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2009 Sarah Palin Calendar Now Available

Unbelievably, now there is a 2009 Sarah Palin calendar available for all those drooling guys out there who just can't get enough of their favorite rifle packing mama from Alaska. Now all year long, your favorite wolf-shooting mama can be your wall's top pinup Queen. Amazing.PalinCalendar_400.jpg

Also unbelievably, a porn film with a Sarah Palin lookalike produced by Larry Flynt productions has also managed to top some national video sales charts for many weeks now, proving some sort of sexual attraction for the Alaska Governor by some guys who view the gun-toting lady with the annoying voice as their ultimate wet dream. At the same time, many others simply find Sarah Palin's voice about as sexy as nails on a chalkboard.

Strangely, Sarah Palin is suddenly finding herself marketed as some sort of male sex fantasy queen very similar to those actresses like Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra or others who pose for sexy layouts like in MAXIM or PLAYBOY or for posters.

Recent marketing continues for a large selection of Obama collectibles as well, including plates, hats and watches. However, the Sarah Palin marketing is far more associated with male fantasy than not. Strangely, after falling far short of winning the vice presidency, Sarah Palin continues to attract fans for odd reasons including the male fantasy angle rather than her actual substance as an elected official.

Celebrity and marketing are strange phenomenons. And the continued cult of celebrity surrounding Sarah Palin only continues to amaze and confound me.

It just never seems to amaze me what makes a buck these days.

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Comments (20)


"Now all year long, your favorite wolf-shooting mama can be your wall's top pinup Queen."... When has Palin ever shot wolves?

Lee Ward:

As Governor of Alaska Sarah Plain promoted the aerial hunting of wolves by proposing a $150 bounty for each severed foreleg.

It's TRUE!!!

That's my Sarah! Oh bay-bee - I can't wait to see Sarah in this calendar...


Fair enough, Lee, but the question still stands- When has Sarah Palin ever shot a wolf? Offering a bounty on wolves, who, by the way, kill livestock, and shooting wolves are two different things.
And cheering on Larry Flynt? Come on, Lee. It is really pathetic when, in your anger driven Palin Derangement Syndrome, you all ally yourself behind a disgusting pornographer.

Dave, for good or bad, Larry Flynt rightly judged that there was a market for a DVD with a Sarah Palin lookalike by men aroused by her, and "WHO'S NAILIN" PALIN" has been a chart topping hit DVD for many weeks now. This was yet another strange marketing twist of this controversial politician by some very enterprising capitalists.

By the way, Flynt is a hardcore Democrat, but he rightly judged that many hardcore Republican men would pay hardcore cash for a hardcore Sarah Palin sex film. Need I say more?


judging by the obsession of the left have for palin, i expect it's democrat men (and women) who are picking up the palin lookalike porn. so tell us, lee. how many copies do you own?

Dave and Ke, Lee had absolutely nothing to do with this funny social psychology commentary on the marketing of Sarah Palin. I take full responsibility for every word of it.


So Paul, how many wolves has Palin shot?

Davey, there are published photos available online of various animals shot by Sarah Palin or by her family including bears and a moose shot by Palin herself. As governor Palin has offered a $150 bounty to hunters who shoot wolves as well as encouraging aerial shooting of wolves. I don't know how many wolves she has ever shot in her own lifetime personally, however www.grizzlyBay.org does have a number of photos available of animals that either Palin or her family have shot and killed as evidence for you to examine. Your search of Google is probably as good as mine if you really want an answer to your question.

As a vegan, and a serious animal lover I simply hold a higher regard for the welfare of animals than Palin does in my view. This is just one of many areas of disagreement with her that I personally have.


Paul, in your article you say Palin is a, "wolf-shooting mama." Is this accurate?


My understanding of the film (since I have not seen it) is that it also features Hillary Clinton and Condeleeza Rice in a three-way with Palin.

I sincerely doubt that political affiliation has anything to do with people watching this film. I think it has to do with folks wanting to watch porn.

Lee Ward:

"Paul, in your article you say Palin is a, "wolf-shooting mama." Is this accurate?"

Amazing that the Palin-ites don't even attempt to defend the wacko diva any longer - they just attempt to change the subject.


Paul, you may be a vegan, but that doesn't mean other people eat meat because of a disregard for the welfare of animals. I come from a place that has a lot of hunting, and it is done as a matter of conservation. Licenses are issued based on animal population, food sources available, genetics studies, epidemiology, habitat availability, average feeding range (for predators), environmental impact, and other factors (animals involved in car accidents, etc.). Predators such as wolves are "thinned out" so that they don't kill off too many prey animals, to control disease, and to ensure that the balance of the environment is maintained. Some of the greatest animal lovers I know work for game, fish, and parks departments around the country. Yeah, killing anything should only be done when necessary, but I think people should look at the GF&P's data on wolf populations before they get all woogity about this. If we weren't allowed to hunt deer (for example) in my state, the GF&P has estimated that there would be an additional 7000-9500 more deer struck by automobiles every year. Many of those animals would die in agony from there injuries up to several months after being struck. Then you also have to consider the saving of human lives by preventing these accidents. Also to be considered is that many hunters give the meat to organizations that are feeding the homeless, and saving cattle from being slaughtered in processing plants. Besides, there's nothing quite as tasty as venison summer sausage from Lee's Meats in Tea, SD.

As far as "Palin Porn" goes, I've not seen it myself, but I have a co-worker that bought it because "I love seeing that B1&*h getting nailed by Obama". So I'm guessing you may have the wrong party affiliation attributed to the sales on this one.


Sorry, their injuries, not there injuries.


sorry, paul, i'm just so used to it being lee who posts this idiotic rants about palin. my observation still stands, however.

Lee Ward:

Sarah Palin -- the gift to Democrats that just keeps on giving....


Yep, she gives you something to fear with no rational reason for it. Sounds like one of the President's speeches.

Lee Ward:

Yes, The notion of Sarah Palin in the White House was a scary thought to millions of thinking Americans. That's the "gift" part... the notion that you nutcakes think she's qualified.


How was any of the other candidates any LESS qualified? Because they were legislators? Not one of them held an executive position of any kind before. Legislative experience is not executive experience. And don't go back to that community organizer garbage. Every project that was worked on was a dismal failure (see the annenberg challenge, and the public garden that fall under this category). Running a 2 year long political campaign is not executive experience. Don't get me wrong, I hope that Obama does what's right for the country, I don't want to see him "fail", as some have said. Because that also means that times are going to be even harder for this country that I love and serve. I don't see a lot of hope for that when the "answer" given for the economic crisis is to borrow more money to feed a government bureaucracy that is already too bloated. You don't pay your debts by getting deeper in debt. President Bush is not blameless in this crisis, but neither is he the only one to blame. Honestly, I like her because she is not a politician from Washington. Personally, I'd like to see someone who is a retired military or law enforcement officer, that has never worked at the pentagon or foggy bottom get the job. God help us all, but maybe even a Marine.

Lee Ward:

She's a low-IQ idiot.


"Amazing that the Palin-ites don't even attempt to defend the wacko diva any longer - they just attempt to change the subject.
11. Posted by Lee Ward"... Lee, I quoted the article. How is that changing the subject?


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