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WizBlue's Sunday Funny Foto Contest Winners

Hey kids. Thanks so much for your wild and fun caption entries in our edgy and irreverent answer to the long running photo contest run on sister network site, Wizbang. The responses came from a lot of different political angles, both left and right. Some were pretty funny stuff. three stooges.bmp Here's some of the best entries by category:

Best Three Stooges reference entry goes to Rodney Dill with "Braintrust of Dewey, Cheatham & Howe" Thanks Rodney. You must have watched as much Three Stooges as I did as a kid to come up with this great reference. Good stuff! This is my personal choice as the best caption here because it managed a great Stooges styled reference.

Rodney Dill also came up with another great wild fantasy image as well with "In the end, John suffered continuing flashbacks of the Annoy Hilton". Creative and funny stuff, Rodney. Bravo! This conjures up a wild fantasy image.

Fustian had fun sticking it to me as a Wizbang Blue editor as well here with, "Once we remove the brain, he'll be an Obatomist just like Paul!". Good stuff, Fustian. Funny and very sharp.

Fustian also added another sharp pointed caption with, "Yep, we conservatives always knew McCain was just another stooge". Mean and funny. Oregonmuse, one of our conservative leaning readers also picked this caption as his favorite as well and declared it be the winner in his view. Fustian also managed some pretty sharp ribs at Chicago politics as well. Certainly Chicago politics has set itself up for plenty of good one liners.

Thanks so much for all the funny and outrageous entries in our first Wizbang Sunday Foto Contest. This Sunday we'll run another outrageous photo and hope to get another batch of great, outrageous entries that run the entire range from the very clever all the way to the outrageous and just plain tasteless and offensive. Sometimes humor works best when it really goes for some shock value for laughs. But I think that Rodney Dill the best job this time out by getting in his clever Stooges reference as well as a wild fantasy image of the "Annoy Hilton". Fustian did manage a few good angry but funny entries as well.

Good work guys. Thanks for your great entries. Get ready for Sunday!

Note: Wizbang Blue is now closed and our authors have moved on. Paul Hooson can now be found at Wizbang Pop!. Please come see him there!

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Comments (4)


Paul, none of my entries were angry.

They were ironical!

Fustian, I liked some of your entries, They had lots of edge. I know that the corrupt Chicago politics is an easy target as well. That city has really invited some good ribs.


What I was doing was trying on the angry persona of the left. You know, the "Chimpy McBushitler" crowd.

In real life, I am the soul of gentle, open-minded, erudition. I not only overflow with learning, I stand in the slop.

And I don't care much for Obama's policies. I think he's taking us pretty far already in the wrong direction. Did you see where Putin warned the democrats away from socialism?

You know they've gone too far when even Commie thugs are worried for you.

Thanks Paul


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