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Economic Stimulus Bill Targets Tangible Job And Infrastructure Creation Projects

The proposed economic stimulus bill has many proposals that would create real tangible results as well as jobs. Motorists would witness new highway construction putting many thousands of idled construction workers back to work. Crumbling Veterans Administration hospitals would receive vital repairs as well as modernization. Veterans cemeteries would witness improved upkeep and maintenance.

In addition, new mass transit projects would be built around the country, providing many jobs as well as reducing urban traffic congestion problems such as pollution or lack of parking spaces. The nation's electrical grid could be modernized where some dirty burning coal fired electrical-generation plants could be retired in favor of some cleaner and better controlled new generation of nuclear power plants or other energy producing alternatives.

Local governments, of which at least 88% are in serious "red" ink problems, would get a portion of grants from a $40 billion dollar fund to prevent job layoffs and to keep vital city workers such as firemen or police on the job.

Some states like California or others with serious fire management safety problems would receive some funds to hire workers to clean up dangers that can result in fires that have the potential for great property damage or loss of life.

Local neighborhood elementary and secondary schools would witness an influx of new federal funds to renovate older buildings and to modernize so that the children can be trained to hold the jobs of the future. Some local school districts in large cities may receive around $20 million in actual grants to repair or upgrade crumbling schools, providing many local construction jobs. construction2.jpg

In addition, workers will see a $500 withholding tax credit. And workers too poor to receive this credit will witness the $500 as a direct subsidy that they can spend on any of their family needs as they see fit.

Unemployed workers will also receive a $25 a week benefits increase as well as an extension of benefits while the Obama Administration and congress make any attempts to improve the economy and reduce the staggering recent unemployment numbers.

Blind and disabled persons would receive a special one-time "13th" month Social Security Supplemental Income Assistance check to spend as they wish to pay their living expenses or their bills.

In the Pacific Northwest, the Bonneville Power Administration which provides electricity to Oregon and Washington, and sometimes sells to neighboring states like California, would witness a $3.25 grant to build nine new electrical power generation projects that could not built without this funding. Oregon alone is expected to gain 1,000 construction jobs just as a result of this one program.

Many Republicans in congress no doubt want to see "trickle-down" tax cuts to big business as their one-note solution to the economy crisis. But past tax cuts during the Bush Administration failed to keep the American economy from slipping into this deep recession. The fact of the matter is that real construction projects at Veterans Administration hospitals, highway and school projects will provide an estimated 3 million jobs, and leave some real tangible results behind.

The price tag on the economic stimulus bill may be high. But it will actually provide real results such as improved, cleaner and more modern electrical service. Such improvements to the nation's electrical grid may be vital to the development of some extreme hybrid automobiles that can run up to 40 miles on electricity without using a single drop of gas.

On closer examination of this economic stimulus bill, it is actually providing a great deal of bang for the buck. The $700 billion Bush bail-out of the banks actually provided few new loans to buy homes or cars as it should have, and the taxpayer would be hard pressed to see any real tangible improvements as a result of that huge bail-out. But this bill is far different. It creates real jobs and funds real projects that should improve the lives of any American who uses schools, highways, veterans hospitals, or numerous other government services.

Some seek to demonize or misrepresent this bill by searching for some small provision that funds a strange little project somewhere. And certainly a few pet projects have slipped into this bill. But overall, the lion's share of this bill closely targets funding to real projects that have a high infrastructure worth to the quality of life in America. Certainly this bill is by no means a perfect bill. But it's certainly a far better bill than the $700 bank bail-out proposed by Bush which had far too few strings attached to require a wiser use of these taxpayer funds by the banks receiving this aid. With a few nips and tucks here and there, this economic stimulus bill deserves to pass the senate and congress and to start improving the nation's infrastructure and provide up to 3 million jobs.

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Comments (12)


No matter whether you think that the particular provisions you cite are worthwhile, the problem is that we are broke and cannot afford them at this time.

Please tell me how borrowing money we don't have will fix the fact that we're broke!

I still don't get it.


yeah, yeah, yeah. there may be some worthy things in this bill. but how does doing any of that provide for long term economic health? they are all one shot deals that don't change any of the underlying problems that caused the current crisis. and there is nothing that provides for long term economic growth. only long term government spending and debt.

you just don't get it, paul. obama and pelosi are trying to sell a democratic wish list under the guise of a must have stimulus package. and they are buying off a few republican votes by including the tax cuts.

personally, i think it would make our economic prospects a lot better if idiots like Frank and Dodd would leave congress. now that would be stimulus i could agree with

Doubting Thomas:

And it looks like it might not even be needed... well, 'needed' as in essential to ending the recession.

The Economic Outlook
CBO anticipates that the current recession, which started in December 2007, will last until the second half of 2009, making it the longest recession since World War II. (The longest such recessions otherwise, the 1973-1974 and 1981-1982 recessions, both lasted 16 months. If the current recession were to continue beyond midyear, it would last at least 19 months.) It could also be the
deepest recession during the postwar period: By CBO's estimates, economic output over the next two years will average 6.8 percent below its potential--that is, the level of output that would be produced if the economy's resources were fully employed (see Figure 1). This recession, however, may not result in the highest unemployment rate. That rate, in CBO's forecast, rises to 9.2 percent by early 2010 (up from a low of 4.4 percent at the end of 2006) but is still below the 10.8 percent rate seen near the end of the 1981-1982 recession.


