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Michael Steele & The GOP Internal Struggle Over Church & State

Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele has found himself in rocky territory once again because of an interview he gave to GQ magazine where he attempted to be more inclusive on the issues of abortion and homosexuality. The interview drew a sharp response from the losing candidate for the GOP leadership, Ken Blackwell, who retorted that Steele "needs to re-read his Bible, the U.S. Constitution and 2008 GOP Platform..." Blackwell represents so many in the GOP who believe that their interpretation of the Bible should be the rule of public law in so many cultural areas.justice jesus.jpg

Steele is quickly finding himself in the midst of the leadership of a far right drifting political party that wants to blur the line between church and state, and wants to win elections even at the expense of the nation's economic recovery, where many embrace the arrogant nonsense of talk show clowns like Rush Limbaugh who has answers to nothing, only rudeness to offer. How long Steele can hang on as GOP Chairman in a party with so many wacko factions like is a pretty good question. This party continues to drift farther and farther from mainstream respectability, and mainstream candidates for public office.

Steele is a decent man who once studied to become a Catholic priest. He represents some of the same patience often found in many priests in a political party with many angry right wingers who often represent a radical agenda that wants the line between church and state to be completely blurred. They are America's own homegrown Taliban in a great many ways.

And the new problems that Steele is facing with many members of his own party also indicate that his election was largely based on the GOP looking to find some answer to President Obama to somehow attempt to disprove the racism they have been blamed for by many taking such an extremist line on immigration issue. When Steele disappoints these GOP members by not promoting all of their own ideological talking points, they are angry. This isn't half as inclusive of a party as it would like many voters to believe that it really is. Yesterday, in a national fundraiser held by a Texas congressman for the National Republican Party at least one call-in lamented so many Mexicans are in the U.S., not just illegal immigrants. Just too many Mexicans. This is type of racist nonsense thinking that pervades many in a political party in which Michael Steele attempts to lead. This alone proves how difficult it must be for Steele to keep his job for long.

Likely Steele will be forced to turn in his resignation very soon, and some typical White racist will take up the party helm, that will appeal to those in the religious right who want to blur the line between church and state, the Rush Limbaugh voters, the Sarah Palin trailer-trash voters, and all the other goofy factions that are making the GOP a party that's not really ready for prime time like it once was.

Steele is attempting to make the GOP a big tent party, in a party that really doesn't want to be a big tent party. Many in this party just don't seem to realize that if they grow too extreme, then a shrinking pool of voters will view the candidates of this party as acceptable alternatives in elections. This party is quickly setting itself up for defeat of 1964 proportions in 2012. After the big 1964 loss, the GOP quickly learned to become centrist for 1968. More extremism in 1968 would have sent this party going the way of the Whigs. Steele is reasonable man in a party not yet willing to be completely reasonable.

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Comments (11)

Lee Ward:

Steele will be crucified for stating a fact -- that in our country women have a choice.


But Republicans LOVE an economy where one job is offered out and seven hundred people put in applications. That is Republican Nirvana, Heaven, and Valhalla all rolled into one. So there is no mystery why Republicans WANT to see Obama and the current American economy fail. Seven Hundred Applications for One Job is just the saliva Republicans LOVE with their steak, and they will do everything they can to KEEP things that way for as long as possible. What they want is POWER of OTHER HUMAN BEINGS. And the current economy has a lot of room for that, if it stays exactly the way it is until it is time for another "Contract on America", a failing, useless series of "hot air balloon-filled" phrases about how wonderful every little thing will be when the Republicans get what they want, but somehow the Republicans get everything they want and everyone else loses more wages or purchasing power (Republicans ALWAYS destroy the dollar's purchasing power when they control the White House and at least one house of Congress).


Beware of former seminarians! Beware!

Lee Ward:

Paul wrote: "And the new problems that Steele is facing with many members of his own party also indicate that his election was largely based on the GOP looking to find some answer to President Obama to somehow attempt to disprove the racism they have been blamed for by many taking such an extremist line on immigration issue."

