saying he wasn't really all that inspirational? Amazing how much we have to dial down our expectations when it's time for our boy to actually have to perform.


If the next occupant of the White House shows a fraction of the decency, honor, and integrity of Mr. Bush, the nation will be well served.

This is one of the coolest things ever, Lee. I love it.


Well, if decency and integrity means breaking the law on torture (which is against our law, and the civilized nations laws), then I have a problem with your statement. In fact; In confirming torture has occurred, the recent admissions by both Dick Cheney and George W. Bush of their own complicity in the crime. And, yes, torture is a crime, not a policy dispute. We recently sentenced a guy from another country to 97 years in jail for doing just that.

How can any decent American taxpayer support that?

Then you mention honor. It may sound hokey, but we have, in truth, reached a time of national judgment -- one of those moments when we declare to the world whether words like freedom, human rights and the rule of law represent ideals we actually live by, or merely lovely political poetry, nice to recite, but easily discarded when inconvenient.

The crimes committed in our name have now been stripped bare. Any plausible deniability we as a people might once have pretended to exist, has been blown to bits by the recent statements of people like Cheney and Bush. We either tolerate torture as a nation or we don't. It's that simple. There's no middle ground, no artful compromise. Yes or no. It's time to decide.

Granted President Bush thought he was doing the right thing, but in reality he wasn't. And according to everything taught to us when we were children, up to our children being taught now, NOBODY is above the law. President Nixon found that out, didn't he?

And no, I don't suffer from BDS like some of you still have CDS, now becoming ODS. The majority of American taxpayers are against torture, and the majority of American taxpayers feel that Gitmo, without torture, should stay open for the real hard core terrorists.

Lee Ward:

"This is one of the coolest things ever..."

Polish up those dancing shoes, Hooson - there's a celebration ahead.

"It's time to come together....."


Allen, you're way past BDS, you have full moonbat syndrome. BTW, did you see where the Messiah-Elect just said we don't necessarily need to capture or kill Bin Laden (who's most likely long dead and gone) as long as he can't coordinate attacks? HA!!!!!


Yeah, but..but..but we got Khalid Sheik Mohammad and he was the "mastermind" of 9/11(so said Dana Perino) and we even tortured him! Isn't that good enough? Bin Laden? He's so 2001. Bush says he's just not that concerned with him, not nearly as much as helping big oil and the mic. It's a shame for the ideal of democracy we keep electing these wrong wing crooks.

Also your description of me is just like Senator Frist (R) who made a description of Terry Schivo, (SP) and we all know he was full of manure on that, don't we? But please carry on, I need some more laughs.


Way to miss the point, Allen. The Messiah-Elect (that would be Barak H Obama, BTW) just announce that he agreed with George W Bush that it's not as important to capture or kill Bin Laden if he's stuck in a cave somehwere and can't organize terror attacks. Spin that one.


With two wars, a recession/depression, finical ruin for our country, I wouldn't care about Bin Laden either. But the way it looks, Bin Laden won, as he wanted to ruin this country. And we sure are headed that way, unless something gets done in a hurry, don'tch think? Wink, Wink.

Would it be rude to ask whether the Republicans have any new proposals to save the country from this worsening recession? The question arises not because anyone expects the minority party to burst forth with creative ideas, but because conservatives in Congress and the media seem so determined to thwart or stall the economic stimulus plans of President-elect Barack Obama.

I guess time will tell, won't it? And you missed my point also, didn't you, Timmy?


So I take it your point is that Bush should have fixed the credit crisis even when the Democrats blocked him from doing it and said there wasn't a problem? Or is it your point that Obama needn't be held to his word once he's safely in office?


Bush's 8 years summed up EXTRAORDINARILY WELL by Keith in 8 minutes. Note the word that comes at the very end:



Oh dear. Now WHAT will we have to complain about now?

Lee Ward:

Oh, there will be lots of foot-dragging and obstructionist bullshit from the right to complain about. There are still plenty of Republican idiots in Congress who have a vested interest in screwing things up and placing land mines in the path of progress.

