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The Pets Of Foreclosure

During good economic times, most average animal shelters will receive two telephone calls a week from someone who has lost their job or their finances substantially changed where they now have to give up their beloved pets. However, this severe economic crisis has resulted in a massive problem for animal shelters receiving an average of ten calls a day from pet owners who can no longer afford to keep their best friends.DSC00168-1.JPG

When some persons lose their job or their home, and are forced to sleep on some friend's davenport, they cannot expect that friend to also take in their pets, and animal shelters are getting phone calls.

Part of this economic tragedy not only impacts the lives of families, but of pets as well.

Old Mother Hubbard, went to the cupboard, to get her poor doggie a bone. When she got there, the cupboard was bare, so the little doggie had none. Now many doggies have no homes as well due to foreclosures.

Pet shelters could really use your help and donations right now.

[Lee adds: Here's a link to a web page that will help you locate an SPCA shelter near you.]

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