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My Response To The Bobby Jindal Post Controversy

Yesterday, on Wizbang Blue when I ran a post dealing with the serious poverty problems in Louisiana and how Republican Governor Bobby Jindal has failed to so far address these serious issues, I faced a great deal of criticism because I satirically used an Academy Award based theme based on the popular film, SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, to make my point. However, even if some may object to my harmless lampoon of a popular movie to make my point, they still need to recognize the larger issues at hand that were in my discussion.

When Bobby Jindal became governor of Louisiana in 2007's off year election, he led many in his state that to believe that he was a competent leader who could address the many serious issues impacting Louisiana such as the serious damage to New Orleans as a result of the August 2005 Katrina storm and flood damage to this main city in the state. This serious storm broke levees resulting in serious loss of life, property damage and loss of business, jobs and homes. However so far, Jindal's conservative politics have really very done little to reduce the 19.2% poverty rate in Louisiana which continues to be the second worst in the entire nation. Jindal cannot be blamed for causing this huge poverty problem. However, he can be blamed for so far failing to address and work to remedy it.

Jindal is also thought to have presidential ambitions, and this has propelled him into a position as acting as a spokesman for the Republican Party opposing President Barack Obama's economic stimulus plans. However, the fact of the matter is that Jindal is accepting nearly all of the funds provided in the stimulus bill for Louisiana including the highway funds. Jindal then announced that he will just oppose the portion of the 1,000 page bill which offers an extension of unemployment insurance benefits for the citizens of Louisiana, despite the high poverty rate in the state. However this is a three year program, with the federal government offering the help for much of these years.

The fact of the matter is that Jindal is just playing cheap political games here. He has presidential ambitions with little real achievement to show, but signed on early to act as the Republican spokesman to oppose the economic stimulus bill, although accepting most all of the funds for his state. Unlike other Republican governors such as Arnold Schwarzenegger of California or Charlie Crist of Florida, who both openly praise the economic stimulus bill as vital for the economic well being of their own states, Jindal claims to oppose the legislation, yet accepts nearly all of the funds, but then only finds a minor portion of the bill to oppose, and not for good reason so that he can soapbox on the issue to further his own political career. That's mighty shallow in my view.

Jindal's politics are indeed inch deep and mighty shallow. Jindal knows full well that within three years the Obama stimulus bill efforts might well improve the national economy by then, so Louisiana will be unlikely to stuck with some bill for increasing unemployment costs which is actually a form of insurance policy paid for by employers, not workers. Jindal is simply playing to a few big corporate interests in his state by not asking them to pay their fair share after three years to sustain the unemployment insurance program once the federal help eases.

The fact of the matter is that Republican governors such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Charlie Crist are attempting to do the best that they can for their own citizens and realize the great benefits of the economic stimulus bill to their states and how much it means to their own people that they serve. But Jindal is merely a cheap ideologue, with a 97% partisan Republican voting record while in congress, and little spirit of compromise or bipartisanship.

Jindal is merely looking climb political ladders, even if he has to search for some minor issue such as opposing extending unemployment insurance benefits just so that he can claim to oppose something. But I think that any serious person can see this for the political nonsense that it really is.

The fact of the matter is that Jindal wants political power for himself, however the leadership abilities to back that up are somewhat absent. Jindal is merely exploiting the human suffering of thousands of unemployed Louisiana residents during this serious economic recession to further his own future political career. That's not being a good public servant in my view. Jindal's political ambitions come first with Bobby Jindal. And that's the honest truth.

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Comments (23)


Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal supports recovery by refusing aide? Why, you're doin' a heck of a job there, Bobby! Bobby don't need no cash - he's gonna exorcise the demons, then Louisiana will become the wealthiest state in the union. This must be what Michael Steele meant by "going beyond cutting edge" when it comes to new GOP ideas. Beyond cutting edge is technically over-the-cliff.

You know, as much as I realize that this was stunt Jindal pulled, it is a bit refreshing. Of course, it's all at expense of his constituents in LA. For once, a GOOPer who isn't putting our money where his mouth is. Challenge extended, other GOOPers. Anyone willing to accept?

The Republicans are losing more of their supporters over their obstructionist actions, just look at the recent polling data. When your enemy lights himself on fire, the best thing to do is roast marshmallows, not extinguish the flames.


Let me get this straight - your against presidential ambitions for people with little in the way of actual achievment???


"The fact of the matter is that Republican governors such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Charlie Crist are attempting to do the best that they can for their own citizens and realize the great benefits of the economic stimulus bill to their states and how much it means to their own people that they serve."


Arnie professed to be conservative but let the legislature roll him up. Spending up over 30% in the last 5 years. Population wasn't up 30%. Costs weren't up 30% The bastards got increased revenue AND SPENT IT!
Now Arnie and the legislature moan about having to cut costs. Well all of the governor's "advisory commissions" are still intact. Termed-out politicians getting $135K plus salaries, whether they hold meetings or not. Arnie just created a brand new position for one crony to tide her over until the next election. The State Controller had ONE FUCKING MILLION in the last budget for NEW OFFICE FURNITURE.
Now they moan they have to 'cut' services and that they need a tax increase for the next 3 years.
BULL FUCKING SHIT! None of these bastards is living in the real world.
Next you're going to tell me that you still believe that drivel about Clinton putting 100,000 cops on the street.
At least Jindal has the brains to see that federal money comes with strings. And you'd better damned well look at what those strings are, because when the shit hits the fan baby, you're gonna be stuck holding the bag.
Stand by for the Obamassiah's pronouncements on the economy on Tuesday, because "There ain't no such thing as a FREE lunch".

