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WizBlue's Sunday Funny Foto Contest Winners

Hey kids. It's Thursday and time to pick the best entries to our weekly WizBlue Sunday Funny Foto Contest. This week I picked a really wild image to help to spur your best imagination. And we received a few funny and outrageous entries worthy of mention once again. Bozobopbig.jpg

Well here's the best entries in my view:

Most surprising entry goes to 914 with, "Paul Begala: Will work for hair!". A very interesting and funny off the wall comment. Well done.

Fustian managed to get in a funny rib at the big ears of President Obama with, "If the ears were a little bigger, I'd say that was Obama". Funny stuff.

Our own Lee Ward submitted a great entry as well that had a little fun at the expense of overweight radio talk host Rush Limbaugh with, "Rush Limbaugh entertained the CPAC crowd by doing his best George W. Bush impersonation". A funny comment indeed that captured many funny and timely elements and proved that George W. Bush jokes still have a little life left in them yet. Just like the Bill Clinton jokes, it seems that once you're president, you'll never completely outlive some lasting funny impressions.

But perhaps most surprising to me was that no one offered up a funny rib at the Wizbang Blue Editors by offering up something like, "Ladies and gentlemen, Wizbang Blue Editor Paul Hooson.", given all the frustrations by some of our conservative readers who like to check us out and match wits with us.

Once again we all had some fun with a crazy photo and making up some funny political captions. It is an open opportunity to be funny, witty, and outrageous. And this Sunday we'll do it all again with a new funny photo. Thanks so much for this past week's entries everyone.

Note: Wizbang Blue is now closed and our authors have moved on. Paul Hooson can now be found at Wizbang Pop!. Please come see him there!

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