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Killer Asthma Epidemic Created By Secondhand Cigarette Smoke

Several years ago the U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Richard Caroma, was very concerned about the nation's rising asthma epidemic. And he should be, as 20 million Americans now have asthma, or three times as many persons as just 25 years ago. Yet the nation shows no seriousness in outlawing the number one cause of new asthma cases, secondhand cigarette smoke, or even public smoking.

And children are paying a very high price for the selfish nicotine drug addiction behavior of many adults. There are 5,000 hospital emergency room visits required for asthma in the U.S. each day in America, costing the health care system around $500 million a year in emergency room costs alone, often with the taxpayer having to pay the bill. Many of these persons hospitalized are children. And one in eight American children now have asthma, the highest number ever recorded. And 1,000 persons become hospital admissions due to asthma each day. And some children or adults die each day from this serious breathing disorder, that could be greatly reduced if only politicians had the political backbone and willpower to ban any tobacco product that emits toxic air pollution that can impact the health of nonusers of the product.

Cigarettes infringe on the basic human rights of children or those with chronic lung problems to breathe clean air. And cigarette smoke is the only form of air pollution that emits a drug, nicotine, and other toxic substances such as lead that are banned by the EPA from any other sources of air pollution. Medical evidence proves that secondhand cigarette smoke reduces intelligence scores on tests as well destroys REM sleep patterns in nonsmokers. And by transmitting an unwanted highly addictive drug, nicotine, to nonusers, smokers may be helping to force nicotine addiction on persons such as children. Nicotine is thought to be as addictive as heroin by many experts in addiction medicine sciences.

And asthma is fast becoming an urban and inner city illness, where selfish nicotine drug addict adults exist in high numbers who refuse to stop smoking for the sake of children. These drug addicts, like all selfish drug addicts, only prize their next drug fix more highly than the lives of children or adults with chronic illness. Cigarette smokers are a more serious and widespread drug abuse threat to children than any other form of child abuse. Yet government is not very serious to stop this child abuse epidemic.

As with any inner city epidemic, such as hunger, poverty, drug abuse or even gun violence, it is often the African American or other minority communities that suffers most from these inner city issues, not the larger White population. This is only the latest way in which powerful Southern tobacco business interests are profiting from promoting misery in some minority communities. It was tobacco and cotton interests who also first brought slaves to America from Africa, helped to launch some pro-slavery churches such as the Southern Baptists, and helped to cause the civil war when slavery was threatened. Now many in minority communities find themselves trapped in a $5 a day or more nicotine addiction that often will cost them more than the price of gas per day to drive to work. Nicotine addiction has become the modern form of slavery from the same wealthy interests who first brought many to America in chains in ship hulls to work as free labor for wealthy tobacco farmers. And smoking has also become one of America's worst exports to Asian nations such as China. smoker.jpg

There is really little way for children or adults with chronic respiratory problems to avoid exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke. It is all over. Smokers smoke near bus stops, in grocery store parking lots, or on public sidewalks as children walk by on their way to school. The EPA does not allow other corporate air polluters to dump drugs such as nicotine in the public air, but the cigarette industry and smokers are given a special pass by this air quality regulation agency.

Drug dealers are even allowed a legal reason to loiter on public streets or even in grocery store entrances, selling harmful substances such as meth, because there are few laws that ban loitering as long as a person is smoking. If a drug dealer was simply standing there, they would raise attention from law enforcement or security and be forced to leave the area.

The American economy pays a very high price for this nicotine drug addiction with lost days from work or school because of asthma or illness. And asthma costs $16 billion yearly in medical costs, that could be drastically cut if politicians would only just stop accepting tobacco lobbyist donations, paid vacations, and other tobacco industry favors to give tobacco a free ride from many government regulations. The fact of the matter is that the American automobile industry and many other industries face very serious and expensive air pollution regulations while the tobacco industry and smokers face virtually no air pollution regulations. This all proves the power of the tobacco lobby. And few lawsuits against the cigarette industry have survived in courts, because the tobacco industry can mount endless appeals of cases until they get the verdict they desire.

Under President Obama, congress will likely strengthen up some government regulations over the tobacco industry somewhat. But even the president himself smokes and admits how hard it is to quit cigarettes. This drug addiction problem reaches all the way into even the White House because it is such a serious public health menace and quiting smoking is so difficult because the tobacco industry knows full well that this nicotine drug is so highly addictive and how that only drives up their profits, no matter the public health cost.

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Thank you Paul, something you and I can both agree on! As an amateur athlete and asthma sufferer I try to avoid cigarettes or other nicotine smoke emitters like the plague. Unfortunately, as I go to college, that's not always possible and when the issue gets raised here to ban public smoking it's always countered by someone's "personal right to smoke" being infringed upon. What about my right to be able to breathe and represent my school to the best of my ability and bring in possible money for it? Hopefully as Americans seem to become more health conscious, this disgusting habit will be outlawed in public.

Well God bless you, Mike. That's great that you're an athlete despite your health limitations. That's very inspirational. My own mother died a long death due to asthma and also COPD in 2007. She was spending $800 a month on medicine just to be able to breathe in her last years and required a wheelchair because she was so weak much of the time. She was a wonderful mother, and I deeply miss her. I was her full time caregiver during her last years. She believed that secondhand smoke at her workplace caused her illness and eventual death. Now I have no mom to talk to.


I'm really sorry to hear that about your mother and I can empathize because asthma is not fun. It feels like you're drowning when it hits even though there is plenty of air around you and you can't comprehend why you can't get a breath. I can also see where she got the idea that second-hand smoke gave her asthma as most of the people in my family smoke and I have a suspicion that I acquired mine that exact same way as I was exposed to it almost constantly as a child.

Hi Mike, certainly that drowning feeling is very unsettling and serious stuff. I think some people are more prone to cigarette smoke damage than others, and society needs to take a more serious view of the health effects of this very addictive drug. I easily get ear infections or allergic reactions to cigarette smoke myself, and these often spread into sinus and lung infections. Cigarette smoke is very damaging to me as well. It's like my kryptonite.

I like to write about consumer and health issues as well as business. I'd like all in business to earn money in an ethical manner and those tobacco guys are just plain bad citizens in my book. Even Sudden Infant Death Syndrome has been linked to secondhand smoke as well as childhood ear infections. Ethical businessmen don't want to injure or kill children. Every fellow in business needs to weigh the moral cost of what he does for a living.

I'm very happy to have as many conservative as well as liberal readers here, and I like and respect them all. The very best to you, Mike.


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