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A Republican Congressman's Big Cash Grant Give-Away Website

How'd you like some free government grant money to start that birdhouse business or to start your own "nonprofit" organization? Oh, never mind what impact these earmark cash grants and spending are having on the federal deficit problem. Well, Virginia's senior most Republican member of congress, Frank Rudolph Wolf, of the 10th district has a great website that gives all sorts of cool links to anyone who wants to rake in lots of free government cash all paid for by the taxpayer. Wolf will then add these free money grants to legislation as earmark spending proposals. Frank_Rudolph_Wolf.jpg

Here's some way cool information on getting free government money from the Republican's own website :"If you live in the 10th District of Virginia and wish to be added to my mailing list to receive grants information or notification of district grants workshops, please contact my Grants Coordinator, Ann Potocnak in my Herndon office.

Please visit the Grants and Federal Domestic Assistance Page for valuable information:

I have included links to several helpful web sites on this page.

TGCI - The Grantsmanship Center - TGCI offers a detailed listing of grant providing organizations in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) - The CFDA contains financial and non financial assistance programs administered by departments and establishments of the Federal government.

Weekly Federal Funding Report - Weekly compilation of items published in the Federal Register which affect Federal Domestic Assistance Programs.

Foundation Finder - Search by name for address and basic information about the more than 61,000 private and community foundations in the U.S. Includes links to IRS filings and foundation Web sites.

Developing and Writing Grant Proposals - This document describes major components of the written grant proposal and gives basic guidelines for developing, organizing and writing the proposal.

NonProfit Gateway - A network of links to Federal government information services.

Starting a Nonprofit - Links to sites with advice and information about starting a nonprofit organization.

Resources For Nonprofits - Internet-related tools and resources your nonprofit organization can use for day-to-day operations."

Yes, indeed there's plenty of cool links on Wolf's big government cash giveaway website to get free taxpayer money from a number or government agencies and even some private foundations as well a link on how to start your nonprofit organization so that Republican congressman Wolf can start sending earmark cash grant money rolling your way. It's almost as good as winning the lottery for Heaven's sake! Why work for living when Republican congressman Wolf can set up with free taxpayer paid cash grants?

Republican Wolf, also interestingly voted against the Obama supported economic stimulus legislation, although no doubt many grants Wolf proposed or supported were probably attached to this legislation. On paper, Wolf could claim that he opposed Obama and the Democrats, while his pet grant projects would still become law and receive their fair share of free cash government grants.

By the way, the cash grants to birdhouse businesses are no joke. There was once an ornithological government grant program that would give citizens a cash grant to open a birdhouse business that matched the first $7,500 invested.

It's like Christmas everyday with some members of congress like Republican Frank Wolf playing Santa Claus giving out lots of free taxpayer money to almost anyone who asks.

What did you bring me Santa Wolf?

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Comments (4)


Paul -
If you had any intellectual integrity at all you would have written that virtually every member of Congress has grant information/links on their web site. You write as if Rep. Wolf is some egregious example when he is no different from his counterparts in both parties. Frankly, his is nowhere near as well developed as Maxine Waters, but with her being a Democrat, that would pretty well spike your whole point, now wouldn't it. Boy the truth can be a real bitch sometimes.

Paul Hooson:

Dear TS. First of all, the story on Wolf ties in with yesterday's story, where Wolf was the Republican member of congress who continued to give $150,000 taxpayer grants to Morality In Media for several years in a row because he agreed with their politics, yet he knew full well that this organization does not openly post financial disclosure or leadership roster information or meets other standards of financial transparency. And both THE NEW YORK TIMES article about this organization as well as the Better Business Bureau report all point up huge holes in the ethics and integrity of this organization.

Further, the Maxine Waters website is much different than Wolf's in that much of the aid is links to private grants or scholarships compared to federal help. And some links like Small Business Administration loans must be repaid. Wolf by comparison is giving out large cash grants to political organizations who do not meet the definition of a charity, and are engaging in some activity that might be considered to be criminal by some such as extortion letters and schemes, racketeering, fraud, etc. There is a huge difference between Maxine Waters offering Red Cross disaster aid information to some flood victim and Frank Wolf shoveling truckloads of cash to some highly suspect political organization who refuses to disclose how exactly they are spending over $700,000 a year in cash grants and donations. The two aren't even comparable, TS. And that's a fact.


