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Obama Calls for Grassroot Action on Budget and Tax Cuts

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Paul Hooson:

Mr. Obama continues to be one of the most engaged presidents ever, He's doing as good of a job as he can while congress stalls around with confirming most his economic staff and foreign policy staff.



Well, since the 10 most poverty stricken cities have had Dem mayors, I say ban Dems from running any governments, local, state, or federal, and things will get better.


there is already a growing grassroots movement on taxes and the budget. it's the tea party movement. it just happens to be against the growth of government budgets, deficits, and taxes. maybe obama should listen to that grassroots movement?


Gotta get that rabble roused! Make it look like there are "billions" of us. All we want are Brown Shirts and re-education camps.
Don't worry about the economy, Chris Dodd and Barney Frank are working on it.
Piss on the vets, let 'em get their own health care. That will save us $540 million we can give to ACORN.
Yep, greatest administration, evah!

Lee Ward:

The tea party isn't a movement, Ke -- Republicans aren't able to rally anything larger than a girl scout troop to any of these events.

The "tea parties" are just more republican lies. Nobody even notices you guys anymore.


"The tea party isn't a movement, Ke -- Republicans aren't able to rally anything larger than a girl scout troop to any of these events."

The one in Ohio last Sunday had 5,000.

From the Girl-Scout website
"The following are the recommended average size for troops at each age level to assure the best program and experience for the girls and the leaders.
Daisy 7 girls per troop
Brownie 15 girls per troop
Junior 13 girls per troop
Cadette 10 girls per troop
Senior 10 girls per troop"

Doubting Thomas:

Well, he did a heck of a job persuading people he could be President.

There's a big difference between campaigning and actually being President. Doesn't seem like he's figured that out yet...

I really hope he manages to get his feet under him - right now it's seeming like he doesn't have a plan, or a clue, or advisers that can help him with finding one or the other. And that's NOT good for either the internal or international issues he faces.

Lee Ward:

Maynard - The organizers estimate 30,000 people attended 50 events across the country.

That's an average of 1500 per event. Sounds like a girl scout jamboree to me.


Lee, wait until April 15th. They will be holding more of them.

Boy, you went from a troop to a Jamboree awfully quick.

Lee Ward:

And it went from 5000 to 1500 even quicker.


Let's review. The Tea Party in Ohio had 5,000. The AVERAGE attendance was 1500. That doesn't mean that every tea party had 1500.

With all respect Lee, sometimes I wonder if you understand the English language.

Lee Ward:

If the average was 1500 and there was one at 5000 then they were several at much less than 1500.

Math wasn't your best subject, was it Maynard?

Neither was politics. Or civics, or debating, for that matter.


Lee said "Republicans aren't able to rally anything larger than a girl scout troop to any of these events."

Maynard said "The one in Ohio last Sunday had 5,000"
as well as "Brownie 15 girls per troop"

Therefore, the rallys WERE able to garner more attendees than a girl scout troop. Now, there may have been a rally that had less than 15 people but you said that they couldn't get together ANYTHING larger than girl scout troop to ANY of these events.

Subtracting the large turnout in Ohio, that would leave an average of 510 attending the remaining 49 events. Deeper digging reveals 200 at the New York event, 79 in Jacksonville, "several hundred" in Harrisburg, about 600 in Nashville, I count about 55 in a photo from Oklahoma City, but I did find a photo from Shelby Ala that only had 6 people in it (standing in the pouring rain). So you see, folks were able to put together SEVERAL events larger than a girl scout troop.

Hmmm 5,000 > 15 is a truth.

Don't fret, Lee. Now you may still be correct, because there is no evidence that Republicans put these together. My understanding is that these were not limited to party lines, protesters were welcome no matter their party affiliation or non-affiliation.

By the way, best subject? History, followed by Art, then Math and then Science. But oddly, I scored the highest in Science on the ACT, so go figure.

Lee Ward:

Actually, Maynard there's evidence that these aren't "grassroots" efforts at all, and are very much party-driven and even corporate driven.

Thanks to you, I did some research into the tea parties - and it appears to be a sham. I may expose the sham in an upcoming post,and if I do I'll be sure to credit you for your help.


Always happy to help you find and report the truth. By the way, I was correct about the rallies being bigger than a girl scout troop.


One last thing, this time about the word 'grassroots'. Since one of the applicable definitions is
" of or involving the common people as constituting a fundamental political and economic group;"
please explain how an movement that is "party-driven and even corporate driven. " is any different than "Obama Calls for Grassroot Action on Budget and Tax Cuts"

If it is as it appears that both movements are being instigated and funded by a political party, then why is one good and the other bad?

Lee Ward:

Obama has a grassroots that had it's (follow me know, and ask your mom for help with the words you don't understand - has it's roots in the groundswell of support generated from Obama's campaign.

The "tea party' is nothing even close. It's corporate and political shills pretending - shamming the public -- attempting to convince that the public is rising up, and lying about the size of the "movement".

You guys don't have a clue what a grassroots movement is - because you think community organizing is a dirty little communist term.
In fact, that's what happened in Obama's election, community organizing that generated a grassroots movement.

And in fact, the tea party is nothing of the sort. It's all staged drama designed to get Republicans to write checks to the GOP.


Okay, I think I understand. The tea parties are started by corporations and political shills lying to people in order to make them believe that the movement is larger than it actually is.

Obama's campaign used an organization called ACORN that lied and padded the Democrat voter roles with fake voter registrations in order to make people believe that the movement was larger than it actually was.

Also, I don't think that "community organizer" is a dirty commie word. Neither is "Alaskan mayor".

Looking forward to your tea party expose.


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