Of course, that depends on the situation staying pretty much static in regards to 'stimulus' packages. I'm also thinking a whole lot of those items in the 'package' that's being shoved down our throats will likely not see the money supposedly alloted to them.

But it does give an indication about why they're pushing this thing so hard. If the economy will recover WITHOUT their 'help' - after the screaming about how we MUST pass the stimulus bill or we're all doomed - then both their credibility AND the need for pork-based projects comes into question.

You know, I'd feel a whole lot better if we had the same number of economists in Congress as we do lawyers...


I wonder at the Bonneville portion. We've see decimation of the salmon population since the dams were started. I thought local Democrats were for dismantling the dams (which would destroy a rich water commerce industry and the industries it supports).

Steve Crickmore:

Rachel Maddow gives a good account of what Obama will be saying this week. 'Rejecting the know nothings'. The Republican party neanderthals, or flat-earthers continue to lecture the political world on the valueless of stimulus/spending.

Now it is RNC elected chair, idiotic Michael Steele who says that governments of any sort have never created any jobs. He updates his previous insane statement "Not in the history of mankind has the government ever created a job." to say that:

Government jobs are "just work." (Is work not a job?) The newly-minted RNC Chairman added that when it comes to the private sector, job loss is never permanent.

"They come back though George," said Steele. "That's the point. They've gone away before and they come back."

In Rush Limbaugh/Wizbang land you have Michael Steele and Sarah Palin as the GOP intellectual standard bearers..I don't know whether to laugh or cry.


Hey, at least Sarah is smart enough to figure out how to pay her taxes.

And, of course, the reason so much of the money in this bill is marked for spending late in Obama's term is that the real purpose of the porkulus bill is patronage.

You can take the boy out of Chicago, but you can't take Chicago out of...


So Im assuming that all of the new roads will be paved with 335 million dollers worth of free rubbers and painted by the 50 million doller grant to the National Endowment of the Arts?

If the stimulus package so important, why is crap like this part of the bill?

Seems to me that the Republicans might be more likely to go along with this if the Democrats would quit sneaking dog parks (Sunset View Dog Park - 500,000) into the bill and concentrated on stimulating the economy.


As I understand our economic woes, our problem is that as a country we are holding too much bad debt.

So, how is taking on a trillion dollars of additional debt going to help us in any way?

It makes no sense.

All that lovely highway spending you think is going to improve the economy is taking money out of my hands that I was prepared to spend. My part of the porkulus bill is over $12,000 (since I have four dependents). I can't afford it, can you? And that's only if they divide it equally. if they divide it progressively, I'm probably on the hook for $40,000 or better.

There is the classic example of the vandal breaking a shopkeepers window. He pays a glazier to repair the window, and now the glazier has money to spend on the economy. So the vandalism improved the economy, right?

Except no.

Since the shopkeeper had less money to spend, all the vandal did was transfer some money from the shopkeeper to the glazier and cause the bulk of the shopkeepers money to be spent on unnecessary work.

Lee Ward:

"As I understand our economic woes, our problem is that as a country we are holding too much bad debt."

Well - clearly you do not understand our economic woes. Too much time listening to the GOP as they try to screw you out foa contribution to help fight the evil liberal empire.

"It makes no sense."

Right. Your premise makes no sense. The main goal of the stimulus is to stop the bleeding - stop the loss of jobs and turn that around and actually create jobs.

The faltering economy is not teetering as a result of our national debt.


Right. Your premise makes no sense. The main goal of the stimulus is to stop the bleeding - stop the loss of jobs and turn that around and actually create jobs.

The faltering economy is not teetering as a result of our national debt.

Of course my premise makes sense.

Democratic administrations forced to banks to take on borrowers that could not afford to play. They guaranteed these loans through Fannie and Freddie, which was also controlled by democrats. The Bush administration repeatedly attempted to create legislation to provide oversight of Fannie and Freddie, but democrats barred the door. The problems were exacerbated by a variety of Wall Street shenanigans like credit default swaps. The wealthy bankers that profited were largely democrats. Meanwhile the big banks are refusing to write-off toxic assets because they are sure a democratic government will use tax money to bail them out.

As a country, we're out of credit. It has frozen business and made the economy crumble.

Borrowing more money does not create wealth, nor does it create jobs. The government takes money from me to pay for the porkulus projects. The result is that I spend less money on the things I wanted to buy and those jobs are lost when other people like me also buy those things.

All government spending can do is distort the economy.

The only good thing that can come out of the porkulus bill is that it has the potential to end democrat rule in the short term.

Public opinion has already started to turn away from you people.

No one wants to pay huge new taxes generated by people that don't actually pay them themselves...

Lee Ward:

All of which has nothing to do with the national debt as a contributing factor to our economic downturn.

The national debt has no relevance whatsoever to unemployment, low retail sales, crashing housing prices, high gas prices that triggered much of this, etc.

The stimulus will increase the national debt. Your diatribe earlier that increasing the national debt will make the economy worse instead of better is a pointless rant.


I don't recall saying anything about the national debt.

I said that "as a country we hold too much debt".

So much that banks can't loan money. It's kind of the source of our trouble.



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