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This Is Wheel Crazy!

An Oregon State representative from the Portland area is proposing a crazy new bill in the state legislature that would allow bicyclists special rights to be able to run stop signs without fear of getting a traffic ticket. There is already a huge problem with bicyclists too lazy to stop at stop signs or even for red lights, that constantly run these traffic control devices. And now a state legislator wants to make this dangerous practice legal.bike.jpg

The most common sort of injuries that bicyclists do to themselves are single vehicle accidents cause by their own reckless riding habits. And now some brilliant state legislator would like increase these traffic deaths by giving bicyclists special rights to ignore basic traffic safety rules such as stopping for stop signs. Predictably, police are outraged at this proposal. They are usually first responders to fatal bloody bicycle accidents where the tiny twisted frames of a bicycle and a smashed body are smashed onto the street or under the wheels of a car or truck.

Currently, probably 90% or more of bicyclists disobey basic traffic rules and endanger their lives. Running stop signs and red lights, weaving in and out of traffic, riding with no hands, pulling wheelies, riding without a helmet, riding under the influence of alcohol or drugs are all too common of problems with many bicyclists that contribute to accidents and deaths. Instead of promoting better safety or traffic education among bicyclists, this state representative seems to want to vindicate and justify their poor riding habits that endanger their lives. bicycle fatal.jpg

Another big problem is that bicyclists do not have to be licensed or carry insurance and often have little money to pay if they should run a stop sign and put a dent in an automobile door. On the other hand, auto insurance rates could increase if a new law allowing reckless riding by bicyclists would result in more insurance injury payouts. An insurance company could be stuck with a claim that runs a million or more dollars if a bicyclist was severely injured and had a spinal cord break or other disablement. All motorists might be stuck paying for these medical bills with higher auto insurance rates. And another problem is that "right of way" laws then become more complicated and more motorists who thought that they have the right of way could be charged with manslaughter or other charges if they hit and killed a bicyclist. the legal and insurance questions are very serious here.

Of all the bad legislation to propose, this has to be among the worst of all. It certainly endangers lives and sets a poor example for bicycle safety for children to follow as well. Many bicyclists need to improve their safety and riding skills. This legislation is going in the wrong direction for the good of society. bicyle accident.bmp

Strangely, while many people in the U.S. are getting off cars and on to bicycles as transportation, in nations such as China, many people are getting off bicycles and into cars.

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Comments (6)


Wow, this is fantasticaly stupid. Hopefully the bike riders will be against it.


I can personally attest to stupid behavior by fellow cyclists running red lights and such. Group rides are notorious for this kind of stuff and if you don't follow everybody else through the light you get screwed by people either cursing at you or leaving you behind. They sometimes just don't get that every group ride can't be treated as a race.


Not a day goes by where I fail to go through a stop sign on my commute without coming to full stop, at worst I merely slow down. Motorists need to learn new behavior regarding bicyclists, to basically go slow much of the time in case a cyclist is nearby. The motorist needs to think over and over: "Unlike me, the bicyclist doesn't pollute the air or cause global warming, so I therefore must be ready to quickly yield to him or her."

Stop signs really slow down the momentum of the bicyclist, and are therefore hard to tolerate. From what I understand, the proposed law would permit cyclists to treat a stop sign as a yield sign. This, alas, does not go nearly far enough, for if anyone should be doing the yielding, it is the motorist.


BS. If the auto's have to obey the rules of the road, so should the bikers. It's time you bikers realize that you are sharing the road with a bigger vehicle than your bike. Why are you on the public streets if you aren't going to obey the traffic signs? What makes you bikers so special that you have the right away?

Time to have your cranium/rectal surgery, and realize that you aren't special! You are just using a different mode of transportation. If I start riding a horse, then the bikers will have to stop for the horse, right?

What a bunch of frigging idiots.

Christina Viering:

Yet another mindless way for police to waste their time-hanging out on corners waiting for bike riders to run traffic signs. Justice in the New Millenia.


If I am in a 3,000 lb car, and you are on a 20 lb bicycle, and we meet at 5 mph because you didn't have to stop at the stop sign, what's going to happen?

Well, you're gong to get run over. Basic physics. Because I had the right of way and you ran the sign. Just because you wouldn't get a ticket for it anymore doesn't mean that it's suddenly not going to hurt...


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