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Stimulus Bill Contains Millions Of Dollars To Keep Jobs Of Aides Of Defeated GOP Congressmen

While many Capitol Hill Republicans are quick to want to go the record as opposing the economic stimulus bill, none of them have taken responsibility for some programs that they slipped into the legislation. One such program was millions of dollars for a program whereby interns and other employees of GOP congressmen who lost their bids for re-election in 2008 would be still be able to keeps their jobs.

Interestingly, after a number of GOP members of congress added provisions to the economic stimulus legislation, then they still wanted to officially go on record as opposing the thousand page bill, knowing full well that the legislation would pass and their pet projects would still be funded that they slipped into the legislation. It was the ultimate in playing political games with the voters.

Such workings are unfortunately how those in the GOP in congress often play their political games. They add proposals to legislation that they know full well are going to become law, but then go on record opposing the legislation, and only hope that they are on the right side of history if public opinion turns against the legislation. And if voters like the legislation and it works well, then these members of congress claim that they actually helped to write the bill, although they actually voted against it.

This is absurd, silly and just plain pathetic political games of the very worse variety from those expected to act as statesmen and public servants for the greater good of American society. Voters should spend a little time to see which provisions their own GOP congressmen added to this legislation that they voted against.

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knowing full well that the legislation would pass and their pet projects would still be funded that they slipped into the legislation

Wait, how can this be, the One told us all that the stimulus bill is free of earmarks (i.e pet projects)!

Paul Hooson:

This bill was so large, with a thousand pages, and so many members of congress added bits and pieces to this legislation, that this $8 million dollar program to continue the employment for aides of GOP congresspersons who lost re-election in 2008 was added into this bill.

I have no doubt that many of these aides are very intelligent persons who deserve good work somewhere. However, it is bizarre because every GOP member of congress voted against this bill while it was GOP members of congress that added this legislation. Such are the workings of congress.

Certainly the bulk of this bill is good. But upon a closer reading, some strange items will emerge. Even Mr. Obama recognized that the bill was not perfect since it was congress and not the White House that wrote this legislation. Also how it was passed in record time meant that some outrageous items were left in this bill and not yet deleted. Certainly haste will contribute to some waste. Yet others may argue that continued employment of some talented GOP aides is a worthy goal, because their talent is rare and should be rewarded, even if their bosses lost re-election.


paul, i haven't read the whole stimulus bill. i doubt anyone has. but i don't recall seeing this in there anywhere. mind providing a link or a cite for your claim? also, what exactly, does the bill provide for that these aids and interns can keep their jobs?

not that i don't believe you, but i'd like some confirmation before i start complaining about yet more bs in the pork bill.

if you're right, i'm as much against this as i am against all the other pork in the bill

Paul Hooson:

Hello, Ke. I actually cannot find a link to this on Google. But CNN analysts were reading through the 1,000 page bill and reported on this story yesterday. It involves an $8 million dollar program to give continued employment to any aide or paid intern that worked for a GOP member of congress who lost re-election in the 2008 election.

I have no doubt that many of these aides are talented persons and deserve decent employment somewhere because of their skills. However, my personal opinion is that they should have submitted resumes to other members of congress and sought employment there or with some private industry business, lobby or consulting organization.

I found it wrong that things were handled in this manner, and that GOP members of congress added provisions such as this, knowing full well that their legislation would become law, but then voted against the bill so they could go on record as officially opposing the bill.

CNN might have some more information about this particular item in the economic stimulus bill somewhere on their website, although this was only a minor news item on CNN yesterday.


Yeah Paul, point out all those evil Republicans, don't look behind the curtain at ALL THE PORK. Just keep thumping that drum about evil Republicans. Nothing else to see here.


as i said, if this is true, then i codemn this as much as any other pork item in that crappy bill. however, CNN has proved to be more than a little partisan in their reporting. i'm going to withhold any actual vitriol until someone can actually point to where in the bill this lies.

Paul Hooson:

Garandfan and Ke, the problem that I see was that bill was quickly rushed together in record time, and while most of the bill was good, many in congress of both parties added in many questionable items, many of which survived in the bill, providing a few interesting surprises for reporters to uncover.

A further problem was that some wanted to play politics by adding things into the bill they wanted, but then went on record opposing the bill in the vote, knowing full well that the legislation they added to the bill would become law.

Another problem is that it would have been much better for congress to consider each spending proposal and vote on each item, issue by issue, rather than simply throw 1,000 pages of legislation together. This would also provide a more accurate up or down vote issue by issue on congress members for voters to consider.

I also think that would have been far better for the White House and not congress to write the bill as well.

The bill is a real mixed bag of good spending, not so good spending and just plain bad spending. But the new White Budget proposal coming out will have to lay out the groundwork for congress to cut spending in some areas in order to pay for this bill.

It's likely that the U.S. will have a permanent base of 50,000 soldiers in Iraq for many years, cut in half from current levels, saving at least some money there for example.


i agree with some of your assessment, paul. however, i don't agree that most of the bill was good. yes, politicians added questionable items. that's what politicians do. bastards.

yes, they played politics. yes, congress should have debated each item. they *should* do that on every bill. but they don't. i doubt that any congresscritter knows all of what is any of these budget bills.

i do not think that it would have been far better for the white house to write the bill. partly, that's because i don't think obama's policies are particularly good. and partly because it is congress's job. if they can't do their job, what the hell are we paying them for?

and as much as you, and every other liberal would love for it to be true, military spending isn't the majority of the budget problem, it's entitlement spending. social security, medicare, the drug plan. that's where the problem lies.


My question is this, how does spending more help get us out of debt? Has that ever worked for anyone?


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