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John McCain Kicks Off His 2010 Re-Election Campaign Online

John McCain is officially kicking off his 2010 re-election campaign with a new online Email appeal to donors. Pathetically though, his Email makes an appeal to Democrats, Hispanics, Native Americans and others, while at the same time he votes against the economic stimulus bill that would aid education, rebuild aging veterans hospitals, keep the jobs of police and firemen, update the nation's electrical grid to prepare for a new generation of extreme hybrid automobiles including a new entry by Ford for 2010, or provide some basic aid to Native American services run by the Bureau Of Indian Affairs. Mr. McCain wants your votes, but he's just not willing to do anything really that constructive to earn that vote. mccain2.JPG

Mr. McCain once hoped to bank on his image as somehow being something of a "maverick" or moderate. But instead, he has steadily proven himself to be just as much part of the far out right as so many other politicians in his party are. There were way too many positive aspects of the economic stimulus bill for John McCain to simply oppose this bill, but he did anyway.

But in the McCain re-election Email, McCain noted that did expect to face a tough re-election battle, which is very likely true.

McCain's failed presidential bid did tremendous damage to his reputation in Arizona, where he only carried the state by a relatively slender margin. And his pick of the absurd Sarah Palin only cast more doubt on his judgment as a leader. Further, if President Obama and the Democrats succeed at reviving the economy, it will definitely be noted by any opponent that McCain opposed the economic stimulus bill and is wrong on the issues, and failed to act to strengthen the economy when he really should have acted.

The fact of the matter is that John McCain has won elections for many years in Arizona playing the war hero card, but now has created enough political baggage that the voters of his own home state might just be ready to retire their aging career politician. And Arizona is a state in constant political flux, with a rapidly growing population, including many Hispanics, where this state could always swing to the Democrats in some rare instances. In 1996, Bill Clinton was able to carry the state. And in 1964 and 2008, both Arizona home state presidential candidates Barry Goldwater and John McCain barely won there. Arizona might become like Colorado, another potential narrowly Democratic leaning state with enough Democratic organizational effort.

John McCain could likely face his biggest political challenge yet in 2010. Just holding on to his seat for one more term might be just be asking the voters for too much. a majority in Arizona might have finally have tired of the antics of John McCain, where the shining knight's armor is now clearly tarnished.

McCain might have survived his role as the worst of the worst players in the corrupt Keating Savings & Loan Scandal once before. But it just might be all these new issues since his failed presidential bid as well as the massive demographic voter shifts in Arizona that may be too difficult for McCain to overcome. McCain might just be in serious political trouble.

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Comments (7)


He may as well appeal to Democrats because Republicans have had enough of him.


Of course he appeals to democrats.

That's what he is!


I'm amused you still push the idea that the big porkulus bill is going to stimulate the economy.

You still have not explained how borrowing a trillion dollars is going to improve our economy.

Because you can't. It's rock stupid on its face.

It's also hugely amusing that you still attack Sarah. And, of the four we were looking at, she was the only one that I thought had what it takes to be President. Obama is clearly over his head. He's never run anything, he's never held a real job, and he's already blowing this one. Both the Russians and the Iranians have already mocked his naivete. The porkulus bill will limit the poor schlub to a single term and has the potential to end the democrat majority before it even gets warmed up.

Biden is an idiot. Even Obama rolls his eyes when the subject comes up.

McCain is all over the map, but his real sympathies are with the democrats. Sure, he's been tarred and feathered by your heroes in the press, but, with the possible exception of a few military matters, McCain is what we used to call a democrat. And you guys are welcome to him.

Sarah, on the other hand, is the only one of those people that has actually held the reins of government and done something positive with it. The unreasoned hate and counterfactual nonsense you lefties spew about her is, I think, a testament to just how much she rattles you guys.

Doubting Thomas:

Fustian -

It's expensive to actually stalk Sarah up in Alaska. You're talking tickets, lodging, food, transportation... it's a lot cheaper for Lee to do it on-line!


Fustian, you said: you still have not explained how borrowing a trillion dollars is going to improve our economy. You are 100% correct. So please explain how President Bush could borrow more than a trillion dollars to screw the taxpayers in this country.

Until then, quit being a sore loser, have your rectal/cranium surgery and maybe you will realize that neither the GOP or Donkeys care about you and I.

I guess it's hard for you to believe that more than 50% of the voters wanted something besides that old "trickle down" BS and "family values" that none of the GOP can/will explain what that means. Truth is it's just a BS slogan like "trickle down", right?

Give us an example how your tax cuts help create jobs! If they did, why is the economy in the shape it's now in? Come on, explain, with links proving it!


I still can't believe McCain was the Republican candidate in the presidential race - especially after teaming with Ted Kennedy to sponsor the amnesty bill. And I sure can't believe anyone would vote for McCain after his ultra-pathetic showing in the Presidential race. How stupid can Republicans be?



Which trillion dollar Bush loan are you talking about? If you're talking about the bank bailout, I'm with you. I don't see how it helped anything. if you're talking about the tax cuts, I'm not.


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