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Poll: Americans Calling for War Crimes Investigation

A solid majority of Americans favor the investigation of the Bush administration over possible war crimes committed under the phony banner of "War on Terror."

Two-thirds of Americans favor investigating whether the George W. Bush administration overstepped legal boundaries in its "war on terror," according to a poll released Thursday by USA Today and Gallup.

A majority of respondents said a probe should be launched into allegations that the Bush team used torture to interrogate terror suspects.

Investigators also should look into the former president's program of wiretapping US citizens without first securing court-issued warrants, respondents said.

About four respondents in 10 polled by USA Today (38 percent) favored criminal investigations, while about a quarter (24 percent) said they want an investigation without criminal charges being filed.

Some one-third of those polled (34 percent) said they want nothing done at all, the pollsters said.

Republicans ran this country into the ground for 8 long years. The anger expressed in the results of this poll isn't surprising, given the lies and deceit the Republicans foisted on our country.

A campaign to move this forward will follow soon.

The survey comes as the American Civil Liberties Union and other rights groups press for formal inquiries into whether the Bush administration flouted US and international laws banning torture and the constitutional right to privacy.

The group said in a statement that it plans to mount a campaign next week urging the public to press lawmakers "to fully investigate the US government?s abuses in the war on terror and hold accountable those responsible."

"The human rights organization is calling on President Barack Obama and the US Congress to create an independent and impartial commission to examine the use of torture, indefinite detention, secret renditions and other illegal US counterterrorism policies," the Amnesty statement added.

Two leading Democrats, House Judiciary Committee chairman John Conyers and Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Patrick Leahy has proposed commissions to investigate possible Bush administration violations.

Investigate, try and convict. Justice should be served for any and all atrocities committed by the Republicans.

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Comments (16)


Lee, most of what President Bush did was with Congressional approval. And that included Democrats also. You ready for that can of worms?

Outside of doing torture crimes, I really don't think any investigation is going to go forward.

Lee Ward:

Absolutely - open the can of worms and dump them on the table.

Billions went to contractors. An investigation into graft and corruption should be included.

"Investigators also should look into the former president's program of wiretapping US citizens without first securing court-issued warrants, respondents said."

There may be much worminess there are well.


The BDS just never dies, does it?

Just which part of the War on Terror is phony, Lee?

9-11? That part?

Lee Ward:

I don't know, grandpa - but you're not against an investigation to determine what - if any - actions were illegal, are you?

You know - truth, justice -- it's the American way.

Republicans still stand up for that, right?


While we're at it, let's take a look at the Kosovo War. Let's throw in the cruise missile strikes on Sudan and Iraq. And what about rendition? Since we're in an investigating mood, why don't we ask the Obama administration to come clean on their continuance of yet another Bush policy?



I will support this investigation if it covers the Clinton administration as well, especially forcing the truth out from Sandy Berger and the documents he stole and destroyed.

Oak Leaf:

Hmm, lets see...

1.) I voted for Bush not once but twice.

2.) Gave his election campaign maximum donations.

3.) I was a Florida recount volunteer.

4.) Bush water carrier, been that done that.

Yep, bring it on and open the whole can of worms and spill it on the table.

It is the only way we as a People have a chance of preventing it all from happening again. The only chance to learn from history.

This is not a Republican or a Democrat issue, everyone must learn from it. Gore or Kerry had the ability to be equally bad.

But, I am only concerned what is best for America and threw away the partisan sunglasses awhile ago.

Seeing my Republican colleagues with their faded magnetic yellow ribbons, Made in China and bought at Wal Mart, frankly broke the camels back.


but can it be a true investigation and not a witch hunt? given the statements expressed here and from many congressional democrats and the left wing of the democratic party i fear that any investigation will be anything but fair or impartial. many people have already made up their minds that bush is guilty of heinous war crimes and should be punished.

after following the show trial of Scooter, i'm less than optimistic about any republican member of the former administration getting a fair trial.

personally, i'm a bit leery of criminalizing political differences, which is what a lot of this is about. democrats have had congress for the past 2 years, if they really had some proof or leads of actual criminal activity, why are they waiting til now to follow through?

and yes, if you're going to investigate any of this stuff, go back to where some of these policies orginated. and don't forget to ask people like Berger or Albright their roles in all of it too. but, again, i doubt that would happen.

