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Alaska AG Resigns Over TrooperGate Scandal

Sarah Palin was found guilty of violating Alaskan ethics laws last October. Today, Talis Colberg, the Alaskan attorney general and a key figure in the "Troopergate" abuse-of-power investigation of Sarah Palin, resigned.

Mr Colberg had recently been censured by Alaskan politicians over his handling of the investigation into allegations that the former Republican vice presidential candidate abused her power as state governor.

A small-time lawyer before he was appointed to the post by Mrs Palin in 2006, Mr Colberg was criticised for trying to block subpoenas to state officials during the inquiry.

He claimed he had simply advised them of their options and had unsuccessfully challenged the subpoenas in court.

"I determined that it was in the best interest of the state of Alaska to move on and pursue other opportunities," he said in a statement on Tuesday issued by Mrs Palin's office. [..]

The Alaska Legislative Council voted unanimously last October to release a report that found that Mrs Palin violated the public trust through abuse of power.

Last Friday, in a 16-1 vote the Alaska Senate found Todd Palin and nine state employees in contempt for ignoring subpoenas to testify in the Legislature's Troopergate investigation. Colberg represented seven of those nine employees. He was appointed to the post of Alaska Attorney General by Sarah Palin in 2006.

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Comments (8)


So Palin was "found guilty"? Lee, I find you guilty of being a liberal douchebag. Carries as much weight as Palin's 'conviction' by a partisan hack.

Lee Ward:

Always a pleasure to have the third graders stop by for a tour, Tim. Come back again soon.

For the adults in the audience:

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin violated ethics laws and abused her power as governor in pressing to have her former brother-in-law fired as a state trooper, an independent legislative investigation concluded today.


The 263 pages of the report show a co-ordinated application of pressure on Monegan so transparent and ham-handed that it was almost certain to end in public embarrassment for the governor. The only surprise is that Troopergate is national news, not just a sorry piece of political gristle to be chewed on by Alaska politicos over steaks at Anchorage's Club Paris.

A harsh verdict? Consider the report's findings. Not only did people at almost every level of the Palin administration engage in repeated inappropriate contact with Walt Monegan and other high-ranking officials at the Department of Public Safety, but Monegan and his peers constantly warned these Palin disciples that the contact was inappropriate and probably unlawful. Still, the emails and calls continued -- in at least one instance on recorded state trooper phone lines.

and what I said back then:

Small town Wasilla-like politics played out on a large, statewide scale - just days after Sarah Palin became Governor..

And yet Palin wasn't smart enough to heed Monegan's hints to back down -- she kept on coming -- like a pit bull.

Pit bulls may be mean, but they're not the smartest dog in the park, just the most stubborn.

Small-town political hacks like Palin, pulling strings from her office for personal gain... add to that the immaturity of apologists like Tim, and you have a major tour de force in American politics...


A Random Wizbang Blue Compassionate Genius:

Nice cut-and-paste from DNC.com, there. I didn't think you had the intelligence to hit two keys at the same time, or did your mommy help you, Lee?

Lee Ward:

Naw- it's not a cut and paste from the DNC - you're just another Republican idiot too lazy to follow the links.


Personally, I am astonished that you are able to find anything at all of that dead horse to beat.

But, with Demoncrats disgracing themselves by loading the most onerous debt ever instituted by an American Congress upon the backs of our grandchildren, I suppose any distraction is attractive to kool-aid guzzlers.


Michael, what do you call the debt that President Bush saddled us with? I guess your tax cuts will fiance that debt, right?


Yeah Wepubwicans....not the brightest let me tell you, the party of contradiction and outright stoneage simple minded ideas, destroyed the country, and now they are desperately trying to save face, i love it, you might as well eat your feet. Zero accountability, its embarrassing how dumb wepub Americans are. They cry socialism when we try to fix it...amazing...go join the military like good sheep. So you can ignore past vets a little more. Keep up the good work cowards. Stimulus plan...yeah right, they cant even count that high let alone realize that all the tax cuts they wanted for their richies are actually in there. But...they didnt seem to notice, go figure, they got Fox news doing the research for them, derrrrrr....still searching for that birth certificate retards?

Snowing in Alaska:

You are fighting and calling names. You are all snotty, in fact. Facts are facts, read the Troopergate Report. Palin abused her authority and tried smoke screen after smoke screen - she mishandled from the very beginning so it will remain with her forever.

This is my state, and the behavior of the Commissioners, staff and Todd Palin was unethical and blatantly so. I know some of these people, and there is much now much distrust in being able to count on these state employees to actually perform their jobs instead of playing partisan politics.

Sarah Palin damaged her administration within the state and it isn't going away any time soon. All of you Palin (I won't call names - I know you are under some sort of spell and it's not really your fault) fans need to find something else to defend - this one is not going to fly, sorry. She and her husband, and probably her father, too - have crossed many ethical lines in AK and it will only get worse.

If you haven't read the first report, or have any knowledge of AK state gov't - then move on. You don't have a leg to stand on and you sound like idiots (not saying you ARE, just saying you SOUND LIKE).


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