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A Wild New Three Wheeled Motorcycle

There's a wild new three wheeled motorcycle soon to land in the U.S. named the LX-Day Crawler. This wild new three wheeled motorcycle is also marketed under the Chinese Spider nameplate as well, and features a 250cc water cooled 4 stroke engine, 4 speed manual transmission and a very low $4,595 price tag.chinese_spider.jpg

This wild new bike seems to be greatly inspired by a $50,000 Swiss built machine with four wheels that uses a BMW engine, but has had significant importation problems because European four wheeled motorcycles are classified as automobiles according to federal rules, making U.S. importation very difficult to impossible. This Chinese built machine faces less importation difficulties because it was three wheels, still an acceptable number for U.S. motorcycle regulations, and a proven low emission 4 stroke engine design that is more conventional in design than the radical BMW engine in the much higher priced Swiss machine.chinese_spider5.jpg

Three wheeled motorcycles have some safety advantages over their two wheeled counterparts that include much better stability and safety as well the ability to stand upright at stops compared to conventional motorcycles.chinese_spider2.jpg

With street legal designs and much lower prices than the ultra-priced European machines, Chinese motorcycle makers may be able to chip a new place into the U.S. market. Wild three wheeler bikes might just be the coming thing. Trikes were once considered a 1960's hallmark of a few custom bike lovers. But with a low $4,595 price tag, these new generation of trikes might just find a new generation of buyers.

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Comments (13)


They spelled 'Obama' wrong.

Paul Hooson:

Funny Tim. Actually, Chinese motorcycle manufacturers will allow any U.S distributors to put their name on any products that they sell. If you deal in shipping container lots of 40 or more pieces, then you could probably have your own name put on a Chinese bike by the manufacturer. I own a couple of bikes, and the Benelli is distributed by Power Sports Factory, which bears their logo on the U.S. distributed versions of this bike, while the European versions have a more European Quatro Novex nameplate on them.


We saw a few of these when we were out in Sturgis last summer for the Rally. I don't know that these are the same model as the ones I saw, but I do think they're pretty cool.

Paul Hooson:

Wow, Laura, Sturgis sounds cool. I really expect a new generation three wheeled motorcycles to be the next craze due to the styling as well as safety features. Those four wheeled Swiss machines that sell for $50k are probably the best of the lot, however with federal rules standing in their way, many Chinese or other makers will offer street legal three trike entries soon.

Ridley has a beautiful three wheeler trike entry that has an automatic transmission that sells for $26,000. Ridley is a small American brand, however the brand has been a little controversial due to a few dissatisfied buyers who had lots of repair problems, while other buyers swear by the brand. However every brand seems to have some who swear by the brand, with others who swear at the brand.

Years ago, I remember some vehicles called Lowriders which featured a low slung single passenger cab where you lay only inches from the ground that you connect to a motorcycle frame and rear drive tire. These were a wild three wheeler design you had to assemble at home, however this brand has been long defunct I think.

regina higgins:

I want this bike

Mike Klins:

The Can-Am Spyder is already here. It is a bit bigger than the Chinese one but the price tag is about the same as a Harley cruser. I like the $4,500 price tag if they leave it at that.

Christa Arthur:

Damn nice as hell keep up the good work, keep maken them you should of had a black one or blue one in stead of yellow!!!

Randy Selig:

Great bike for a great price.If dealers keep that price,they'll sell those things all day long.I agree with Christa,scratch the yellow.

Christina Viering:

Nice for the price.

Donald Colburn:

Where is a dealer in Georgia, Can you send me more Info the LX-Day Crawler.

Mike G:

Are you really going to trust your butt to a blatant copy of the CanAm Spyder? Does it have traction control, ABS and stability control? I drove the real one. These aren't cycles and you need a totally differnt mind set to ride one


This is a cheap imitation of the Can-Am Spyder. It has none of the high tech safety features of the Can-Am Spyder (ABS,Stablilty control, etc.).

The Can-Am is a 998CC powerhouse that can burn rubber like no tomorrow. 0-60 in 4.2 seconds and a top speed of around 130mph.

This chinese piece of crap tops out around 70 mph and can't handle a sustained incline of more than 6 degrees!

It's a 3 wheeled moped folks - a crappy one that you won't find any shop that will work on when it breaks down - which it will.

The US should not allow these bikes as the chinese don't seem to care about copyrights.

Whoever wrote this 'review' didn't do very good research.

BRP (Can-Am) doesn't mess around with copyrights - they WILL go after anyone selling these in the states.

Many of the bikes made by this 'Roteka' company are NOT even road legal in the US.

Are You Nuts?:

Seriously what is wrong with you all to think that "Made In China" is a good thing? They've put out so much crap and poison in recent years that we should all do the best that we can to avoid all things made in China or outsourced at all for that matter.


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