During WWII, my own grandfather, who was a major cargo vessel captain was captured and flogged by the Japanese in an an effort to torture him enough that he would give up any information about where the military supplies he was transporting would be headed to. But he bravely refused to cooperate with his torturers. And my own personal doctor, who performed some eye surgery on me when I had a welding shop accident and a piece of sharp material I was grinding shot up underneath my safety mask, was also a former POW of Japanese and faced abusive treatment.

One of my neighbors lived in Eastern, Germany,as the conquering Russian troops came pouring in and began raping very young girls, sometimes only in their early teens and the women.

Rotten armies around the world behave this way. I always want to look to pride to our military that our behavior will always be mile above rape, torture or other war crimes. Any abuses of civilians or any other types of war crimes deserve stiff punishment and are morally unacceptable for our great nation. I'm not real fond of reopening all of the wrongdoing of the Bush Administration on one hand, but on the other hand, I'm all in favor of preventing similar abuses such as torture or war crimes in the future.

My own father served at POW camp in South Korea during 1950, and he always expected fair treatment of the Chinese POWS, and hoped that the war would soon end so that these men could only go back home to their families as much as he wanted to go home himself. My father always believed that any prisoner was entitled to basic respect, although you always need caution during any time of war. That's reasonable, and I always admired that. My father was a great man.


"Investigate, try and convict. Justice should be served for any and all atrocities committed by the Republicans."... Lee already has his mind made up that there will be a trial after another investigation, and that there will be a conviction in that assumed trial, for assumed atrocities committed by Republicans. Lee is an excellent example of just how valuable the US Constitution is, especially that pesky Presumption of Innocence part. "Investigate, try and convict." Pull the mask from a lib/prog and you always find a Dictator Wannabe.


It's amazing how those who want to accuse GW Bush of authorizing 'torture', 'illegal rendition' and 'illegal wiretaps', and placing him on 'trial', have said nothing about Obama's determination to use 'torture', 'illegal wiretaps', and 'illegal renditions'. Oh, he may use a slightly different terminology, but you can't say there is one bit of difference, except the (D) after his name.

Lee Ward:

"It's amazing how those who want to accuse GW Bush of authorizing 'torture', 'illegal rendition' and 'illegal wiretaps', and placing him on 'trial'"

I think it was Rumsfeld and Cheney, and Bush just went along for the ride because she's such a stupid chimp, but the investigation will reveal all of that.


So, what's Obama's excuse then for continuing the programs that are supposedly illegal, and reserving the right to 'torture'? Are you going to try and convict the One as well?

Lee Ward:

A usual, You Republicans are uninformed.

Come to think of it - that's why you're Republicans in the first place.

Obama hasn't continued illegal programs and hasn't reserved the right to torture.

Your puppeteers are playing with your head, Hermie.

They must be using tweezers...


Republicans abuse power, stonewall as long as they can, then lie or claim faulty memories. Whether it's Nixon & Watergate, the Iran/Contra conspirators, or the unelected officials who followed Rove's orders to turn the US Dept of Justice into a political appendage of the Republican National Committee, you can count on them to show a consistent contempt- contempt for the truth, contempt for justice, & contempt for the American people.

Its always a waste of time to get to the bottom of REPUBLICAN wrongdoing but spending 70 million dollars to get to the bottom of a legal blowjob is money well spent. Good point! It isn't like we are talking about anything serious like blowjobs here now are we?


I don't know, grandpa - but you're not against an investigation to determine what - if any - actions were illegal, are you?

You know - truth, justice -- it's the American way.

Republicans still stand up for that, right?

I hope that you remember you said that when we begin the investigation into the Obama admin in 2013 :)


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