Paul -
Is it really that difficult for you to be honest? Nearly every link that you list to indict Wolf is on Water's website as well. You can't have it both ways. The fact that she includes more links in no way obscures that she includes the same ones that Wolf does. One could argue that she provides even more avenues to try and suckle at the public teat.

Since you brought up the Morality in Media issue, which is a fair criticism of Wolf, let's address your dishonesty on that as well. You claim Peters receives a salary of $56K, but that is not what the BBB report says. It says his compensation in 2007 was $56K, which includes salary, benefits, expenses. Anyone who has to make a payroll and understands the difference between salary and compensation will appreciate just how different those two are. You also claim that their annual budget was $705k, again not what the BBB report says. That was their total income for the year. Their actual expenses were closer to $581K. Most of that was associated with personnel costs, but your post implies that nearly all of the $705K went to personnel costs, which is patently untrue.

I have no beef with your criticism of Wolf with respect to the Morality in Media grant, with the possible exception of the fact that it is a story that is nearly two years old so you're not exactly on the cutting edge there. I'm not sending them any of my money, so I am not carrying the water for them. But be honest in your critique. Don't be a blind ideologue who can't acknowledge that this crap goes on in both parties and that we all get screwed by it.

Paul Hooson:

Dear TS, I think that there was good enough of evidence for Wolf to stop advocating grants for Morality In Media some odd years ago, even before the BBB report or THE NEW YORK TIMES feature about the organization receiving grants courtesy of Wolf. And as I stated above, Maxine Waters website largely gave details for SBA loans which had to be repaid, private Red Cross benefits, or many benefits to smaller persons injured in a disaster, etc. Wolf's history is to give large earmarks to political organizations such as Morality In Media, even if they cannot prove exactly how the money is actually being spent. The BBB report noted that an important IRS form and other disclosures are not posted by the organization, so it does not qualify as a charity. And it can not be argued that they do community service work either. It also cannot be argued that they fight crime because most of the materials they attack including supermarket tabloids and magazines are constitutionally protected materials with no connection to crime. I'd like to see Wolf answer some questions under oath to congress why he believes such an organization deserves so much taxpayer money. Private political organizations with a political agenda do not deserve taxpayer funding except as defined by election law, however Morality In Media is not a political party or fields candidates for public office.

My further problem with Morality In Media is that they don't disclose to donors or even the taxpayer what exactly constitutes an expense? Leasing a new car? Buying all the gas? Their home mortgage? Taking their wife or kids out to dinner? Just what expenses are the taxpayer paying for or not with this organization that according to THE NEW YORK TIMES piece failed to uncover even one single incidence of illegal obscenity resulting in a conviction. At least the FBI cracked down on a few bad businesses that were sending unwanted spams to persons with graphic content.

The fact of the matter is that this outrageous organization harasses and extorts perfectly lawful businesses who comply with local community standards laws such as DVD rental businesses, bookstores, bars, hotels that offer cable TV viewing, etc., even the AARP for allowing an advertisement for a better sex for seniors video ad in their newsletter.

The fact is that most normal adult entertainment that is mainstream such as most adult movies or strip clubs are legal and constitutionally protected speech as well. Only a very small of material falls outside of that range into legal obscenity, with a few outrageous acts not depicted in mainstream materials, so most businesses harassed by Morality In Media are lawful and legal businesses. Morality In Media is probably committing crimes such as extortion when they threaten and harass a legal business not breaking the law. Should taxpayer money support an organization that is engaged in crimes such as extortion or racketeering activity? I don't understand Wolf's support of this group. He has the right to donate his money to this or any other political group, but not the taxpayer's money to the tune of $150k a year.

I understand what you're saying, TS. You've taken your time to research my position on earmarks here. However, I differ with your conclusions here. I suppose we just have different opinions on some of this earmark controversy. But I deeply appreciate your continued discussion here.


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