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Analyzing Another Fox News Lie

Fox News lies.... Watch this clip, and notice the quote they use of Vice-President Joe Biden. It occurs at 20 seconds in...

Now, the truth. Not only did Biden not say those words "recently" (the quote was from the campaign trail 8 months ago) but in fact he was quoting John McCain's infamous utterance in that clip.

Fox News is the height of dishonesty!

Here's what Biden actually said -- look at how the producers at Fox News had to cut around Biden's words in order to intentionally take them out of context and lie to the audience.

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe that's why John McCain could say with a straight face as recently as this morning and this is a quote, "the fundamentals of the economy are strong." That's what John said. He says that "We've made great progress economically in the Bush years."


Update: The liars, caught red-handed, have apologized:

Of course they lied about it again - claiming it was "a mistake" rather than an intentional misdirection on the part of the responsible staffers - but hey, liars do what they do....

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Comments (12)


Fox News is staffed by snobby Special Olympics bronze medalists who regale in the idea that their loyal viewers are intellectual kumquats.

Now, kumquats can't DO anything, but they can't change the channel, either.

Net: win.

Lee Ward:

It does take quite a bit of arrogance to rip apart Biden's sound bite and take it so totally out of context.

But these are the same people who wanted Americans to believe aerosol cans of bug spray were WMDs, and the right wing goobers gobbled that one up too.


Actually it was the Clinton Admin and many other left wing governments around the world, including a totally neutral intel. agency that assured us there were wmd's in Iraq, but who want's to quible over facts.

In regards to taking quotes out of context, let's be intellectually honest here, both sides do it and you and I both know that. A prime example is the Rush Limbaugh thing, I'm not a fan of the guy but still it's obvious that his Hope he fails comment was taken out of context and you guys jumped all over it.

Name calling, and blathering, idiotic comments, not backed by any facts with blatet hypocrisy, is not a very good way to prove a point.

Lee Ward:

and what does any of your blather have to do with Fox News lying in the report above?


My WMD reference above was a bit obscure, and a bit of 'inside baseball' I'll admit - but that didn't stop you from blathering on -- any chance you have to bullshit the American public, right Deke? It's the conservative way - lie and spin.

Here's Fox News in 2006 trumpeting Rick Santorum's bullshit claim that WMDs were found in Iraq at last -- only what was found was depleted weapons that were no more dangerous than the household products found under the average American kitchen sink (hence the bug spray analogy).

Now, show me credible evidence to back up your claim, Deke, that the 2002 WMD report (that was used by the Bush administration as an excuse to wage war in Iraq) claiming WMDs existed in Iraq at that point in time -- actually originated with the Clinton administration and left wing governments - or should we conclude you're just a fathead idiot like fatboy Rush - shooting off your mouth, Deke?

You idiots spout nonsense in conservative blog comment threads and never get called on it. Instead the clapping monkeys spout their own nonsense in return.

Here you gotta pony up, cowboy, or you don't get to wear the cool hat.


"I am absolutely convinced that there are weapons...I saw evidence back in 1998 when we would see the inspectors being barred from gaining entry into a warehouse for three hours with trucks rolling up and then moving those trucks out." -- Clinton's Secretary of Defense William Cohen in April of 2003

"In the four years since the inspectors left, intelligence reports show that Saddam Hussein has worked to rebuild his chemical and biological weapons stock, his missile delivery capability, and his nuclear program. He has also given aid, comfort, and sanctuary to terrorists, including Al Qaeda members, though there is apparently no evidence of his involvement in the terrible events of September 11, 2001. It is clear, however, that if left unchecked, Saddam Hussein will continue to increase his capacity to wage biological and chemical warfare, and will keep trying to develop nuclear weapons. Should he succeed in that endeavor, he could alter the political and security landscape of the Middle East, which as we know all too well affects American security." -- Hillary Clinton, October 10, 2002

I could continue on with the quotes from Clinton Admin officials and other Democratic elected officials.

