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Wacko Palin Launches SarahPAC

The politician dubbed by Republicans as the "Wacko Diva" is trying to keep herself a relevant force in national politics with the launch of her own Political Action Committee - SarahPAC.


Did you catch the sub headline:

"Dedicated to building America's future, supporting fresh ideas and candidates who share our vision for reform and innovation."

Fresh ideas? A vision for reform? Repeatedly calling the opposing candidate a socialist who pals with terrorist is "reform"??? Guffaw - Palin is off her rocker.

From the FAQ:

What is SarahPac?

SarahPac is a federally registered political action committee that supports Gov. Sarah Palin's plans to build a better, stronger, and safer America in the 21st century.

How will contributions be spent?

Your support of SarahPac will make it possible for Gov. Palin to continue to be a strong voice for energy independence and reform. By supporting SarahPac, you will allow Gov. Palin to help find and create solutions for America's most pressing problems; priority number one is building a strong and prosperous economy that recognizes hard work, innovation and integrity by rewarding small businesses and hard working American families. SarahPac will support local and national candidates who share Gov. Palin's ideas and goals for our country.

Who is behind SarahPac?

Gov. Sarah Palin believes all Americans must work together for the future, regardless of their party affiliation. Gov. Palin is the official chair of SarahPac, and its supporters are Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and those unaffiliated with any political party.

Why now?

As a new president takes office and begins to lead our country, Gov. Palin believes that every one of us has a duty and responsibility in this time of economic crisis and international challenge. Each one of us must step up to the plate, get involved in the spirit of renaissance and renewal that is critical to America's success. Make your voice heard by joining SarahPac today!

Palin is not satisfied with being the Governor of Alaska anymore - no sir-ree - she wants back in that $180,000 wardrobe and national limelight - and this time she'll be ready for the tough questions like "What newspapers and magazines do you read?"

The Diva is back!

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Comments (13)


This woman needs a lobotomy. And a Dear C_ _ _ _ letter as well. I didn't write the word because I don't want to get blocked but she is really whacked out. Also, the republicans have no clue about we the people. Thank God McCain did not get into office with that crazy nut.

Lee Ward:

Maybe she HAD a lobotomy - maybe THAT's her whole problem.

The thought of McCain/Palin in the White House is so damned frightening -- and the fact that McCain doesn't realize what a stupid mistake it was to choose her (or at least he's pretending to not realize that mistake) is just as frightening.


If you go on the SarahPAC website, you notice she forgot to super impose Hawaii onto the Continental US image in her logo. Of course, she didn't forget to plop Alaska on there. And boy, does it look TACKY... a metaphor to her very own political career.

Lee Ward:

There is some major cheese involved in the creation of that logo.

Amateurs work with amateurs. We know from experience that Palin doesn't like to be 'handled' and that she rebelled against the McCain campaign staff that tried desperately to keep Sarah well-heeled shoes out of her mouth (without a lot of success).

I suspect she's surrounded herself with jerks like John Ziegler -- imagine Palin, then imagine her surrounding herself with staff less smart then she is... gawd, what a scary thought.


One of the most disgraceful things about the palin hoohaw, is the consensus of the chattering classes that although miss sarah is teh stoopit when it comes to policy details; they are of the opinion that if she just hunkers down for the next couple of years studying history, politics, geography -- why, she could rebound and provide all kinds of excitement in the next presidential campaign. A crash-study edumacation for a potential president -- didn't we just experience eight years of that....

Lee Ward:

I don't think they give a damn how qualified she is - she's anti-abortion - period - that's all that matters to her supporters.


Lee & Paul, why don't you post on other things going on, such as the fury over maybe bringing war crimes charges against some people. Or the economy going into the tank. I do agree that the Barbie from AK does make life interesting at times. But there is many other things going on to post about, don't you think, wink, wink.


shewas GREAT in that porn, whos naylin paylin!!! Very sexy woman. As long as shes good in bed, thats fine, noone else takes her seriously

Joe, you're going to laugh, but I saw a video business industry sales chart the other day, and that naughty video with the Sarah Palin lookalike is still the #1 seller on the adult charts according to the latest AVN ratings. For some reason some guys are turned on by Palin, while I merely find her extremely annoying myself. Strange world. That voice of hers alone is enough to cure me of any romantic thoughts. It's as bad as nails on a chalkboard. She's like kryptonite for me.


shame on all of you to beat up on this woman for her beliefs


when was the last time anyone of us helped those around us/ anyone? anyone?


"First Dude" Lipstick on a pig, Wink, Wink,you betcha! OMG having her in the white house with her brood including a drug dealing mother in law...Just compare her & her family with the dignity of the Obama family, not to mention the intelligenc factor of the Obamas. NO HOW & NO WAY!! Now she launches "SAHARPAC" to raise money......what to go back to Saks 5th Ave & Nieman Marcus?

Lee Ward:

"shame on all of you to beat up on this woman for her beliefs"

Oh, playing the poor persecuted christian, eh? Watch God give me the strength to respond to you, bunyun, as you pray for the strength to annihilate muslims from the face of the earth in HIS name, no doubt.

My stand against the Wacko Diva is that she's isn't qualified to hold the office of governor, much less President.

And she chose to play dirty in her attempt to win the 2008 election -- telling Americans that Obama "pals with terrorists"...a blatant attempt to terrorize Americans into voting against Obama.

Terrorizing my countrymen and women in order to keep her political party in power. Any decent American patriot would stand up and fight against that.


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