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John McCain's Daughter Condemns Right Wing Author Ann Coulter

Meghan McCain, the daughter of failed presidential candidate, John McCain, has recently condemned right wing shock journalist, Ann Coulter, by calling her "offensive, radical, insulting and confusing all at the same time". Strangely, the cult of personality who follow this hateful extremist author might just follow her for just these very reasons. How screwed up is that?Ann_Coulter.gif

Coulter has wished heart attacks on Supreme Court members that she doesn't agree with and other outlandish nonsense statements in the past. Coulter might even think that some of her comments are very funny, but in reality many statements often cross the line where you'd only expect a very disturbed person to volunteer such bizarre comments as wishing bad health or violence on elected or appointed officials. Many of Coulter's past statements are very sick and twisted, and hardly even witty in the very least. Coulter once even made an outlandish comparison between the Lincoln assassination and former moderate Republican Senator Lincoln Chafee, claiming they shot the wrong Lincoln. That was completely outrageous and disgusting. No sane person should make statements about elected officials like that. Ever. Lincoln Chaffee is a decent man who never deserved such outrageous comments by the hateful Coulter.

Coulter's complete lack of good sense seems to attract a cult of kooky followers much like a piece of dog crap on the sidewalk might attract some flies. She almost makes Rush Limbaugh look like a civil person by comparison. Some of her classics include a call by Coulter for the U.S. to invade non-Christian nations and impose the Christian faith on these nations. Incredible. Simply incredible.

Thank You, Meghan McCain for stepping up to the plate to condemn this sort of trash-talk politics nonsense from Ann Coulter that almost makes professional wrestler's nonsense taunts of each other look like university professor's presentations by comparison. Coulter has only helped to roll back civility and reasoned discussion of important issues in America, and really reduced political discourse down to a playground level of reasoning in many cases.

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I thought you would at least have a link for the quote in the pic



Does she have a list of extremist populists she disdains or did she just pick on this vamp from Cornell?


Of course Meghan must diss Ann. Coulter made the statement that if McCain got the Repub Nomination, she would actively campaign for Hillary. IIRC Hillary didn't take any primaries after that endorsement. Makes me wonder what Ann's intentions really were.

Lee Ward:

Since Coulter hasn't done anything recently (that I'm aware of) to warrant any new disdain on the part of Meghan McCain, it's safe to assume that Meghan felt this way prior to the election -- but held back in a desire to not piss off the Republican voters who think like Coulter.

I can't fault her for that, and I do congratulate her on having the courage to do so now. Too bad John McCain doesn't have the balls to do the same.

Lee Ward:

Nice touch, Ann - misspelling McCain's name so we wouldn't know it was you...


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