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Here's a strange unicycle motorcycle design photo floating around. I'm not sure whether it's a real bike, or just some clever trick photo work. But still it's cool to look at. Interesting stuff? Looks like an accident just waiting to happen, especially on that icy looking day, you think?bike_.jpg

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Lee Ward:

Is this for real? Maybe it's a photoshop ploy... wow - it can't be safe...?

Looking carefully, you will note that it is a two wheel-adjacent to each other, aka motorized dicycle. like a Segway.

The fore and aft pitch stability would be challenging. Brake force would be delayed by the time needed to put the center of gravity to the rear, and brake torque would be limited to the torque provided by an aft center of gravity.

Steering could be done by having one tire rotate faster than the other, or even having one wheel stop while the other rotates, like a tracked vehicle.


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