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WizBlue's Sunday Funny Foto Contest Winners

Funny and clever entries to this week's Sunday Funny Foto Contest were down a little from last week due to heavy competition on Sunday from the Academy Awards as well as the huge news generated this week about President Obama's address to congress and the nation. And Governor Bobby Jindal's much anticipated GOP response to the address was also another important side story as well. All of these events heavily competed with this entertainment feature on Wizbang Blue that allows readers to have a little fun by being outrageous and coming up with their most funny and edgy entries. bill-hillary-clinton.jpg

But here's a few winners here and why.

Wizbang Blue reader Proof added this hilarious entry,"Hi honey, ...I just had a thought...any place around here I can buy a cigar??", which was really funny stuff which captures the continued view of the ex-president since the White House sex scandal.

Fustian had some great entries as well this week once again, but I think my favorite was, "They apparently met when they found out that they were doing the same woman", again another funny play on the amorous Bill Clinton image as well as the continued rumors that dog Hillary Clinton.

Jennifer had a funny entry by offering this simple question, "Remind me again who the woman is in the photo?", which was both clever and funny.

Last week's overall winner, Rodney Dill, was back again with another very clever entry with, "Wah sappening", proving once again this guy has a real knack and talent for writing comedy material. I once personally exchanged Emails with well known comic, Gilbert Gottfried on one Halloween evening, and I think even this brilliant comic would find Rodney Dill's humor very clever.

Well, there you have it kids, four very good entries to our fun weekly photo contest, that allows for a little political humor and a chance to be a little outrageous. Thanks so much. We'll do it all again this Sunday. Please keep those laughs and great entries coming. Thanks again for all the great entries this week.

Note: Wizbang Blue is now closed and our authors have moved on. Paul Hooson can now be found at Wizbang Pop!. Please come see him there!

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Comments (2)

Thank you. Of course, 'wah sappening,' isn't an original line, I ripped it from 'Born in East L.A', but that will make it funnier to some.

Paul Hooson:

Rodney, your clever use of the "Wah Sappening" would be great coming from Bill Clinton. I can just imagine it now. Once again you hit a home run with a great funny entry. Keep up the great work.


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