The GOP behind-the-scenes string-pullers must be crapping their pants right now - trying to figure out to unplug Steele and not make it look like another racist move by Rush Limbaugh.


wow, paul, nice load of BS. here are the short answers:
conservative christians in the US don't systematically kill and oppress others for their religious beliefs.

republican party "far right" "whacko factions" "no nothing" "white racist"? seriously, have you looked at your own party recently? the "far left"(obama, pelosi) "whacko factions"(socialist, enviro-nuts, isolationalist - to be fair this is in both parties) "no nothing" (biden, dodd, frank) "white racist" (byrd) party? oh, and i'll throw in unethical(dodd, frank, murtha) and misogonyst (see what happend to clinton) as well.

and you talk about angry right-wingers? what about the visceral hate coming from the left for the past 8 years? the right hasn't even approached that yet.

as far as the republican party becoming less mainstream? if that is the case, why is it that they have nearly caught up with the democrats in generic party polling if that were the case?

Paul Hooson:

Ke, my opinion is that the GOP needs to stick with mainstream political figures in the mode of Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon(before Watergate) or Gerald Ford to be competitive in elections. But there's some powerful extremist forces within the party that are seeking power that could grasp control and be the face of the party for a few years, but who are wholly unelectable and cannot really govern either.

There are plenty of Sarah Palins, James Dobsons, Rush Limbaughs, Ann Coulters, and many other fringe elements looking for power within the GOP, but none of them can really effectively lead their party like some sensible mainstream leaders could. Michael Steele is wrestling with all this. He only mentioned that his party should be more of a big tent on both homosexuality and abortion, although he personally really isn't very liberal himself on either issue, and now there's more calls for him to go because many in his party walk a hard ideological line such as his opponent for the GOP leadership who puts the Bible, the U.S. Constitution, and the GOP Platform all on the same holy level.


Paul, you say "fringe"....no - sorry. We are not the fringe, we are what most conservative americans stand for and diluting our basic values in order to try to get more votes is why we are in la la land now! Too many Republicans have gone along to get along and continually get "used" by the left. Time we stop trying to get along if it means devaluing our beliefs.
It's values we are trying to stay true to and that does not mean "sermonizing" is part of the deal. "Mainstream" is becoming a dirty word....a bowl full of whatever feels good, politically correct nonsense. It's time people stand for what they believe in, say what they mean, mean what they say. The Palins, Dobsons speak do that and Rush Limbaugh...does it in a very entertaining and irreverent way sometimes and thank goodness he does. They speak for an enormous amount of conservatives. I'm sick of the watering down of the Republican platform and feel that will be the ruin of the party if it continues. I call myself a conservative now, not a Republican.


"I'm sick of the watering down of the Republican platform and feel that will be the ruin of the party if it continues. I call myself a conservative now, not a Republican."
7. Posted by P.K

You should read the following post. It's not all bad news. It comes from a conservative perspective. But (using the CPAC conference as a tissue sample) it amply denotes several varieties of "conservative" cells working at cross-purposes. See if you can find where you fit in theoretically. It's not as easy as it might seem if you follow the links. Unless your a Ron Paul supporter. Otherwise, its like being trapped in an elevater with competing insurance salesmen.



if that's your point, paul, then make that your point. don't wrap it up in the insults and the labeling of your political opponents as racists and other misleading and fear mongering comments. all you do then, is speak to your echo chamber.

your side keeps saying that the republicans are the party of fear and/or hate. yet i see more of both being thrown about by the left on a daily basis.

and if you're trying to paint them as extremist, tell me: what issues are they extreme on? how are they extreme? what would you consider to be the "mainstream" on that issue? and for bonus points, what would you consider to be the left wing position on that issue?


Ke, the GOP is against abortion, correct? Also the GOP believes life starts at conception, correct? Is this true or not? Please post your answer.


in general, members of the GOP is against abortion to one extent or another. given that this is still a highly contention subject, and that the supreme court decision legalizing it was 5-4, it is hard to consider oppostion to abortion to be an extreme positiion. if you want to call it extreme, please explain why you think it is.

as far as life beginging at conception? considering that the fetus is a different genetic being, when would *you* consider life to begin?


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