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Congress Moving Too Slowly To Confirm Obama's Key Economic Staff

While President Obama is moving quickly to do what he can to revive the American economy, congress continues to stall around with confirming his economic and state department staff over tax and other background investigation matters. It is very difficult for the Obama Administration to operate with so few key staff members in place to work on the economy and foreign policy, yet has managed much action on a number of important areas including the economy, health care reform and sending Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton out on foreign policy visits to world capitols. geitner.bmp

Congress needs to understand that the American public is hurting and needs to speed up the confirmation process so that the Obama Administration can have more staff to deal with the economy and also foreign policy matters. This is a critical need.

The fact of the matter is that Timothy Geithner has sometimes almost looked a little foolish some days, and this is largely because he doesn't have much staff in place because of the slow action by congress to have all of the important background materials to research every major economic issue. And Secretary Of State Clinton also looked a little awkward as well on her first visit overseas because most of her key staff haven't been confirmed by congress yet. In fact, Timothy Geitner is largely on his own on many matters because he has so few staffers.

The American public expects action from this new administration. Congress needs to give President Obama the staff he needs to do the job.

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Comments (11)


UUUMMMMM.....President Obama needs to pick people that paid their taxes. Congress' job is to verify that these people are trustworthy and law-abiding. (Not that congress doesn't have problems of their own) Pick better candidates. I don't want a tax cheat or lobbyist in charge of MY money. You shouldn't either.


I have to agree with the better picks. However, the republicans are just flailing around. They have no message except that they don't agree with the President, no matter what he does or says. The Republicans suffer from "competence envy". Republicans, as a whole, don't seem to be very deep thinkers. Rather than take a timeout and really give some thought to the country's problems along with solutions, they just whine. Standing in the middle of the room and screaming "No" every five minutes isn't at all helpful. Each day they wait for their talking point (truthiness has nothing to do with it) and they repeat it over and over and over.

If the Repug's didn't take a hypocritical stance they would be taking no stance at all. The sad part? There are actual Americans who listen to and believe what these assholes say and will not accept any facts to dispute the claims, and they require no facts to back up the claims by their right wing daddies.

ed davis:

Repugs. Can you type out a single comment without name calling? Good grief, man.

Your opinion sounds like my opinion of the Democrats during Bush's time in office to me. They engaged in little more than Monday morning quarterbacking, and they were wrong on every play anyway!

The Republicans (although drowned out for the most part) basically say doing nothing is best compared to this nonsense. Which it is. Let the free market sort it out. Here we are rewarding ineptitude AGAIN. It is insane. Kinda like paying all these people in congress and the house to vote for a bill they never even READ!

Are you telling us that saying no to frivolous spending is a sign of an inability to think deeply? How is that? Obama freely admitted that they have NO CLUE how this SPENDING bill will work, if it will work they have no clue HOW or WHEN. And you say "Repugs" can't think? So, it is a good idea to just run around the forest with a basket full of three dollar bills and throw them around. Brilliant. Deep. What foresight Obama has!

Y'all were screaming about how horrible this Country is for the past 8 years. Funny how all that negative reinforcement brought your dream to fruition. You got control. Now run with it. All the way to the New Global Gov't and Economy.

Let's see what your team can do now. Go get 'em Barney! Go get 'em Chris!

But it's all George Bush's fault anyway. And now it is the Republicans for (heaven forbid) scrutinizing people's CHARACTER when they are about to be put in positions of power. If Barney, Chris and company FAIL, it was Bush's fault.

Good thing y'all voted in our primaries in 1999 to get Bush nominated. He wasn't a Republican, by the way, you do realize that, don't you?

Obama's vision for America? A Kleptocracy.

What a joke.


Allen, No better plan? Stand there and whine? John Thune proposed a great alternative to the spending bill (it's not stimulus in any way shape or form) that would put money back in taxpayer's pockets. Voted down by dems in congress. Best plan I've seen yet, but no dice, it didn't help the unions, or pay back any democrat donors. Bet you never even heard about his amendment.


