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GOP Still Hasn't Hit Bottom

If you are experienced with the stock market you understand the concept of "finding the bottom." It's when a stock, index or market seems to go as low as possible, but just kinda bounces along the bottom without turning up.

Ben Smith from Politico (via CBS) offers this sober assessment to the GOP and its failure to find the bottom of its spiraling defeat:

Four months after John McCain's sweeping defeat, senior Republicans are coming to grips with the fact that the party is still - in stock market terms - looking for the bottom.

Republicans this week are processing two sobering new polls that found the party's support reduced to a slim one-quarter of Americans. In the absence of a popular elected leader, its most visible figure is a polarizing radio host. Its strategic powerhouse is a still-divisive former House speaker forced from power 15 years ago.

And its hopes of demonstrating swift and visible change by pushing people of color to the fore have been dented by the stumbles of the party's two most prominent non-white leaders, national Chairman Michael Steele and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

So perhaps it's no surprise that many prominent Republicans are forecasting a long winter.

"You think you hit bottom, and it can always go lower," said Republican pollster Whit Ayres, who said his party's best hope is that President Barack Obama overreaches. "The Republicans just entered the wilderness - we're going to wander around there for a little while before coming back stronger than ever.

"I have no idea where the bottom is just like I have no idea where the bottom is on the stock market," he said.

"It probably gets worse before it gets better, though I'm not sure how much worse it could get," said Tom Rath, a New Hampshire Republican leader and former state attorney general. "The first chance at redemption is 18, 19 months away, and we're going to have to gut it out here for a while."

The GOP is the party without solutions - the party who is pinning their hopes on the failure of America to recover from the economic downfall gripping the nation.

In that failure lies their hope for change. Ain't that pathetic?

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Comments (3)

Paul Hooson:

Yesterday, a honest young female Republican strategist on CNN compared the Republican talent plight to that of the early season of AMERICAN IDOL where you have some early goofy entries that take some time to winnow out.

Indeed, Bobby Jindal may be a little like their own Sanjaya. A figure who's young and has some potential, yet is basically just plain crappy when you really get down to it compared to really decent talent. And Rush Limbaugh is much like the absurd overweight fool who shows up for the AMERICAN IDOL audition, regardless of talent. Rush Limbaugh is like some grown-up version of the schoolyard bully who thinks that because his tough guy act worked in grade school, that it will get him through the rest of his life. And Michael Steele is too much like Steve Urkel. A basically decent guy, but is always intimidated by school bullies by Rush Limbaugh who ask him for his lunch money. And Sarah Palin is a whole other case involving lack of talent. That sort of leaves the damaged goods of Newt Gingrich as one of the best figures for the Republicans, although his political career is going nowhere.

The Republicans really need some decent new talent. This early audition phase of AMERICAN IDOL talent auditions is getting mighty tough to watch. I'm personally turning the channel.

Lee Ward:

Excellent (and funny) analysis there, Hooson. Post-worthy... you'd better post it before Jay Tea steals it.


What killed the GOP was Katrina. And what was the GOP response? Well, it was schizophrenic. On the one hand, you had the Bushies declaring everything was swell while the cameras showed people on Day 3 of living on a highway overpass. Loss of credibility. Then the Limbaugh types got in the act and said it was "their own fault" that they were drowning, or it was the grammatically challenged GOPers saying "when you have a Democrat governor blah blah blah." So not only were the GOPers not credible, they were politically petty and mean spirited to boot. Now I agree that there was a lot of poor planning by the people who ended up on roofs. But when the house is burning down, that is not a time for a lecture on the dangers of careless smoking and lung cancer. Yet that is what the GOPers did: c.y.a. In the face of abject incompetence. And they though you voters were too f*cking dumb to know the difference at election time in 2008. Guess ya showed them, huh?

The example of the Terri Schiavo mess illustrated the moral superiority of the Republican Party. The Terri Schiavo mess also illustrated the phoniness of the GOP. Many will remember how GOP legislators gave supposedly impassioned speeches on behalf of the woman, while also failing to pronounce her name correctly. But many may not know that the GOP's political leader at the time, Pres. Bush, once held a contrary position. While governor of Texas, Bush signed into law a policy that forced all patients deemed to be in a persistent vegetative state out of their hospital rooms after 30 days, unless the families could afford to pay for it themselves. The policy itself may be morally defensible and somewhat reasonable to many people, but it is at odds to the position taken by the national GOP in 2005.


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