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WizBlue's Sunday Funny Foto Contest Winners

Hey kids. Here it is, our top weekly winners to our own wacky political caption contest. This week we looking for some funny insults and captions in response to Osama Bin Laden's claimed 52nd birthday. And we got a few good zingers from our readers.September11383.jpg

I think that Fustain pretty much summed up many of our hopes with his clever, "Still dead at 52", entry.

And once again, Rodney Dill was real funny with the strange but clever, "Ooooo....I just love the Bill Cosby picture page". This one sure made me laugh because it was so off the wall and outrageous. Funny stuff, Rodney! I swear, Rodney Dill has a real future as a comedy writer if he so desires.

D Skinner had a little fun with the old John McCain Campaign message with , "Q: What do Obama and Osama have in common?. A: Both have friends who bombed the Pentagon".

But probably my own greatest personal horror about the Osama Bin Laden 52nd birthday came from the fact that this guy is about 2 years younger than myself and really looks like heck. Well, at least I've got a 29 year old blonde haired girlfriend that loves me, regardless, to make me feel a little better about my slowly advancing age. That helps me to cope somewhat.

Well, thanks again kids for all your funny thoughts about the Osama Bin Laden 52nd birthday. Once again you were great. We'll do it all agin on Sunday with another wacky and funny photo and your chance to offer some clever zingers.

Note: Wizbang Blue is now closed and our authors have moved on. Paul Hooson can now be found at Wizbang Pop!. Please come see him there!

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