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America Troops In Iraq Likely Will Remain On Military Duty For Years

Just as I predicted the other day, when two serious bombings took over 60 lives in Iraq, an American military spokesman now claims that American troops will now still go out on active military missions over the next few years and back up Iraqi troops on missions. Previously, a plan was to maintain a presence of 50,000 U.S. troops over the next few years that would largely confined to their military bases or in training Iraqi troops. However, Iraqi troops have recently proved that they still are not ready to defend their own nation.

Just like the failed "Vietnamization" of the Vietnam War as military duties were handed over to inadequate South Vietnamese troops, in Iraq, the military and police have both proven that they are woefully unable to deal with security threats posed by terrorists and other insurgent forces. The war in Iraq will unfortunately be left to American forces to fight for perhaps decades. And Iran is a major threat to involve itself in Iraq unless a strong American presence is left there for decades as well.military casket.jpg

All of this illustrates the great problems of whenever the U.S. decides to enter a military situation somewhere. There are still American military bases left over in Japan, Germany and Korea. And now there will be not only military bases but combat duty left for American forces up to decades in Iraq as well.

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So how is this bad again? Stabilizing the democracy that's been created in Iraq, I mean. Germany, France, Japan, Italy, would have all collapsed into anarchy without the US military to stabilize them after WWII. We gave the french how much money to rebuild? They needed us. A "friendly" democracy in a muslim country in the middle east is a big boost for our ability to react to future terrorist actions, and to possibly help spread democracy in that region. The best possible way to reduce the ability for extremist muslims to strike the US is for democracy to flourish. Providing support for combat troops is not the same as doing combat missions yourself. With US troops to support and train the Iraqi Army and Police, they'll become one of the best militaries in the region. Takes time to reverse previous trends and cultural norms that result in corruption, tribalism, and sectarian violence. We still have troops in countries that we've been in for 60 years, would a decade in Iraq be unreasonable? No, not at all. If you want us to "win" in Iraq, to reduce the levels of violence, to free opressed people, you have to give us the time and support to get it accomplished. The problem in Vietnam (your example) was that we lost the political willpower to fight the war. The widely vaunted Tet Offensive was a military disaster for the viet-cong. They got their asses kicked hard, but it was a huge political victory because of the news footage and mis-concieved perception of the american people. Had we stayed in Vietnam, yes it would have cost more lives, but half of the people of vietnam would not now be living under communist oppression. We also learned from that war, and learned what not to do. Militarily we could have easily fought the vietnamese communists to a standstill had we had the political will to maintain the fight. I'm afraid that we may lose that will to fight, or that segments of our people have had that will trained out of them already. In my mind, one of the greatest evils of this world is standing by and watching someone be oppressed and not doing something about it. If we pull out of Iraq or Afghanistan now, we'd be guilty of just that. I don't care what religion, race, color, creed, gender, or any other qualifier you may choose to use, I want you to be able to choose your course of action, to be free from oppression, and to be able to keep from being oppressed. See In-Alienable rights. See Bill Of Rights. See US Constitution. It's all right there. If we could give something similar to those concepts to the whole world, it would be a much better place.


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