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Capitol Hill Republicans: Painting Themselves Into A Political Corner

After eight years of George Bush left the nation with the worst economic mess since the Great Depression, Republicans on Capitol Hill are still convinced that Congress and the president must do their bidding on the economy or else. All congressional Republicans voted as a bloc against the economic stimulus bill, still not convinced that after all their failures in economics that they are dead wrong that the package of job producing projects as well as tax cuts are the proper way to recover the economy. The Republican minority aren't living in reality here.

Congressional Republicans still think that massive tax cuts primarily for big business is the path to recovery, unlike the Obama and Democratic path that uses a variety of tools to regrow the economy. For the Republicans it's just more of the same wrong answers and more of what hasn't worked before all over again. For the Democrats history proved during the Roosevelt years that a wide variety of public works jobs and other projects helped to grow the nation out of the Great Depression. The Republican tax cuts can work, but usually only if a recession is not so deep, and take a great deal of time to trickle down to the average person. It's simply more of the same old tired Reagan-Stockman trickle down economics.

Part of the problem with the Republican thinking is that some economic conditions on Wall Street are actually worst than the Great Depression right now according to an analysis on CNBC. There is hardly time to wait around for tax breaks to big business to trickle down to average citizens as conditions rapidly deteriorate and more jobs are lost.

President Obama attempted to be a bridge builder and allow congressional Republicans input into the economic stimulus bill, and an attempt to climb onboard for their own political good . But instead they played the partisan politics card once again when so many Americans are suffering, by voting against the economic stimulus bill.

In 2012, when President Obama is running for re=election, voters will remember that he and the Democrats chose to rescue the economy, while congressional Republicans tried to keep the deep recession going because of their own political arrogance and downright stupidity. Congressional Republicans are quickly painting themselves into a political corner by voting against reasonable efforts to rescue the economy and allowing political screwballs like Sarah Palin to act as their most public face.

Some might think that some American automobile brands are under poor management, but compared to the poor political management of the Republicans, Detroit actually looks pretty good to me. The congressional Republicans and their political party are in a deep leadership depression right now.

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Comments (6)


paul, i have some major problems with what you wrote.

first, the so-called stimulus bill is packed full of a bunch of stuff that has nothing to do with stimulus. and the things that could be counted for stimulus do not provide any long term basis for an improved economy. they are short term fixes such as infrastructure. sure some money will get into the system if the government spends it. but it won't be efficient, and it just makes the economy dependent on the government taking money in the form of taxes and spending it how it sees fit. and as we've seen, that isn't wisely.

secondly, what got the us out of the great depression was not the New Deal, it was world war 2. in fact a team of UCLA economists lately caclualated that FDR's New Deal actually extended the depression

third, for most of those eight Bush years, the Democrats controlled at least one house of the congress. in fact there are several specific examples of things that the Democrats did that either helped cause the current economic problems or made them worse. see Dodd, Shays, Frank, Rangel et al.

forth, tax cuts do work. look at the effect they have had not only in this country in the past, but also countries such as Ireland. the problem is that the government is so far in debt and has made so many mistakes in trying to "fix" the economy that we're going to have a bad period while things shake out. hopefully, tho i doubt it, the politicians will realize that they are the problem, not the solution.

exactly what conditions on Wall Street are worse now then during the great depression? you state that, then provide no examples. if you look at GDP contraction, unemployment rates, bankruptcy rates, etc, we are no where near the great depression.

yeah, obama went to the republicans, but didn't appear ready to listen. and pelosi sure isn't. he was loooking for political cover. oh, and how do you explain those 11 democrats who voted against the bill too? everybody keeps forgetting that it wasn't only the republicans that voted against it.

republicans voted against an unreasonable bil. plain and simple. come on, almost a trillion dollars? and how much of that was stimulus compared to how much pork? or democrat pet projects? they put up that bill knowing they weren't going to get any republican support.

oh, and getting the whole republican house delegation to vote against this bill shows a great deal of management.


