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Economic Optimism Reaches 20 Month High - Republican Fleecing of America Continues

Optimism is still at a low rate overall, but it's moving up - and that's important because sentiment is a leading indicator. Just like the stock market is now trending up, another leading indicator. And in which partisan group is economic optimism seeing the largest jump? Republicans!

First, the 20 month chart:

And the income group exhibiting the largest increase in optimism? Those making $90,000 and more.

Among different income groups, the most dramatic increase in economic optimism in March has been among those earning $90,000 or more -- not surprising, given upper-income Americans' greater investment in the stock market. In this group, optimism has grown from 10% saying the economy is "getting better" in early March to 27% this week. This top-earning group was initially the least likely to say the economy is getting better, but is now on par with middle-income earners, and closely trails low-income Americans in its outlook.

Are you understanding the trend here? Republicans and conservative blogs have been down talking the economy FOR WEEKS - claiming Obama is going to bankrupt the country, and as usual they are fleecing you - the average American - in favor of the rich. They want you to believe the worst, as the rich in America are investing heavily, buying up the stocks you are selling.

And what partisan group is exhibiting the greatest increase in optimism? Republicans, of course! The same partisan group telling you the FAKE bad news!

Improved economic optimism is seen among all partisan groups, but, in accordance with the shifts seen by income, the increase is particularly sharp among Republicans. (Republicans' household income skews higher than that of independents and Democrats.) The percentage of Republicans saying the economy is getting better has advanced from an average of 8% for the week spanning March 2-8 to 20% thus far in the week that began on March 16. This 12-point gain compares with a 9-point gain among Democrats and a 7-point gain among independents.

Come on, you Republicans -- be sure to write another check to the GOP to help them stop Obama from bankrupting our country, you suckers!

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Comments (5)


And Obama has never talked down the economy? Who was he fleecing?


So more Republicans than Democrats are optimistic about the economy, but they're the ones talking it down? That's lefty logic for ya, I guess.

Lee Ward:

There's right wing stupidity for you, Tim - thanks for the demonstration.

Once again, if you were able to read above third grade level and had actually checked out the facts you might have a clue what you're talking about -- but as usual, your head is up your ass.

There aren't more Republicans than Democrats who are optimistic, you dipstick.

Steve Crickmore:

Lee, don't worry I'm sure Republicans will take credit for the recovery from what Rush Limbaugh called the "Obama recession" last August and call it a Bush recovery as Perino did a week ago.

I thought Obama articulated his administration's reasoning in tonight's presser, extremely well..He is so knowledgeable and bright.

Compare this to Bush in Bush's last press conference and his thinking, full stop. It is like night and day..Watch or rather endure if you can the first five minutes of Bush's last press conference to see the differences in the men and their adroitness.

Republicans are seeing the biggest upturn in optimism for one simple reason - their representatives are growing a backbone!

Republicans and some Democrats are now understanding this level of debt cannot be sustained even in the short term. They are no longer swooned by Obama's teleprompter-assisted oratory.

The bounce in the Dow is fueled by hope that housing has bottomed out and that Obama's honeymoon is indeed over. Hobbling this President's spending is indeed the biggest sign of hope.


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