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The Palin "Bristol and Levi" Narrative - Just Another Republican Lie

It was easy to see this coming.

Poor vetting by McCain begat a poorly prepared, grossly under-qualified airhead as his Vice-Presidential pick. The lie that she was qualified was properly debunked as soon as Palin was asked a couple of simple questions, but the reason Palin was chosen was obvious from the start -- it was a cynical appeal to the conservative, 'value-voting' right wing faction of the Republican party.

And among the early damage control actions undertaken by the GOP ticket handlers last August was the revelation that Palin's 17 year-old daughter Bristol was pregnant, and the resulting announcement that the baby's father, Levi Johnston, would marry Bristol.

It was announced that the couple would marry, but it's obvious now that the marriage was just a public relations answer to a sticky-wicket created by the controversial, underage out-of-wedlock pregnancy. The baby was born in December, but the marriage never happened. It was a sham, a lie, a public relations answer thrown at the problem in the midst of a political campaign in order to salvage votes.

What does that really say about the evangelical conservative "family values"? What does it say about their view of the sanctity of the institution of marriage?

What it does is further point out the hypocrisy of the evangelical political movement. These people will say anything, do anything, to get the vote and get power and control over this nation. They are liars to the core, and they stop at nothing -- nothing -- to get power.

The wedding has been called off. Johnston confirms that the decision to not get married was mutually determined some time ago.

Evangelicals love parables, and love to illustrate their lives with them. What the Bristol/Levi lie eventually illustrates is that evangelical politicians aren't adverse to making up parables of their own when it's necessary to win votes, and the truth be damned.

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Comments (25)

ed davis:

So, it is wrong to have values and try to live by them? Got it. If someone tries and comes up short, they are scumbags. But compare your poorability to do something with the poor ability of participants in the Special Olympics, issue an apology and everything is cool. Got it.


If Palin is an airhead, wtf is this clown in the White House?

He cant speak w/o a telepropter, cant think for himself, and has basically ZERO personal or professional accomplishments.

Keep thinking that shitb*rd is the one. Anyone that relies on him is deserving of a late term procedure by Dr. Tiller.

ed davis:

I am with you Lee (circa Feb-Mar 2008). Hillary was a MUCH BETTER choice!

You really despise Palin, don'tcha?

Poor vetting by McCain begat a poorly prepared, grossly under qualified airhead as his Vice-Presidential pick.


Yeah, too bad you supported a poorly prepared, grossly under qualified airhead as your presidential pick instead, eh, Lee?

Lee Ward:

"So, it is wrong to have values and try to live by them? Got it. If someone tries and comes up short, they are scumbags."

They didn't try - they lied.

That isn't "having values and trying to live by them" - it's faking values and using the lies to win votes.

ed davis:

Oh. I didn't glean that they lied about it. I just can't bring myselt to see it as obvious. LEMMING ALERT. COMMENT THREAD AT WIZBANG BLUE. LEMMING ALERT. ED DAVIS BELIEVES EVERYTHING HE READS.

Faking certain values to win votes (and therefore POWER) is disgusting. Hypocracy is is disgusting. Are their any constitent, solid people out in positions of political leadership? There can't be anyone without a skeleton in his/her closet. But, damn, are there any out ther athat are lying scumbags? This reminds me of Newt. I can't BELIEVE he gets airtime on Fox and conservative radio programs. There are some mistakes that should cause a person to run away from the spotlight and the soapbox. I don't see many on either side of the aisle.

I really wish a third party could rise up and have a shot. I consider myself a fiscal conservative/social liberal. There are sooo many things I can agree with liberals about and soooo many things that bother me about conservatives. I read somewhere that there are maybe 9 basic groupings for people that vote. That leaves room for 3 types in 3 categories. This Republican Democrat crap just ain't cutting it anymore.

Lee Ward:

"There are some mistakes that should cause a person to run away from the spotlight and the soapbox."

I'd put Dodd's apparent blunder with the AIG bonuses in that category. I don't fault him for making a decision, even if I don't agree with it - but damn if the bastad can sit there and lie about it.


This is kinda fun. For 8 years, Lee exhibited classic BDS symptoms. Now his guy's in office, so he should be happy as a clam. But he's not. He sees Teh One screwing up on a daily basis and it's driving him nuts. Well, more nuts, but you know what I mean. He just can't bring himself to accept that his choice for president has been a disaster from Day 1. He can't blame Obama as he should, so he transfers his rage to any Republican handy. And when someone like Chris Dodd does something so egregious even Lee has to admit it, he soothes his hurt feelings by deciding that Dodd is actually a Republican in Democrat clothing. And when it all gets to be too much, he always has the fallback of attacking a 17 year old girl. The meltdown is going to be ugly at times, but it's also going to be highly entertaining.


Calm down Lee. The GOP has always touted their "family values." It just doesn't mean what most American's would call value. Greed, lies, bribes, etc is just part of THEIR values.

