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Republican Organization Targets Moderate Senators For Defeat

The National Republican Trust Political Action Committee has started a national fund raising campaign to raise funds to defeat the three moderate Republican senators who supported the economic stimulus bill. This is the latest sign that this party is quickly being taken over by the far out right, who are highly partisan, and opposed to such basic programs as federal aid to poor schools, aid to Native American programs, funding for veteran hospitals, or assistance to cities to prevent job losses by firemen or police.

Some cities such as Portland, Oregon are now in such serious economic straits due to the high 9% unemployment, that there will likely be a hiring freeze for any new fire or police jobs, as older firemen and police retire. One fire department station might be closed. And mass transit could suffer with service cutbacks as well as six or more city bus routes are eliminated. For working people trying to get to work, or those unemployed who cannot afford to drive, this yet another potential blow.

What is so disturbing about the Republican National Trust appeal to other Republican Party members is that this organization offers no solutions or answers regarding the deep recession, high unemployment, home foreclosures, lost tax revenue bases that are putting critical services such as fire departments or police jobs in jeopardy. It is purely an extremist appeal by intense partisans who have no regard for the well being of their nation.

The fact of the matter is that such persons are neither patriots or good citizens. Good persons would work constructively to see their nation recover from this recession and prosper. Reasonable persons should contribute to a constructive debate on how best to help their nation recover from the serious economic problems it faces. These people don't seem to be intelligent enough to comprehend the level of the suffering in this nation, or understand how to compromise or work with others in arriving at some answers and solutions for our nation's welfare..

On the 200th birthday of Abraham Lincoln, the first successful Republican candidate for president, it is pretty clear that many in Lincoln's own party have left him.

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Comments (11)

"Reasonable persons should contribute to a constructive debate on how best to help their nation recover..."

Well, that's kind of difficult if anyone with an (R) after their name is locked out of the room during the legislative process, isn't it?

Snowe, Specter, and Collins are a disgrace to the Republican Party, period. Republicans would do well to follow the example of their morally superior peers in the Democratic Party and give them the Joe Lieberman treatment.

That's how you're supposed to treat a traitor to party principles, isn't it Paul?

Michael, Senator Spector insisted that medical research get a $6.5 billion dollar boost from this bill, that will help to pay for new lab workers and researchers and find new cures for major illnesses. Senator Spector is a cancer survivor you know. He's no traitor, he's a reasonable man concerned with creating jobs and proving some results. And health issues concern him because of his own experience.

What's your answer to the economy troubles? Do you believe in schools and education? Do you believe that firemen and police are needed in society? Shouldn't soldiers wounded in Iraq have veterans hospitals available for their treatment?

I just don't see where this bill is so unreasonable. Some people are just playing politics here and pretty far out in their thinking to oppose reasonable goals for a decent and orderly society.

Lee Ward:

"That's how you're supposed to treat a traitor to party principles, isn't it Paul?"

Yeah, just look at the way Obama treated Lieberman - who came very close to joining the opposition ticket.

The Republicans are without principles - they just hunger for power -- and are now flailing like babies because the American electorate took their power away.


I see the 101st keyboard commandos are at it again. So brave so very brave. I think they should give these repuke tools bronze stars for the carpel tunnel syndrome they suffer in service of the Republican Party.

Does anyone out there remember the Chatty Kathy Dolls that were out a while back? You could pull a string and the little doll would say 3-4 phrases over and over again. This is the way I see the republicans. They say the same garbage over and over again like a mantra. It seems most have lost (or never had) the ability to critically think things through. With these folks, it's not about whether something is decent and honorable, it's all about whether they can win no matter how twisted their belief systems are.

The public comments coming from Republican leaders in the last two weeks have provided even more evidence that our nation is failing to educate its citizens and leaders in the most basic economic principles. I'm tired of the back seat driving by the right wing geniuses who drove our economy off the cliff in the first place. It's time to take away their car keys and send them to their room.

