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Rush Limbaugh Wants Obama To Fail

Loud-mouthed overweight blowhard prescription drug addict talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, let it be known to his millions of misguided radio listeners that he wants President Obama to fail recently. Thank you Mr. Limbaugh, you've proven my point that you really don't have the best interest of your country at stake, only promoting your own narrow screwed-up political agenda.

On Saturday morning, Mr. Obama's radio address presented goals of increasing the number of available mortgages and reducing interest rates to help jump start the terrible housing crisis. And the economic stimulus bill presents a wide range of financial and job creation goals to millions of American workers and businesses. Mr. Obama is working hard to try anything that might work to help to revive the American economy. He's acting as one of the most engaged presidents ever. And yet, Mr. Limbaugh wishes Mr. Obama to fail.

I know that drug addicts are unreasonable persons, but c'mon Mr. Limbaugh. Think about the good of your country once in a while, you overweight pompous twit. Millions of Americans are out of work right now. And the unemployment levels are reaching 9% in some well educated and normally affluent states like Oregon and Washington, despite the best efforts of political leaders to keep these economic situations with stability. Yet Mr. Limbaugh wants failure?limbaugh_oxycontin.jpg

Mr. Limbaugh, like his partisan counterparts in congress who opposed the economic stimulus bill may object to some of the spending proposals in the bill. However, every bill has a number of provisions added that not every member of congress likes. But Mr. Obama has openly offered a hand to the Republicans to add any provisions or ideas to this bill and to remove any wasteful spending provisions.

Mr. Obama is making every effort to be a decent manager of the government, who is not very partisan. He is making every effort to revive the economy and to be inclusive to any ideas that might possibly work, whether they come from Democrats or from Republicans. Millions of Americans need a job to pay their rent, put food on the table and to afford to raise their children. An arrogant and pompous millionaire like drug addict Rush Limbaugh doesn't seem to understand this living in his ivory towers miles above the city. But real people are hurting big time. And Mr. Obama is seeking a bipartisan solution to the economic mess. Mr. Obama isn't seeking glory for himself, but genuine public service for the public good. And Mr. Obama would like all responsible politicians of either party to participate in this goal. This is the true meaning of public service.

Mr. Limbaugh could choose to act responsibly and make constructive suggestions for economic proposals, and Mr. Obama would be open to these constructive notions, but instead Limbaugh uses the airwaves to peddle political insult humor that he thinks is constructive politics. But it certainly isn't. Hey Mr. Limbaugh, think about the good of your country sometime, will you?

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If you actually listened to his show, you'd know he wants President Obama to fail at enacting his socialist agenda. Rush thinks that Obama's plan is harmful to the economy. There's a difference between wanting the President to fail at getting his way way and wanting the country to fail. In Rush's opinion, Obama succeeding in enacting his agenda will cause the economy to fail. BTW, why are the socialist, "well educated" havens like Oregon and Washington failing the worst? As far as bipartisan politics goes, to Obama it means, "I'll listen to you, but you'll agree with me. I won". Anything remotely conservative in the trillion plus dollar "stimulus" package? Maybe one of the $500,000 dog parks, but probably not the Frisbee Golf park.


What Tim said. Also, I think it is encumbent upon Mr. Obama, Mr. Mccain, Mr. McConnell or anyone else who supports increasing the availability of "affordable" mortgages to demonstrate how the effectiveness of this policy will prove any different than what ultimately resulted from the abuse of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and other programs providing mortgages to folks who just can't afford them. Maybe Mr. Obama is making a genuine effort; I see no evidence to doubt that at this point. However, his party will prove to be (at the very least) an embarrassment to him in the long run if government spending at this level is enacted. The Democrats do not need the Republicans to pass these bills. Their need for any sort of Republican support suggests they know this "stimulus" in its present form is a potential disaster. If bipartisanship means having a scapegoat in the minority party if things go wrong, well at this point the Democrats are left wanting. Bipartisanship does not lead to effective government.


Hate, hate, and more hate.

Paul, proud to have a cocaine and marijuana addict as your President?

Tim is right, liberals are good at talking, but never at listening.


Let me expand it even further Paul. Your piece might have carried more weight had you not gone off on the personal attacks.

I mean, to quote Gibbs regarding Daschle, "Nobody's perfect".

So again, Tim is correct, you want his policies to succeed, Rush does not.


Geez, this is kind of old isnt it? One week? Two weeks at least.

Its almost like your trying to avoid talking about things that might seem more relevant to the current news cycle.

ryan a:

Hey Paul,

Look, I am by no means a big fan of Limbaugh, but I find it ironic when you make a statement like this:

"Mr. Limbaugh could choose to act responsibly and make constructive suggestions for economic proposals, and Mr. Obama would be open to these constructive notions, but instead Limbaugh uses the airwaves to peddle political insult humor that he thinks is constructive politics."

...in the middle of an ad hominem attack on Limbaugh. If you are going to talk about being "constructive," then it might make sense to actually be constructive in your post. Heaving cheap personal insults isn't very impressive or convincing. If you take issue with Rush, then critique his ideas.

Alan Orfi:

"Mr. Obama is making every effort to be a decent manager of the government, who is not very partisan."

Not very partisan? Obama is proposing a complete restructuring of our economic system whereby successful private enterprises will finance failed ones. He not only supports the murder of the unborn, but he rubs it in the faces of conservatives by having our hard-earned money finance abortions overseas too. Obama will now act to confer constitutional rights on captured terrorists.

There is nothing bipartisan about Obama or his policies. In fact, the only ones out there trying to be bipartisan are idiots like John McCain. Look where that got us.


Hey Paul.....be nice to get your facts straight BEFORE you stick your foot in your mouth. But then, that hasn't stopped you before.



I always thought trolls were those who replied to a post solely in order to elicit an emotional response.

Didn't know they could be the ones to start a post.


The most insane thing about this is that the President of the United States is letting some drug-addled, blowhard, radio talk show host get under his skin. Jesus Christ, Barack, you're the president and this guy is a nobody. Just acknowlegding him is beneath you and your office.


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