And who gives a damn about a MILF's kid who doesn't get married. Every politician lies, weather it's to get votes, cover up the corruption their involved in, etc. I realize the GOP, more so than the Dumo's never practice what they preach. That's just the way the poor SOBs are.

ed davis:

I dunno, Tim. Lee's clear choice was Hillary Clinton. He kinda had the same choice I did. I voted for McCain. I think there is something else propelling these people to positions of power. The media catapulted Barack Obama to the Democratic nomination. If you check Lee's archives, you'll see how strongly he was actually against him. Now he supports him. Same as I would support McCain, even though he wasn't my favorite. The Bilderberg ? TriLateral Commisssion / CFR stuff used to seem hokey to me. But hen Lee was exposing the smear job the "American" media powerhouse pulled on Hillary last year, it made me think a little. Is there something to it? Two heads are better than one. So 5, 10, up to thousands and thousands are way better than mine. I come here to try to see more points of view and not be so damned myopic regarding politics. I never thought that Palin was a lying scumbag. This essay gives me the chance to challenge my perception and hopefully NOT be a mindless lemming. It's kinda good MccCain lost. I admit that I would tend to find ways to JUSTIFY the stuff he were to do rather than SCRUTINIZE it.

But you make a valid point. Not much is being said about how awesome he is. Of course, we are only what, two months in? I think his legacy would be well served if he's start moving toward at least legalizing marijuana. Let alone drugs. If there is a war I can admit is pointless, wasteful and LOST, it is the war on drugs. It is worse than lost. It is strenghtening horrible horrible people. Los Zetas. Mexican Mafia. Plata o Plomo? Scary shit right there. While pot dealing American Citizens are getting raped (that's torture to me, friends) in prison. I bet some of these victims of the current American justice system would LOVE to transfer to Gitmo!

Lee Ward:

I know all politicians lie, Allen - it's the phony pious ones that are the most egregious liars however. They prey on the value voters.

Lie to me about lowering my taxes - and everyone knows that a certain amount of fibbing usually accompanies that promise.

Promise me you'll uphold "family values," and then we find out it's all just a sham, and that's not a lie, that's a total lack of integrity and a con.

The first example I gave is what you'd expect of a politician.

The latter is more like a con artist or snake oil salesman. The gay evangelical preachers, and folks like Palin, fall into the latter category.

Lee Ward:

@ Ed: Don't ask Tim to think - I hate the smell of burning wood.

Obama was not my first choice, but given the choice between the McCain/Palin ticket and Obama/Biden I chose the Democratic ticket.

McCain was such a drama queen - "suspending his campaign to go to Washington" - lol - the old putz can't multitask?

I chose the really smart Harvard kid over Grampa and Caribou Barbie, and would make the same choice today two months in...

ed davis:

The "smart Harvard kid". And he smoked some weed. And did some coke. AND HE STILL MADE IT. I am not saying that he should come out and ENCOURAGE kids to do that stuff, but good grief, what's with the demonizing of it? A vast majority of the most HORRIBLE things about pot and coke and even other stuff come from the simple fact that they are ILLEGAL.

Again: WORDS.

People get bad trips typically when they fear one coming. I wonder if he ever dropped acid... wow, sorry 'bout the tanget. Thoughts. Attitudes. Fear. Positivity vs negativity. WORDS!

Talking about pot and coke and whatever as if it will defeat you the second you so much as look at it doesn't do any good.

McCain was probably lying through his teeth anyway. I agreed with his "no pork" stuff (duh) and reducing gov't. Other than my deep respect for his service in the United States Military, I guess what I most liked about him wass the R next to his name. He'd have ended up being a puppet of the Bilderberg types anyway.

Can that be avoided?


lee, don't you think it's possible that things changed? did bristol and her boyfriend think they were in love, and were going to get married, but as real life intruded more and more, they realized that they were just 2 teenagers that weren't really in love, and had let their hormones get away from them?

having seen it before, this is the more likely scenario in my opinion.

lee, do us all a favor. let this one go. don't you think the poor girl has suffered enough for a teenage indescrection? all your continued posting about this subject does is make you look creepy and unhinged.

Lee Ward:

I never cease to be amazed by the extent to which Republicans are so willing to apologize away the lies of their politicians and make excuses for them rather than just fessing up and saying -- yes, they got caught again.


When will Dodd ever admit to the sweetheart deal he got from Countrywide? When will Frank ever admit the mortgage crisis was due in part to him?

OOPS, thats right, Dems are all hypocrites, and very very seldom admit to their crimes.


got caught at what, lee? you say lying, i say it was people changing their minds. you base your accusation on the fact that you always see the worst in any situation involving a republican or a conservative. and i base mine on having witnessed young people in similar situations....


Buyer's remorse can be an awful thing, right Mr. Ward?


Yep, a 17 year old girl got caught lying. That must be what happened. And now Willow Palin is just getting to that age where she'll be interested in boys. Ol' Lee's going to have a field day with that. He's probably already a Facebook friend using a false name.


Don't try.

Don't stand up for anything.

That way, there is no such thing as failure.

