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American Conservative Union Now Using Backlash Against CPAC Conference & Rush Limbaugh For Fundraising Drive

What good is a controversy unless you can milk it to your own financial advantage?", must be the philosophy of the American Conservative Union which is now using the bad publicity generated by Rush Limbaugh's arrogant address to their CPAC conference as a new means for fundraising and petition drives. The American Conservative Union claims that it's time to "Stand with Rush, fight the smears". Yet it was Rush's own arrogant words that became such a source of controversy and offended so many Americans.panhandling.jpg

It was indeed Rush Limbaugh who brought up the race issue to the CPAC conference when he asked is Barack Obama "authentically Black" in his address as well as other nonsense. It was Rush Limbaugh who claimed that Democrats want Iraq to fail, when the truth is that the Obama Administration will be forced to keep troops in Iraq for years as a safeguard so that the U.S. effort in Iraq doesn't fail. It was Rush Limbaugh who claimed that Democrats want to "dumb down" education, when in fact the Obama Administration wants to dramatically improve educational standards in the U.S. which might even lengthen the school day as well to include additional study to raise educational standards. Limbaugh painted a false picture of the Democrats and those that disagree with him in his address. Limbaugh brought on his own critics by his own words. Wherever Rush Limbaugh wasn't misinformed, he was just plain wrong on the facts.

And it was Newt Gingrich, another CPAC speaker, who argued only a few months ago that only if the U.S. started a huge new oil drilling campaign, then oil prices would drop. It was Gingrich who refused to accept the opinion's of financial experts that stated that demand and market speculation on oil futures is what was driving the high oil prices at the time, and high oil prices had little to do with any immediate shortage of oil. Yet Gingrich seemed to be demanding an immediate roll back of environment protections or other safe guards to provide more oil supplies which he claimed would lower prices. Oil prices are now well below their $4 price highs because of market forces, and this hasn't demanded that even one new drop of oil had to be drilled from any environmentally sensitive area. Gingrich is clueless about how markets really work which seems pretty ignorant for such a claimed advocate for free enterprise and a college professor.

Conservatives and the Republicans held the White House for the last eight years, and instead of offering the prosperity that they claimed, they allowed a terrible recession to take hold in the country, and lost the last two elections as the public soured on how they were ruling the nation.

Conservatives and Republicans had their opportunity to do their best in the last eight years, and only left a mess of joblessness, home fore closures, the Iraq War mess and huge budget deficits as their aftermath. In simple words, it just didn't work out.

The American Conservative Union might not like it that America has finally elected a new government that is attempting to address many problems at once and to attempt to fix the huge mess that conservatives have left for the nation due to the complete failure of their rule. Election's aren't for the good of the ACU or Rush Limbaugh. They're for the good of the country. An opportunity to elect a government that really works, and really provides answers to problems.

Historically, American voters have had to elect Democrats to restore prosperity to America after so many Republican administrations have taken prosperity away and left economic recession if not depression behind. The economy picked up during the Roosevelt years and boomed during the Kennedy-Johnson and Clinton years. During the Lyndon Johnson years, Chevrolet sold 800,000 units a year of just full sized Chevrolet models alone. However, during the Bush years, the company faced economic collapse. For all their talk about capitalism and prosperity, the Republicans just don't seem to offer much of it whenever they control the White House or congress.

The fact of the matter is that the CPAC conference presented a showcase of claimed conservative leaders who are just plain wrong on the issues, lacked real workable solutions to problems, and promoted the policies that just plain failed during the last eight Bush years that the public soundly rejected in the last two elections. Now, that they're White House "homeless" and lost control of both the senate and congress, they are just down to passing the collection plate around and begging their supporters for a little spare change.

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Ever notice how the little chickenshits that rail about the war is the first to crap their didies when they are asked to go to war? I have and it isn't pretty, it smells kind of like rancid! And there is no point arguing with these people either. Their shit-for-brains worldview that leaves no room for exploring other ideas or perspectives means they know everything and if you don't agree with them, you deserve to be abused. Sadly though, with this being a "partisan site " and with most "contributors" having all the intellectual depth of a five year old, nothing changes.

The idiom about choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea is certainly appropriate as Republicans are facing the dilemma of choosing between two equally undesirable alternatives that both result in Republican impotence in mainstream American politics. They are suffering the consequences of their treachery. Their irresponsible propping up of George W. Bush cost them their credibility, and their disgraceful and shameless licking of Rush Limbaugh's storm trooper boots is costing them their viability.

I doubt Rush is an expert in anything, besides forging prescription slips. Why is he so obsessed with anal sex? Rush is a college dropout that got lucky and found a hate filled audience and a platform to pander to it with. Tune in to see what Rush Limbaugh is all about. His delusions of grandeur are deteriorating into plain old paranoia. But then, narcotics do tend to exacerbate that.

Typical of Rushpublicans. Any voice of opposition is shouted down, debased, or vilified. There is no such thing as a Statesman like debate with Rushpublicans. Nothing wrong with disagreeing, but the hate and venom is unacceptable. Further proves the Rushpublican Party is the party of Angry White Males Screaming at the world!! Name-calling is all these conservatives have. Look at what Ingraham said about McCain's daughter. Listen to the "cute" names Levin and Savage use to describe the people they don't like. It is like listening to a bully on an elementary school playground. No substance just hot air.


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