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Rush Limbaugh Won't Tell You This

Here's a news scoop that Rush Limbaugh just won't tell his audience. And it comes straight from the official Congressional Record to back it up. While the Republican Party likes to play politics by portraying the Democrats as reckless spenders for efforts to pull the U.S. economy out of this deep global recession, some Republican senators actually top the list of the biggest earmark spenders of all according to the official Congressional Record report.

The Congressional Record clearly proves that Mississippi Republican Senator Thad Cochran with $470 million dollars of earmark spending added to the Omnibus Spending Bill was #1 with earmark spending among all U.S. senators. Next up on the list of big earmark spenders was Senator Rodger Wicker with $390 million in earmark spending. In fact, of the top 10 largest earmark spenders in the U.S. senate, 10 are Republicans. Which certainly begs the issue of major league political hypocrisy on the subject.CochranThad.jpg

But there might actually be a silver lining here. Most of the big earmark spenders represent poor Southern states with extremely high rates of poverty, hunger and other serious social problems such as Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and West Virginia. At least these big earmark spenders are perhaps doing some measure of social good for their poverty stricken folks back home, even if someone like Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal might be demagoguing on the unemployment issue just to make some political points for himself in hopes of a 2012 presidential run, damn the folks at home.

Christian charity programs such as Feed The Children feature entire families in West Virginia so poor that they are trapping rats to eat as food, calling them "nutrirats". And even affording a potato to eat is very difficult for some families. So not all earmark spending is a bad thing if it funds projects or programs that lift up some people a little higher above deep waters than all this.

Earmarks are not always bad. However, it is all of the political hypocrisy on the subject and the Washington politics of the political chant that "only Democrats are big spenders" that is getting very tiresome and worn out. The fact of the matter according to the Congressional Record facts is that many Republicans are the biggest earmark spenders that there are. But Rush Limbaugh simply lacks the honesty to tell you that fact.

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Your are mistaken sir, Rush read a list of the highest earmark submitters. He is always crticial of non-conservative republicans - he calls out the "RINOs".


Oh ya, I forgot the mention of "hypocrisy"...I don't know how a party runs on the outrage of Pres. Bush's $300+ billion deficit and then proceeds to quadruple it within 2 months and not bat an eye. (and some of that spending for "humane" reasons as you say.)

Campaign is over, sir. Rush is a private citizen criticizing his government as allowed by the constitution.

Paul Hooson:

Thanks Mo, I wasn't aware that Mr. Limbaugh finally dealt with this topic. I'm not always a regular listener. But in truth, many Southern senators such as Cochran are hardly RINOs by any means. Limbaugh is holding up a party orthodoxy which doesn't really exist except in some conservative fantasies.Cochran is as conservative as you can get. What I am concerned about is the hypocrisy on the issue by some of the Republicans, wasteful earmarks and other issues such as this.

I'd prefer a less partisan Washington, where only reasonable earmarks get funded. I can't blame Mr. Cochran for looking out for the serious poverty problem in his state. That's just being a good senator. But this other stuff of using everything as a political club to beat up on Democrats when the economy is in such serious distress seems kind of unAmerican to me. Washington needs to pull together for the good of the country right now.


Paul, Rush didn't "finally deal with the topic". He's been against big government spending from Day 1, whether it's from Democrats or Republicans. If you're not a regular listener, you have no idea what he says or doesn't say, but thanks for filling us in on the snippets you did hear. Or heard about. Or thought that was what someone said they heard he said.


Obama said of the stimulus bill, "There is not one single earmark in this bill."

In fact there were over 8,000 earmarks in that bill.

Obama now goes down in American history for the most outrageous lie since "Bush Lied, People Died" and "I did NOT have sex with that girl...."

But he still has four years to surpass that.

With the way things are going for poor ol' Barry, what with the lies piling up over the AIG bonuses, he almost certainly will.


Why do those southern states have such poverty? I mean, after all, the GOP has been their leaders for quite awhile. Guess that also proves that trickle down doesn't work!


paul, do you have a link to the data you used to determine the earmark numbers? not that i don't believe you, but i could have sworn i saw different numbers some where else.

also, it would be interesting to know
which party had the most earmarks?
which party had the highest total dollar amount in earmarks?
what were some of these high dollar earmarks for?

just to give us a balanced and total picture of the situation.

just to be clear: there are some republicans that do not have the same views on earmarks that i have. that is their right. the republican party has no litmus test for membership. i know you don't believe it when i say it, but the R party has a much wider base and more ideological components than you think. and not everyone agrees on all of the issues.

that being said, if some republicans are loading up on earmarks, than i denounce them as heartily, if not more so, than i do democrats who do it. but the little indirection you are throwing up here doesn't change the fact that democrats are much much worse as a whole than republicans when it comes to spending.

if you want to throw up cochrane as an example of a republican who uses earmarks which either makes them hypocrits or the practice okay. then i get to throw up zeller as a democrat who believes the war in iraq was the right thing to do, and that those democrats who oppose it are hypocrits.

i'm just saying that in any group of people you can always pull out specific examples to fit your arguement, no matter what it is. what you have to do is look at the whole. and with political parties, also look at what the grass roots members are saying.


I second ke_future's request for a link. Certainly what you have written is at odds with what the NY Times reported earlier this month. The times said that Cochran "had a hand in $471 million" but that he only sponsored $77 million. The Times also said that no matter how you slice and dice it, that Inouye, Feinstein, Harkin, Shelby, and Bond were in the top 10. Three of those five are Dems, so I would really be interested in seeing what you base your post on.


"Limbaugh is holding up a party orthodoxy which doesn't really exist except in some conservative fantasies"

Limbaugh is holding up a Conservative orthodoxy, both Fiscal & Social. He has spoken well of Democrats & Independents and has slammed folks from the Left, Right, & middle that spend money like drunken sailors.

I've been listening to Rush since the 80's and I don't know that he has ever pushed a party over an ideal.


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