If the Rethuglicans ever manage to PROVE that there is such a thing as failure, get rewarded for it!

Vote for your fair pay!



You're definitely reaching for anything to take atention away from the destruction the Democrats are making right now, aren't you? That's the only possible reason I can think of that you're blowing a break-up out of proportion. Republian sham and lie? The two only broke up a few weeks ago... And yet you're leaping to the illogical conclusion that he two must have planne this whole thing MONTHS back? As for hypocracy, why is it that anyone who promotes morals and then makes a mistake is suddenly a hypocrite? (Oh wait, I suppose that's only when a conservative or a Christian makes a mistake.) We all promote what we believe in, and we all make mistakes. Lee, your hate for conservatives makes you illogical and it's impossible to take your ravings seriously. (I do wonder what caused your burning hatred though.) I really wish Wizbang Blue would showcase more authors who have pieces based on reason rather than hate. I may not agree with everything Paul writes, for example, but at least it makes some semblance of sense and has fact and reason to form opinions.

Lee Ward:

@ Tim the Dishonest: I place the blame on Sarah and the GOP handlers who decided to tell this lie in order to win votes -- as the post above describes. If you were honest you'd do the same - but you're a republican -- so you lie just like the lie about "the kids will get married and live happily ever after"...

@ AJ the Ass: Writing a post about this isn't blowing it out of proportion unless you're one of the trolls who wince at every sign of republican dishonesty and decide to shoot the messenger rather than address the lack of integrity that oozes from the GOP.

"Lee, your hate for conservatives makes you illogical and it's impossible to take your ravings seriously. (I do wonder what caused your burning hatred though.)"

Feel free to shop elsewhere for your reading material, AJ - you certainly added zero value to this comment thread.


Palin not vetted?????????????? you have got to be kidding!!! The Narcissist who is our president is the most unaccomplished man who has ever become president-thanks to the corrupt media and the complete ignorance of the 18-25 group who voted for a rockstar and a black man. That is all he is. He has shown absolutely no common sense in picking qualified people only ones he "owes". He is a wolf in sheeps clothing and is taking this country down. He is having fun "campaigning" as this is the only way he can "feel the love" from all the adoring idiots out there. He is not working, he is "playing" president. Empty suit is not a good enough description for the him. Never ran anything in his life and neither did most of anyone else he surrounds himself with. The only way this country is going to survive him is the majority of the good American People who love this country.........he does not love this country and is only using this country for his own power, adulation and agenda.


Lee you have no proof that they lied. It is simply your opinion because you have nothing but hate for conservatives.

Whatever happened to leaving the family members out of it? Or are you going to be OK with people trashing Obama's kids because Obama "lied" (remember conservatives could redefine "lie" to mean the same thing libs did with President Bush.)

What's WAY more likely is that all the liberal screeds, lies and incessant focus on this young couple came between them and the focus and pressure of it was just too much and so they broke up.

If the press and the conservatives bloggers and conservatives did what they did to Palin and her kids the left would be non stop screaming. But hey, it's OK if it is a conservative.

It's better they made the decision before they got married, rather than after. And yes teens should practice abstinence. There is no need to be sexually active at that age. But that's the decision they made. Christian do not destroy someone because they made a mistake. Family and friends come beside them and are supportive. Yet you criticize and condemn them and those that are supportive of them.

I suppose you'd rather family and friends denounced and shunned them. Then you could have a field day with that. You've conveniently set it up so that no matter what they do you can demonize them--all because of your bitter hate.

And fear that Palin is going to continue to be successful and someday be POTUS.

Your focus on this young couple is simply pathetic and juvenile and showcases your irrational hatred of anyone that does not agree with you.

Lee Ward:

OK obviously doesn't understand the term "vetted" as it applies to McCain's announcement of Palin as his running mate - but doesn't let that stand in the way of a chance to publicly hate the President.

And yes, some voters would have voted for Barney the Dinosaur rather than let another Republican into the White House -- let alone an airhead phony "family values" wacko Diva like Sarah Palin.

Carol wrote: "Christian do not destroy someone because they made a mistake. Family and friends come beside them and are supportive. Yet you criticize and condemn them and those that are supportive of them."

When did I criticize any of Bristol's support team? You're just delusional if you think Bristol and Levi made the decision to get married on their own, and weren't influenced by the 5 GOP suits in the room telling her "you know, it would really help your mom's chances in this election if you would get married to Levi"...

The fact that they broke off the marriage "some time ago" meant that the decision to not get married followed closely behind the election. Bristol has even accused Levi of capitalizing on the Palin fame. There's not just the decision to not get married, there's animosity that goes back several months.

It was a cynical, vote-getting sham that these two announced their marriage in the first place.

But keep on keeping on if you want to believe Palin has a rat's ass chance of becoming POTUS. Shout down the real candidates with real credentials (and an IQ higher than room temperature) and keep supporting the Palin. I'm all for it, and I hope that my posts about Palin hardens and firms her support among the values voters. I enjoy seeing what's left of the GOP splintered further -- whoo-haa!


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