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President Obama's TONIGHT SHOW Appearance Will Mark A New Use Of Media

Tonight's appearance on Jay Leno's TONIGHT SHOW by President Obama will mark the first appearance by a sitting president on a popular media television show that is not specially a news program. This will probably mean a new use of popular media to reassure the public or to advance the White House agenda will become a new feature of the use of media by government. Probably such an appearance will prove to have much more political mileage in it than the normal use of political or news programs to advance the message of the White House.

This is a brilliant new use of popular media to maintain a strong connection to the public.

Likely news clips from this appearance will be common all over TV the next day or two, and probably such clips should have the effect of boosting support for the president and his policies. And these clips are likely to have far more weight with the public than normal news appearances as well.Barack_Obama_with_Superman.jpg

While there will certainly be some jokes or humor, there is also likely to be some real news made as well. And both of these will become news, with both likely to boost the popular support of the president.

The president's handlers are indeed very clever strategists. And this is a great new use of the media to deliver the message.

The whole leadership style of this president is markedly different than past presidents. On one hand, he's running the country much like some inspirational school principal that is boosting confidence for students to succeed. On the other hand, he's like a brilliant CEO, who is excellent at delegating responsibility to others. And he's not afraid to juggle several important important issues all at the same time. It's a unique presidency to be sure. And it has a tremendous potential to make massive changes and improvements in the nation if it succeeds. And the skillful use of the media is an important key component in spreading this message.

This should be great TV tonight.

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Comments (2)

Rich Fader:

"Welcome to a very special episode of 'Jaywalking'."

Rich Fader:

BLEEP me. I underestimated the situation.


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