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Obama Approval Rating Rebounds

The right wing blogosphere was all over it like pigs on slop a few days ago. President Obama's approval rating had slipped from 69% to 59%, giving the beaten losers a chance to crow about something. Well, according to the same polling source (Gallup), his approval rating is back to where it was.

In the days immediately after Barack Obama's nationally televised address to Congress on Tuesday night, his public support has increased significantly to 67% in Feb. 24-26 Gallup Daily polling, and is now just two points below his term high. This comes on the heels of a term-low 59% reported by Gallup on Tuesday.

And what demographic groups are behind the sudden rebound? Republicans and Independents.

Obama's approval rebound is due to increased support from all political groups, but especially from independents and Republicans, whose support had been waning. Over the past week, independents' approval of Obama dropped from 62% to 54%, but is now back to 62%. There has been a sharp increase in support among Republicans, from 27% to 42%. Democrats' support for Obama was already extremely high at 86%, but even this has climbed slightly, to 90% in the latest polling.

The jump from 27% to 42% of Republicans is significant. Maybe Bobby Jindal's dismal, pathetic performance had something to do with this -- the realization that the Republican Party is being lead by backwoods buffoons must be disheartening, to say the least.

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Paul Hooson:

The really important trend is that President Obama continues to draw support much higher than his roughly 53% election win even at his lows, which is a very good sign. I also think that whenever the president can go on national television and state his case, he has a power to communicate his ideas that solidifies his softer support as well. I think that this administration is beginning to view the critical nature of having Obama address the nation on a continual basis to sell his ideas.

And certainly the much hyped Bobby Jindal message was a big disappointment as well. He certainly did not come across as the presidential material that he was hyped to be at all. I know I had a little fun making a few jokes at his expense. But he's hardly the "Boy Wonder" youngblood politician that the GOP really needs for a comeback. And even the Republican Chairman, Michael Steele, while a very nice man, has few really new ideas to sell as well. This party keeps trying to retread tax breaks for the wealthy and claims to oppose spending while supporting plenty of spending themselves. Unfortunately Michael Steele also has about as much "hip" factor as Steve Urkel as well, and is hardly as magnetic of a figure as President Obama is by any means.

Mr. Obama has a lot of good factors going in his favor. He's an ethical politician. He attempts at bipartisanship. He's pragmatic. He's a magnetic speaker, and he's young and good looking, and makes a great image for the country. Mr. Obama seems to grow into his role as president each day as well. It's amazing how fast he ascended to the presidency. But the Democrats have captured some rare magic here.


just because you are popular doesn't make you right, paul. obama may be popular, but he's taking us down the wrong path. he may be good lookning and a good speaker, but that's it. he's not ethical, he's not bipartisan, and he is flailing as a leader.

and did you just imply that obama is the magic negro? =)


"He's not bipartisan"

Well thank God. How is that a bad thing when it the opposite would be listening to Republicans?


Kw, please explain in detail how Obama is taking us down the wrong road. The average American knows that the last 8 years have hurt this country. He (Obama) has been in office less than 2 months.

So please explain how he is going down the wrong path. Or is it just in your GOP mind that this may be happening?


massive intrusion of the federal government into the economy. governments have NEVER been able to do the right thing when it comes to economic matters.

the whole concept of universal health care. again, i have yet to see it implemented well by any government.

he's already making noises on gun control laws. he was a constitutional lawyer, you'd think he had read the 2nd amendment.

don't get me wrong, i had problems with a lot of things that bush did with the economy as well. i'm just generally opposed to the government thinking that it knows best. in my opinion, the government that rules best is the one that rules least.


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