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Slumdog Governor

Louisiana's conservative Republican Governor Bobby Jindal has been a dismal failure so far, with little progress on Louisiana's serious poverty problems. With a 19.2% poverty rate, Jindal's state ranks as having the second worst rate of poverty in the entire nation. And with few higher paying labor union jobs compared to many states, thanks to Louisiana's regressive antilabor union right to work laws, family wages in the state lag far below the national average as well.bobby jindal.jpg

The median family income in Louisiana is just $35,523, which is thousands of dollars below the average family income for states such as New Hampshire at a far better $57,352. The national average for all states is far higher than Louisiana as well at $44,473.louisiana poor.jpg

Now comes word that Jindal plans to not allow his unemployed and poverty stricken citizens to have their fair share of the unemployment extension benefits included in the recently passed federal economic stimulus package bill. Now tens of thousands of families will be forced to rely on food banks or churches to feed their children as their unemployment benefits expire. Many families will join the homeless as they can no longer pay their rent or home mortgage and banks take back their homes thanks to Jindal. What in heck is this guy thinking?

Jindal has no problem accepting the federal highway funds portion of the bill. He just objects to unemployed citizens getting a short extension on their unemployment to feed their families. Apparently Jindal's family values just don't value families.mumbaipoor.jpg
Ironically, the nation's first elected Republican conservative Indian-American governor is keeping many of his own citizens in poverty conditions more similar to Mumbai, India than anything.

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Comments (11)


did you even bother to check into why Jindal is refusing to accept that portion of the money? it's because it is not sustainable long term. the federal govt is only paying for the first three years. after that any expansion of the program is up to the states to fund. hmm, could it be that he's trying to look out for the future of his state as well as the here and now?

that is the single biggest problem with most liberal programs, they do not take into account what the future ramifications of the program are going to be. for a prime example you only have to look at social security.

oh, and Paul, what party was in charge of LA during the time it got into the state it is now? wouldn't that be the democrat party? so you're basically complaining that Jindal hasn't miraculously turned around decades of mismanagement and corruption in just a couple of years.

having spent time in Mumbai, Chennei, and Dehli, i can state categorically that any comparison you make between the poor any where in this country to the lowest classes in any Indian city is false demogogary.

Ke, I did wrestle with whether to go with this title and satire angle because some here might really find this post offensive. But I wanted to make a timely satirical comparison between the Academy Awards and the poverty situation in Louisiana.

In my view, if families were important to this governor, then he would find it in his heart and budget to allow the short extension of benefits until someone steps up and creates new job opportunities in Jindal's state. But with 19.2% living in poverty already, odds are it won't be Jindal that does that.

But I always appreciate your intelligent observations here, Ke. You're always welcome here as you always add greatly to the dialogue and elevate any conversation, even if I sometimes resort to an outrageous angle on some subject for the fun of it to stir up a little controversy.


While you may have had a good point somewhere, your poor "satirical" rendered your post extremely offensive. Your approach simply negated any good that you may have accomplished.


OK,that's what I get for making an assumption.

I had been banned from Wizbang Blue for several years and assumed that still to be the case. Therefore I did not "fine tune" my approach because I assumed it would not go through.

In other words, I just did what I accused Paul of doing.

Paul, I did find your use of the Oscars reference to be offensive. It was simply a cheap shot.

You are correct in stating that Louisiana has some serious problems and that Jindal's decision may have not been a wise one.

However, you neglected to point out that Jindal did not create the situation in the relatively short time that he has been in office.

If you are seriously concerned about the state of Lousiana - and I think we all should be - then lets not simply play partisian politics with it. Lousiana has been poorly served by its political leaders (regardless of party) for a very long time.


paul, i was not objecting to your title. i was objecting to the lack of research in your post. you didn't address Jindal's stated reasoning for wanting to refuse a specific portion or the "stimulus" package. instead, you charged him with not caring about his constiuents.

here's something for you to think on. just because someone does not agree with you particular ideas or methods, does not make them the heartless bastard you seem to assume.

the liberal programs that have been instituted since the time of the great depression have caused harm, and have had impacts to budgets, society, and people that have not always been good. again, i point to all of the effects that social security has had, some good, most bad. or welfare programs. again, some good, most i would argue bad.

and then your comparison of the poor in the US to the poor in India, while in line with the post's title was simple uncalled for on any grounds.

OhioVoter, I guess you have to understand my background to understand my irreverent sense of humor. When I was a kid in the late 50's I learned how to read with MAD Magazine, and also CRACKED and SICK. I always loved satire. When I was in college, NATIONAL LAMPOON was popular as were underground newspapers, and I always wanted to be an underground newspaper publisher. I was also the lead singer of a satirical punk rock band in the late 70's that had lots of crude humor years before Howard Stern. Nowadays my friends know me as a wildman motorbike guy. I can only be good for so long, before I make some disturbing jokes just to make people laugh. I was a shock comic years before Howard Stern, and even found myself banned from the stage in plenty of bars because of my outrageous jokes.

Just watch the Academy Awards tomorrow when SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE wins best picture and the cast are on the stage accepting the award, and post this will be a lot more funny, as an outrageous satire on that movie. This post will still be offensive, but just a lot more funny.

Ke, it's a hard divide for me to cross when unemployed people are denied help and could end homeless. The job situation in flood damaged New Orleans is still not entirely normal, and couple this with the recession as well. Jindal might end as a one term governor if he ignores too much human suffering in his state. Many voters are going to have a hard time swallowing this denied unemployment issue. This issue could start to stick to him as well as his handling of the recession. The only good factors in Jindal's favor are a conservative majority of voters as well as less unemployment than many states in Louisiana, but that's largely because so many poor from New Orleans were displaced into other states such as Texas and wages are so in Louisiana that some employers take advantage of this and treat the state like it's China for cheap labor.



I was also raised on some of the same sources of humor that you were.

Good "satire" is hard to do right. Even those sources you named - which were iconic - sometimes failed spectacularly.

Today, too many people simply label their crude, insensitive, and insulting comments as "satire" as a way of excusing otherwise bad behavior.

Your comments gave the impression that Jindal was responsible for certain things in Louisiana that actually have existed for decades. That's inaccurate and misleading. Your choice of "Slumdog Millionaire" to compare him to bordered on .... well, let's just say something even more insidious.

If you truly concerned about the welfare of the people of Louisiana and the human suffering that you perceive as going on there - and want to be taken seriously, - then you should honestly discuss its root causes without the misdirection, partisianship, and/or references to Jindal's ethnic background that are inherent in your post here.


"Stimulus" projects, city of San Francisco - 1702. "Stimulus" projects New Orleans - 0.

Is Nancy Pelosi also a 'heartless bastard'?

mark twine:

Slumdog governor postures for the repulicants and will wind up with mud on his face. shame slumdog


The only reason Jindal is giving the republican response to Obama's speech is because he's riding the Slumdog Millionaire motiff.

If Benjamin Button had won, i wonder if Trent Lott would've given the speech.

Christina Viering:

Tough job.


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