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Obama's Update Of Food Inspection Will Improve Public Safety

In his Saturday radio address, President Obama promised to update the FDA food inspection and safety rules which actually date back to the Roosevelt Administration. This improvement in food safety rules should make a dramatic improvement in food safety for the American consumer. Every year 1 in 4 Americans get sick with some form of food poisoning, striking 76 million persons. And many examples of this are because of food processor or retailer handling and not consumer food handling errors.

Sometimes, meat is processed in very dirty conditions, where even "downer" animals are used for food. "Downer" animals are very sick animals unable to walk on their own drug by meat processor personnel to be slaughtered. Often these animals can pass on illness to consumers.

Many Americans are also deeply concerned about the safety of food imports, especially from China and other places. And unfortunately, a great deal of the produce that is now sold in the U.S. is now imported from South America where water safety or fertilizer safeguards may not be as good as really needed for the American public safety. Tomatoes and other produce has been proven to hazardous in recent years.

Even American crops such as some peanuts have been found unsafe recently, and that was largely due to lax standards of safety at one large peanut processing business. However, other food products still may contain insect parts or be produced in plants with serious rats or mice problems. Rats are a known carrier of many illnesses for example.rats.jpg

This proposed overhaul of the public food safety rules should help to improve the public safety. Hopefully, Republicans in congress won't act to attempt to derail these FDA improvements. Often Republicans have bucked new regulations on business, including many good rules for the public good.

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Food poisoning should be reclassified as Reagan Disease. Reagan made major incursions into removing food safety regulations that benefited major corporations at the peril of consumers. The Repugs always harp about the "free market" but their idea of free is free from regulation, free from paying their fair share in taxes, free from open and fair competition and free to make you sick (and/or die) without consequences. It's sad the there are actually people who are fooled by this bullshit party. bigups to George W Bush's executive branch and the GOP Congress for hiring the best possible oversight team this nation has ever seen.

The administration of President George W. Bush, which came under attack from Democrats for allegedly ignoring worsening food safety problems and politicizing the work of the FDA. The changes also follow a series of high profile and fatal outbreaks, including peanut products contaminated with salmonella that led to nine deaths in recent months. The Agriculture Department is also moving ahead with a rule that stalled during the Bush administration to ban all diseased cattle from entering the food supply. The exception was embraced by the meat industry and supported by the Bush administration until employees at Chino's Westland/Hallmark Meat Company were found to have illegally slaughtered downer cows without the second inspection.

The FDA was "under funded and understaffed" during the Bush administration and that outbreaks from contaminated food have risen to 350 a year compared to 100 a year in the early 1990s. Approximately 95 percent of the nation's 150,000 food-processing plants go without inspections each year.

Paul Hooson:

Thanks Allen. Kind of makes you wonder from what food supply the Republicans who oppose food safety are getting their meals from? Who wants rodent hairs in their food?


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