In the long term the Republican Party is doing President Obama a favor. His own party is not. The Republicans have been quite respectful of Mr. Obama and I believe have done a good job of keeping this battle focused where it really is, which is the purse for which Congress is ultimately responsible. They have never disagreed with Mr. Obama that some sort of stimulus package is needed. The "big business" mantra is getting kind of stale. It seems you would rather grow the public sector where the jobs don't go away even when they are no longer needed. More money for Amtrak? Please. If the Republicans are apologizing for their profligacy during the Bush years and now wish regain the reputation of being the party of fiscal responsibility, good for them. They have some work to do. It is easier to be in the minority opposition but the message needs to be heard. There is no choice about this in this sort of economy, period, no matter what goes through "wacko diva" Pelosi's head. I see the alternative from Congressional Democrats as being shame on you (Republicans) for spending away the Clinton budget surplus. Oh, and by the way, why don't you step aside and let the pros show you how spending is done.

Lee Ward:

Well said, Paul.

What's left of the the Republicans in Washington are still practicing the same old politics that got their sorry asses out of power in the 2006 and 2008 elections.

President Bush ran up the national debt pursuing a phony "War on Terror" that was nothing more than neoconservative "nation building" at work.

Social conservatives stood on the sidelines and cheered him on, even though Bush's spending policies were exact opposite of the conservative doctrine simply because Bush supported the social conservative doctrine of anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, and anti-stem cell research.

American voters soundly rejected a continuation of the neoconservative and social conservative ways of the past.

What we're witnessing, Paul, is the death throes of the Republican Party. Fortunately they are making themselves more irrelevant by the minute.

Republicans seem perfectly willing to run the country into the ground in an attempt to "defeat liberalism"... They don't care about this nation or its people, just their failed doctrine and outdated ideals.

America is noticing and paying attention, and the 20 percenters just keep shrinking...

Actually Paul, where we are right now looks much more similar to the '73-'74 "oil embargo" recession than the Great Depression. Prices rose, unemployment rose, inflation loomed over the horizon, and the market fell 45% between 1973 and 1974. Unfortunately, Nixon, Ford, and Carter (all Keynesians) kept interest rates and taxes high and tried to control inflation through expanded government regulation and wage/price controls.

Obama's first order of business has been "borrow and spend." He intents to keep business taxes high and he might raise capital gains taxes when he lets the Bush tax cuts expire; the net result will be a major tax increase for everyone. Congress just passed a massive tobacco tax (which will be disproportionately paid by lower and lower middle class Americans) in order to fund a massive SCHIP expansion. Obama is also looking at a huge set of new government regulations involving energy production and consumption.

Unfortunately, I see his policies more reflecting the mistakes of the 1970's than the policies of lower taxes and deregulation that stimulated the economy during the 1980's. I don't think we're going to see a depression, but I believe that a replay of 1970's-style stagflation is certainly a possibility.

Democrats also need to understand that they have utterly destroyed any credibility they may have earned for fiscal responsibility during the last eight years. This current $1 trillion pork barrel feast completely dwarfs all of the Bush spending increases and is even more laughable given the Democrats sanctimonious "pay as you go" pledge signed a mere two years ago.

Americans elected Barack Obama because they believed his promises of change and responsibility. It took 12 years for corruption and irresponsible spending to catch up to the Republicans. So far, the Democrats have far surpassed Republican malfeasance in only two.

Lee Ward:

lol - Laprarie -- you're such a good actor...

"I don't think we're going to see a depression, but I believe that a replay of 1970's-style stagflation is certainly a possibility."


"Democrats also need to understand that they have utterly destroyed any credibility they may have earned for fiscal responsibility during the last eight years."


You make these declarative sentences and don't back them up with crap.

Bush pushed $800 Billion at the banking industry and Laprarie says nothing.

Obama pushes a similar amount towards solving the economic problems of our nation and Laprarie declares the war is over and Obama lost.

Republicans still think they write history by just declaring what they want to believe as true -- without backing it up with anything substantive.

America doesn't believe the Republican line of bullshit - but keep spewing, Laprarie - the nineteen percenters are right behind you...

The number of Americans who don't understand anything but "stop abortion now" corresponds directly to what's left of the Republican party.


Maybe some of the liberals here could explain to us republicans exactly how Obamas bill will stimulate the economy?


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