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Stocks Up 239 Points. Used Cars Sales Up. Some Signs Of Recovery Present

After months of nearly unmitigated bad economic news, the American stock market was up 239.66 points on Thursday in it's third day of a market rebound. Further some fresh signs of increased used car sales in both January as well as February, as well as slightly increased retail sales are all good indicators of a slight rebound in the works for both the automobile and retail markets. Further good news from China came from increased demand for cement, a component critical for new business construction.

These all may not be signs that the economy will completely rebound even within six months time, yet they seem to be some life signs that must be encouraging to both the Obama Administration as well as foreign governments such as China that the global recession might be easing somewhat due to actions coming out of Washington and other important key world governments.

After so much bad news, all of these fresh signs of some hope for economic recovery should be very encouraging. These signs also might be an important vindication that the intense focus on improving the economy by the new Obama Administration might well be working and the global economy might be undergoing some recovery signs.

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