The conservative ideologues will lay low and regroup but Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter and Fox News still have a strong commercial interest in getting the rubes riled up and marching with pitchforks. They'll complain and do their best to hold back progress in America, and us blue meanies will be right there to give them a proper villifying in return.

The debate rages on, I assure you. This country was founded by those who disagreed with what was and argued for a better way. That spirit lives on, despite the best efforts of George W Bush and the Project for a New American Century to remake the world in their image.

We're all Americans, you and me and them and us -- and we don't give up. The fight for a better nation is never ending. The fight goes on.


Olbermann makes me laugh so hard ... until it strikes me that some people think of him as a journalist.

Lee Ward:

Yeah -- those lefties -- sheesh.

Now Joe Wurzelbacher, now THERE's a journalist... a butt-crack one at that.


I agree ... what the heck is Joe Wurzelbacher doing parading around like some sort of reporter? Maybe he's gotten the impression from today's media that all it takes to be a journalist is to have a mic, camera or pen and a personal opinion.


And Lee, please note that I said "today's media" and nothing more. Not saying that the "lefties" are any different from the "righties" in this respect. Where the hell are the real journalists anymore?


But Steve, that IS all they need. Wurzelbacher is at least as qualified as Soledad O'Brien, Keith Olbermann, Bill O'Reilly, or anybody else to be a journalist in today's media.

So when the clock reaches zero I won't have to worry about putting gas in my car and won't have to worry about paying my mortgage?



Oh dear. Indeed.


Polish up your dancing shoes, Baron! Celebrate good times, come on!

Lee Ward:

Yeah "Baron" show us your best moves. Surely you can do better than lying recycled YouTube links from DOPe central.

This didn't work during the election... and they sure won't convince anyone of anything now -- other than the racist bigotry that still exists on some redder parts of the nation. You know the spots, where the irritation over all dem uppity Black people has the redneck's crapping their pants as GWB get his ass kicked out of DC. The redness of those areas is a really bad diaper rash.

Maybe swing over to Joe Wurzelbacher's blog and link to some inane crap he's posting.

Bust a move, Baron - bust a move, man! lol...

Mr. Bush certainly warrants a "swearing out" ceremony. I thought about publishing such, but then decided to go with the "kinder and gentler" John Mortimer piece instead. It will certainly be interesting to see if Bush gives his administration blanket pardons against any crimes they committed in office on his way out the door.


Paul, you and Lee must understand several things. Lee's clock is way out of whack, and second, neither of you can/will post anything about what is going on in this country. In fact, you guys have trouble posting more than one or two articles a day. WHY IS THAT?

And how can President Bush give pardons to anyone who has not committed a crime, according to the present administration?

I hope he gives all kinds of pardons, that will in turn means when those people testify in court about what they did, under who's orders, they have left themselves open to civil courts for monetary damages, not criminal prosecution.

Also, some of the crimes they may/may not have committed has no statue of limitation, nor is treason a pardon offense. Yes, very interesting times are ahead. I can only hope good old Scooter Libby gets a full pardon. Then we will probably get to hear the full truth.

And another thing, the new President can if he so desires, cancel a whole bunch of those pardons.

But the best thing is: Blanket pardons will admit, in its self, that the Bush administration committed crimes.

What say you?

Hi Allen. I'm so involved in some important critical remodeling work on a house the last few days and for a few more days into the future that I have very little time to post at all right now. And you're a pretty fine writer and commenter here at Wizbang Blue.

You should really ask Lee to join the team and write a few features here. I'd certainly be more than glad to see you join myself. It takes me time to research and do good features, and my time is very tight for a few days right now, so any extra help here at Wizbang Blue would be appreciated by me and I think both Lee and Steve. Ask Lee to join in?

I'll address the pardon question more after I see if any more pardons are offered by Bush on the way out or not. But so far the pardon of two border agents who shot a drug dealer isn't too controversial, if not welcomed by many persons.


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