You have no clue as o my politics but assume b/c I disagree with you that I'm a quote Idiot, Cowboy and other sundry things. As far as the criticism of the original post, I thought I made that clear in the subtext, perhaps you aren't intelligent enough to figure that out, but basically, why is WizBlue getting worked up about a Fox Channel parsing of quotes when both sides readily jump all over any quote, which they then disect to make their point.

Your name calling and refusal to argue intellingently just goes to show the ignorance that is the American Left, it's actually kind of ammusing to be honest :P

Lee Ward:

And you have the dishonesty to characterize what Fox news did as "Fox Channel parsing of quotes."

No, the Fox folks didn't parse Biden's quote - they flat out misrepresented what he said - not selectively lifted a quote from it's context to make what he said appear to have a different meaning - it wasn't his quote at all, he was quoting McCain.

And in suggesting otherwise you've demonstrated how the right works. You didn't show that Clinton administration lead the nation into war over WMDs, you lifted a quote and then created your own context, suggesting those quotes were the reason Bush took the nation to War.

Limbaugh declared he wanted Obama's plans to fail. You can argue what he meant by that but the quote is accurate. Biden didn't declare the fundamentals were strong - much less say them recently, Fox lied on both counts - Biden was quoting someone else saying those words.

Are you stupid? Do you really not understand the difference?

Republicans lie, then lie about their lies. Sadly, you do know the difference, obviously -- so your dishonesty is intentional and deliberate, and rather transparent -- and therefore a bit desperate.

Kind of like Bush. Kind of like Fox. Kind of like Limbaugh. Spot on type. Desperate, dishonest, Republican.


What Fox News did was completely uncalled for. No news agency should stoop to doing that.

What Fox News did was completely uncalled for. No news agency should stoop to doing that.

Absolutely. That sort of dishonest editing should be left to the New York Times and CBS News.


Bravo, OregonMuse, bravo. You left out CNBC. Remember, these people think Olbermann is a journalist.



Stupid irrelevant comments made by the Clinton Administration referring to circumstances years before Chimpy's invasion don't matter at all!!

You and your other conservatives need to get this through your thick skulls:

How many WMD did the UN Weapons Inspectors (you know, the people on the ground actually looking for the damn things) find, before they could rap things up with a final report having been kicked out by Chimpy's impending invasion? ZERO. ZILCH. NADA. NOTHING.

And so how many WMD did Mr. Kay & Mr. Duelfer find? ZERO. ZILCH. NADA. NOTHING.

No surprise there.

Your president wanted to invade, and wasn't about to let any final UN report get in his way, TRUTH BE DAMNED!


lee, given that the UN was literal bought and paid for by saddam, any document that came out was highly suspect at best. the uk still supports their conclusion that saddam was attempting to acquire yellow cake. there are still many reports that WMD program materials were shipped to syria. there were still chemical weapons found in iraq. saddam was still an evil bastard who needed to be removed if there was ever going to be peace in the middle east. if you had actually read any of the speeches bush gave leading up to the invasion you would know that WMDs were only one part of the story.

but nobody on the left ever wants to remember what a monster saddam and his sons were. how many people were raped, tortured, and killed by that regime. oh no, it's so much more important to be able to call bush 'chimpy'. why do you do that? does it make you feel good insulting someone who has attained more in his life than you could ever hope for?

and let's get back to the fox report. they were wrong. they admitted it. how often does the new york times admit it is wrong?? or reuters? or the ap? those venerable bastions of liberal journalism constantly make mistakes and lie about anything that would benefit conservative causes. yet even when they get caught out, they don't admit it.

so i cry foul on your blathering, lee. you're just ranting about fox because even tho it is more conservative, they still are documented to be more balanced in their reporting than any other cable news network out there. can we say chris "tingle down my leg" matthews and keith "i'm in the tank" olberman?


You guys have rolled way off base of what you should be talking about.

Fox News just pulled a clip of Joe Biden repeating, of what everyone and their goddamn dog remembers is "the line" that killed the McCain/Palin ticket, everyone who voted was there. And tried to pass it off as something Biden just said?

That is so ridiculous and just D-League.


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