Garandfan, Jindal is accepting 98% of the federal stimulus money, and is only not accepting just the 2% which would go to unemployed workers in his state. Why can't Jindal simply charge employers the normal taxes to cover this unemployment insurance fund like all other governors are doing in the other 49 states? This is the attached strings that Jindal is complaining about?

Jindal thinks that not accepting just 2% of the stimulus funds somehow qualifies himself as an opponent spokesman for bill although he's taking the other 98% for his state. Most other Republican governors are talking common sense about the stimulus bill and how it will help their states in at least some critical areas. But Jindal is simply talking like some politician with his eyes on the White House.

The last Republican administration had no problem spending $637 billion to create the elective Iraq War and never balanced the budget. The last administration to balance the budget was the Democratic Clinton Administration. I fully expect Mr. Obama to wind down the Iraq War and to cut costs in other places to work towards balancing the budget at some point in the future.


"Why can't Jindal simply charge employers the normal taxes to cover this unemployment insurance fund like all other governors are doing in the other 49 states?"

Yeah, just like Kalifornia. Drive up business costs during a recession....or is it a depression? That will encourage businesses to hire or retain employees. Just wait until Chu starts working his energy magic and 'cap and trade' appears. That will be more costs added to businesses. That will make them competitive in a world market. Look at the stock market. People with money to invest...to create new products, new businesses, NEW JOBS......are pulling out!
I'm retired on a fixed income. I lost over $9k, money I cannot afford to lose. I'm pulling out and staying out. Guess that makes me a "heartless bastard". Sorry, but I don't plan on living on dog food.

I have no problem with government extending unemployment benefits or health coverage for those who lost their's due to unemployment (HINT: COBRA is expensive no matter how much the gov't helps). But that PORK BILL is crap. Even Obama concedes "It's not perfect". Because the rush was on for paybacks. Immediate relief would have cost 1/3 of what they spent. The rest is PORK!
$13 extra bucks in your pocket each payday. Whoooopeeee! Arnie just took that PLUS MORE from the people who still have a job in this state. But not to worry, Kalifornia is going to place a "Spending Cap" on the legislature. The increased taxes will be for the next TWO years. If you vote for a "Spending Cap", the higher taxes will be extended for THREE years.
Really makes sense, doesn't it?

Garandfan, employers are required to pay unemployment insurance taxes for every employee that they hire. If a business cannot afford too many extra employees, then they don't hire more. Many businesses have already been hiring more part time help to avoid providing health insurance or other better wages for example. I've owned businesses most of my life, so I know these things.

I'm deeply sorry about your stock market losses of $9k. However, if you still hold those stocks the value should return to near normal levels once this recession is over. However, I had to take a $130,000 loss on just rental income property earlier this past year when renters destroyed the property, failed to pay the rent, and the sheriff had to be called in. The insurance company also failed to cover the losses as well. So I was really out $130k on just one property. And I won't go into nearly $100k of other problems and expenses as well.

I certainly wish you the best that your stocks rebound very soon.

Lee Ward:

Jindal is showboating putz, a real idiot. He's ready to screw his constituency to make political points with the GOP Party.

It's the typical Republican response -- ignore what's right for Americans and do what's right for his party.


"It's the typical Republican response -- ignore what's right for Americans and do what's right for his party."

Well I guess that explains and justifies Nancy's Pork Bill. 1,702 projects for San Francisco, ZERO for New Orleans.


I urge Jindal to take his time. In fact, Bobby, just say "No." You'll find other ways to solve Louisiana's $2 billion budget shortfall. No doubt, you've got a better plan than the big, bad federal government for creating 50,000 jobs in your state, as the stimulus plan projects. And with Louisiana's recovery from Hurricane Katrina moving along at break-neck speed, let your state's $538 million for infrastructure projects go elsewhere. There's nothing political at all about Jindal's reluctance. No, sir. It's only a vicious rumor that he is feathering his nest among Republican voters, building his base in anticipation of the 2012 presidential election, knowing all along that even if he says "No" to the feds, his own legislature could decide to take the money anyway, and therefore both he and the legislators could impress voters. No, that's only a rumor.

Lee Ward:

"Well I guess that explains and justifies Nancy's Pork Bill. 1,702 projects for San Francisco, ZERO for New Orleans."

Ah! That explains it. Jindal is turning down unemployment benefits for Louisiana's unemployed so they will work for free rebuilding New Orleans...?



When they say your Liberal in your 20's and Conservative in your 40's I am begining to believe it. I get the real impression that most of the drivel dealt out by the left comes from people with no real stake in the American dream. You can not honestly say that you are working your butt off, paying your bills, trying to raise your kids in a decent neighborhood, with good schools, and playing by the rules and support all this crap we've been having for the last month.