Doesn't Teh Messiah have to actually nominate some people before Congress can vote on them? Still, it's a good thing that the Republican minority can somehow muster enough votes to deny these imaginary nominees. Apparently they're more effective as a minority bloc than they ever were when they ran the place! Sadly, I'm only being a little sarcastic with that last line - it's pretty much true.


What leadership is Obama truly offering? I mean he was actually open to the idea of having wounded veterans pay for their own medical coverage. The very premise that his mind was open to that is just another indication that this dumb fucking asshole has no clue how to be a leader.

He wants to find funding, KEEP HIS DAMNED PROMISE of eliminating pork in the bills he just signed!

Now you want Congress to move faster, well, if Obama's judgement says it's okay to force veterans to pay for their medical coverage along with his recent tax-cheating nominations, lobbyists on his team, then it shows that he is truly inept and maybe it is good they aren't rushing to install more of his picks.

Yeah, I know he is retreating on the veteran medical thing, ONLY NOW, and Pelosi is trying to spin the damage control, but bottom line is Obama thought it was a good idea. What kind of asshole commander in chief would even give that any consideration whatsoever?

Obamas judgement truly needs some examination and maybe some Democrats are asking the same questions.

And yes Allen, Republicans and some Democrats have said no. that's right, bipartisan rejection. Don't even bring up talking points with Obama's team bullshit message NOW, the same message they tried to eviscerate McCain with..."fundamentals" ring a bell?

Doubting Thomas:

Heard ont he radio today the reason Geithner's not able to find a staff is that nobody wants to work for him. Can't verify that - but really, who'd want to be associated even vaguely with what's going on in the Treasury department these days...

Well, it's a definite cautionary tale - be careful what you wish for because you might get it. The Democrats wanted control of the House, the Senate, and the Presidency.

Now they've got it, god help 'em.


AIG has proven again that corporations cannot self-regulate, and the free market economy and capitalism do not work. It's preposterous that AIG contracts would stipulate that in the event of a company financial collapse bailout money from tax payers would be used to pay for bonuses regardless of employee performance or the company's poor financial condition. AIG has said these bonuses were to retain their employees. This is a hallow excuse for unfettered use of taxpayers' money like Bush's tax cuts to create jobs. Until I see proof that every employee who received bailout money stayed with the company--which most didn't--and real job numbers that directly links to the Bush tax cuts--which did not happen--bailout and tax cuts are the BushWazee's (Bush and his rich corporate/Wall Street/free market/Ann Rand ilk) government welfare.

And just imagine how protestations from AIG's CEO about its "contractual obligations" sounded to UAW workers who are being asked once again to modify their contractual agreements to keep the auto industry in business. But the titans of the financial sector seem to have very different standards for themselves and the rest of the American economy. They think it made perfect sense for Martin Sullivan, the former CEO of AIG to have received a $47 million severance package when he retired from the firm as the financial tsunami swamped his company last summer. They are the first to urge UAW employees to lower their middle class pay, but don't hesitate to dole out $6.5 million to people whose actions lead AIG to disintegrate.

Last week an analyst for government-bailed-out Citicorp had the gall to argue that the Employee Free Choice Act would be bad for the economy because it would allow more everyday people to join unions and raise their wages -- this from a company that gave its retiring CEO a $29 million retirement package just last year. The sense of entitlement is awe-inspiring. But the failure to understand the values and economic circumstances of average Americas is even more breath taking.


The only thing this AIG debacle has proved is that Government is not the solution, in fact it was the CAUSE of this.

You can take AIG as your only example to say that the free market and capitalism doesn't work.

I will take the thousands of small businesses, including mine, as an example that free markets and capitalism does work.

Rich Fader:

It's a real shame the President doesn't have a friendly Senate to deal with.

Oh, wait.

Poor Democrats. They hold the White House, both houses of Congress, most of the governors' mansions and state legislatures, pretty much all of the large city governments, the vast majority of the press, and a large majority of the voting public...and they're still not happy.


Tim, et al. Please don't refer to our current President without showing the proper respect. Name calling is not appropriate. I don't agree with most of his policies or beliefs myself, but after 8 years of "chimpymcbushitler", don't you think it's time that conservatives showed that you can disagree with the policies and still show respect for the man and the office? You don't show respect just because you agree with someone, you show it at all times. Show the proper respect.


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