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President Obama on the Budget Priorities

On Thursday, February 26th, President Obama submitted his first budget to Congress, making the case for the vital investments that will lay the foundation for America's future prosperity.

The Republicans are busily lying to the American public again, doing their best to keep Americans unemployed and keep the economic downturn going -- all for political gain and the benefit of the rich.

Do your part to share the truth with others. Fight the right wing propaganda machine.

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lee, you keep saying how the republicans are busy lying to the american people. what, exactly, are the lies you are referring to? and are those lies, or are they political differences? i've noticed that the left tends to call anything they don't agree with either a lie or that it should be criminalized.

and why don't you point out when the Democrats lie? you know like Dodd, Frank, Burris, Shumer, Pelosi, Reid, etc?

i see a hell of a lot more propoganda coming from the left than i do the right. every time i turn on what passes for the news, i get a load of it.


"The Republicans are busily lying to the American public again, doing their best to keep Americans unemployed and keep the economic downturn going -- all for political gain and the benefit of the rich."

Are you on drugs? Have you actually read Milton Friedman? Hayek? Adam Smith?

How about the annual "Index of Economic Freedom?"
which CLEARLY shows that the more economic and personal freedom a country has, the more wealth and higher income the average person enjoys. Not the "rich" people, the average people prosper.

The more a state controls the economy, the more impoverished and less free the average people. The rich keep their privileges.

But we are evil lying bastards in your eyes...


Regarding GOP leader John Boehner comment, "This budget makes clear that the era of big government is back". What he failed to mention is that, aside from failed strategies from an old playbook, the GOP has not put forth a single constructive idea. If he is blinded by party politics, and clearly he is, he cannot be serious about helping Americans recover from our economic challenges. The Republican Party needs to stop the nonsense or GO HOME!! What Republicans need to do is stop talking about what won't work and start giving strong alternatives. Maybe then the majority of us who support President Obama would have something else to consider.

It amazes me that Reps have found their "fiscally responsible roots" once they've been voted out of office. They are far bigger frauds than the Dems are and I'm willing to give Obama a BIG chance just like I did GWB. Regrettably I was duped by W, as he and his Rep congress "cut" taxes and borrowed heavily from our future... look what it got us? Yep, the Chinese and the Arabs own our treasury. They also deregulated everything they could get their hands on including banking laws that had been on the books since the Great Depression... and where are we now? Yep... no value to stocks, our industrial foundation on the ropes, homeowners with no equity and no credit, retirement gone for many.

If the republicans were saying No and then following it up with some fresh ideas that were better I'd be cheering them on. But the GOP is playing games. They are just saying no and offering zero in the form of new ideas. They preach the same GOP Dogma Tax Cuts. GOP, you are not going to tax cut your way out of this it's going to take a bit of GOP and Democrat ideas. You can't just say No and then expect the public to just take that for an answer. Until the republicans figure out a message that works it's going to be a LONG time before we see them in power.


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