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Morality In Media Morons Now Attacking AARP Of All Things

The Religious right morons at Morality In Media, which promote censorship and other repression through a constant propaganda campaign of outright lies, fraud and distortion of facts have now found a new absurd battle to champion. Robert Peters, Moron-In-Chief of Morality In Media has penned an absurd letter to the AARP complaining because of some small ad in their last newsletter that advertised some videos that promoted "better Sex" for older Americans. robert peters.jpg

Apparently, Peters believes that older married Americans have no right to be having continued good marital relations. However, products such as Viagra in recent years have emerged on the market to add to the quality of sex life of older Americans. And it has been remarkable to see the opinions of medical and other health professionals to finally realize that sexuality among older persons is still an important aspect of many of their lives. Many couples who have been together 30, 40, 50 or more years often still have decent sex lives, despite the efforts of morons like Peters.

Self-righteous and intellectually dishonest men like Peters do not really have the public good or welfare at heart. Peters lines his own pockets with donations by vilifying any enlightened culture that he disagrees with. He is a pathetic little liar, who constantly distorts any facts to promote his own absurd political agenda.

Peters is still angry that the parent company that is offering the "Better Sex" videos to enhance the sex lives of older Americans was not prosecuted on obscenity charges and put out of business during the Clinton years by Janet Reno. Peters is a pathetic little lying political fascist who wants government to arrest and jail anyone who disagrees with anti-sex political extremism. He has attacked art exhibits as well as store displays of women's magazines as well as championing other knot-headed wacko crusades over the years.

Peters is really the one who should be out of business. His lies and deceptions and false associations of anything culturally liberal with crime have gone on way too many years. He's like the lying snake-oil salesman. Yet, other like-minded cultural idiots actually send this guy donations to carry on his wacko crusades against supermarket tabloids or anything else that he doesn't personally like. Peters' organization actually rakes in over $600,000 a year. The real obscenity is the constant lies and the profits that this organization makes off them by always claiming that society will somehow end unless law enforcement jails anyone they disagree with.

Unfortunately in some cases the FCC or other legal agencies have actually listened to this dishonest huckster screwball and his socially challenged followers. But the AARP would be real wise to tell this wacko to just bug off and get some badly needed mental health help instead.

It would be real interesting for someone like Peters to explain the health of his own marital relations since he is such an opponent of anything dealing with sexuality of any type. Some other bluenoses like James Dobson, have already claimed that they don't have too active of a marital sex life. Yet these cultural screwballs always want to advocate how others should live. The poor examples.

But for many older Americans, an active sex life still remains as an important part of their life, Peters or not.

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Paul, if you take a good look at the "religious right" you will see that most, if not all are liars. Look at the scandles they have had lately. From ranting against homosexuality, then get caught with a male prossie, using dope,etc.

All they are doing is lining their pockets with cash from their base. The more they spout their BS, the more cash comes in.

They haven't learned yet not to mess around with the seniors, of which I am one of. Most of the seniors have more money, more clout with politicians than these hucksters realize.

Paul Hooson:

Amen brother Allen. You're right on all counts. Glad to have your thoughts here.


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