Republicans abuse power, stonewall as long as they can, then lie or claim faulty memories. Whether it's Nixon & Watergate, the Iran/Contra conspirators, or the unelected officials who followed Rove's orders to turn the US Dept of Justice into a political appendage of the Republican National Committee, you can count on them to show a consistent contempt- contempt for the truth, contempt for justice, & contempt for the American people.


This is great news. I hope this group succeeds in their circular firing squad to get rid of Spector, Collins, and Snowe. Then they can prop up a Limbaugh dittohead that wouldn't have a snowball's chance in hell in Maine and Pennsylvania. There's 3 progressive Senate pickups that the opposition is actually doing all of the work on.


do you say the same things about organizations like Orange to Blue(DailyKos) that target moderate to conservative Democrats in the primaries? If you don't then wouldn't that just make you a partisan hypocrit? Just askin =)

In all seriousness, you're always going to have groups on the edges of the parties trying to move the party their direction. In this case, the targeted Republicans have voted more liberal than some Democrats like Ben Nelson for some time. It's neither surprising, nor unreasonable, that the more conservative party activists want to see them replaced.

And Paul. This bill is very unreasonable. Almost a trillion dollars of additional debt, and no reasonable expectation that it will stimulate the economy.

has an interesting take on the bill, especially considering that mcclatchy is generally recognized as a left leaning news eporting organization.


How is Senator Leiberman doing these days anyway?


It always amazes me how liberals always use emotion and feeling to make a point and never seem to look logically or long term at a problem. "Dont you want Police, Fire etc.?" "Do you wanna poison the earth and kill the children?" The list of these types of statement goes on.

Here is the major problem with the basis for your arguments. Let's say the local government gets some federal money and hires some new cops they have their salaries paid for the year but what happens next year? The economy is still in shambles due to non private sector stimulus and growth, remember the only growth is in the public sector, which is non revenue generating, who pays these new cops, fire fighters and teachers when there is no new tax revenue? The answer of course is no one, that is why, even though promised, local areas don't hire all these new people a prime example being Clinton's 100,000 new police that of course never happended!

The similarities between the fall of the Roman Repulic and the state of the U.S. today is scary in the extreme. As the masses cry for more and more free bread and as an increasingly entrenched, dynastic, political class provide the treasury and the circus to curtail our growing resentment, as people identify less with helping our country and themselves improve their lot and look to the governemtn to provide everything. It becomes more and more scary.

Answers, short of an article X convention to address issues, I really dont know.

This is an interesting piece, although not surprising in its content. The Republicants have always been "way out there" and the move to unseat the Sensible Three in 2010 simply confirms that premise.

The Righties are desperate. Their idiotic policies have been thrown in the trash, right along with their ideological nonsense. The days of Republicant Rule are over. It has been a long 15 years indeed.


Hmmm. Was it way out Republicans or way out Democrats responsible for the government economy in the People's Republic of Portland? Just asking about the relevancy of the municipal workers' plight to matters in the Republican Party.

Hello Epador. The government of Portland is officially nonpartisan. And the everything worked fine with government helping to manage a large mass transit system, effective 911 services, fire and police. But as unemployment reached up to 9% as the economy failed. Like 88% of other cities nationwide, Portland fell into a tax short fall problem as too many were unemployed and no longer taxpayers. Now local government is faced with a $1 million city service cash shortfall and a $16 million mass transit shortfall that could result in mass transit service cutbacks as well as a closed fire station and lost fire and police jobs.

None of this is good for a society that needs to get first responders to heart attack victims in minutes or respond to fires in minutes. And youth gang drug and gun violence is worsening as well. My brother rode a TriMet bus the other day, where a group of minority gang members only talked about robbing people and committing crimes for the entire ride. For some reason that's as far as their ambitions go. They are likely to harm people until they become part of the justice system, then waste away years in a state prison. That's some future for our society to look forward to from the youth of tomorrow.

My fear is that American society will emerge in poor condition from this recession in the future with less manufacturing or other high paying jobs. More poverty and crime. Smaller tax bases to support good schools, police or fire services, or to pay to maintain streets.

America could emerge from this recession something like 50's Eastern Europe is many ways. This deeply troubles me.


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