Now before you say it, I"m not some big right wing Bushite, I think Bush was a flop who had a chance to be great and let it go. His mishandling of Iraq, his timidity on the housing bubble, etc., was upsetting and disapointing to say the least but can you honestly say you believe in the Obamasiah? This guy is leading us dwn the path of socialism so fast it's making my head swim. I've been to Western Europe and it sucks!

If one looks at the economy over the last 29 years, we've had 2 big upswings both based on bubbles, Clinton's tech bubble and eventual collapse, which to be fair, Bush inherited, and the housing bubble and collapse which Obama now has inherited. The only time we've had TRUE economic growth and to be honest the last time I had real HOPE was when a man by the name of Ronald Reagan was in office. 12 years of unprecedented peactime growth, end of the Soviet Empire, an ability to speak and inspire we haven't seen in a generation now. His secret? Cut taxes and let the American ppl do what they do best and that's create opportunity. Reid/Palosi/Obama it seems are bound and determined to punish success and stifle creativity, of coure this gives them more power, centered on single party rule....damn this sure sounds familiar, seems there was an empire that has recently departed that tried this, Masses all "equal" waiting the same amount of time for toilet paper, while the rich, and powerful party members had the best western goods in their lavish Dacha's?

Wake up Sheep before it's to late.


Yep, Paul, things are looking up all over.


And you haven't seen anything yet!


Deke, I also remember being able to deduct interest on car loans, credit cards, just to name a couple, and good old Ronnie took them away, and gave the top income people a tax cut, but not the middle working taxpayer.

SO PLEASE QUIT SPREADING THE BS THAT RONNIE CUT TAXES! He didn't for the average American. Your BS is just like your "family values" BS.


Grarandfan, doesn't say anything about what I mentioned, does it?


Deke, I also remember being able to deduct interest on car loans, credit cards, just to name a couple, and good old Ronnie took them away, and gave the top income people a tax cut, but not the middle working taxpayer. -Allen

Where to debunk your idiocy... First off Reagan provided a 25% ACROSS the board tax cut for all Americans, of course this meant the top rate dropped also, guess what happened Allen? Tax revenues went up by over 50%, this comes from the Joint Economic Commssion, not made up numbers.

Secondly the burden of taxes borne by the upper 1% also increased by 40%, this was due to more ppl entering that lvl of income and less effort to hide or distribute.

By 1984 the top 50% of wage earners bore more than 85% of the taxes in the U.S., there was an unprecedented amount of ppl in the top 20% and tax revenues to the U.S. treasury were at levels never seen.

Now whether ya like him or not, your simple ranting, not backed up by facts, shows why the left and their ideology is a failed testament.


Deke, In your mind you are 100% correct. Nov 4th showed that you wasn't correct. Quit the BS, more and more Americans realize your "trickle down", "family values", tax cuts for the rich is just one thing...BS. And the Cato report is a GOP site. Want me to link you to some lefties sites?


Actually Allen those are JEC numbers a non partisan group, so again you can't argue numbers and facts just name calling and BS.

What did Nov 4th prove? That a no count RINO was still able to garner nearly 49% of the vote in a time of economic turbulance? That America has nearly 50% of the population that thinks government is the answer to problems?

One thing I think you fail to realize is that you truly can't "punish" the rich and make them pay their fair share, or whatever the mantra is this week. During the 1920's and 30's when rates on incomes over a million dollars were higher than anything we could imagine today, were there not families like the Vanderbilts and Rockefellers? The rich ALWAYS protect themselves, this includes all those idiots like Palosi, Reid and Obama, whom I assume you support, and their cohorts in congress.

Reagan was the first president to truly CUT taxes and lower the burden on the middle class and for the first time allowed opportunity for those willing to make the effort to climb up the ladder.

Also you dismiss "Family Values" out of hand as ridiculous. Let me give you some insight to how important they can be. In the 1940's and 50's during the height of segregation and racism, did you know that Blacks had a higher standard of living than they do now on average? We saw great achievments in academics, entertainment, science and medicine from the black community. The difference between then and now? A stable, nuclear family centered community. 7/10 babies born in the community to single mothers, 6/10 males have criminal records, much greater chance of dieing due to violence....Yea who needs those stupid family values...lol dumbass


Deke, typical GOP, just have to call people names when you are unable to get your lies across to people. And I believe it was closer to 46% not 49%, but what's a couple of % points?


yo, allen, where did deke call anyone any names?


KE, read the last sentence in #18.


heh, i'd mentally just dropped the "lol dumbass" off when i'd read it the first time. he still has some valid points in what he is saying, however.


So as W. tapped danced on the White House steps while this great country was being driven into the ground by the Bushy Republicans, the Ditto-heads and don't forget the little man, Karl Rove, pulling all the strings behind Republicans failed Ideological curtain; Now, George Bush legacy continues to pollute, for Bush saw the republican potential Of Jendal in 2001. Now we see the fruit of Bush's wisdom, unveiled to world in the Republican's response; Sadly, Jendal's thoughts was another embarrasment to Republicans and Louisiana!


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