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Right Wing Hate Mob's New Target: British PM Gordon Brown

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown dared to speak out against the wealthy banking elite, and he'll pay a price for that as the conservatives in the U.S. excoriate him for daring to bite the hand of the rich banking elite.

Here's a snippet of what Brown dared to say:

The Prime Minister accused bankers of operating "outside" of everyday human values and principles in the run-up to the global economic crisis. He agreed that avarice had developed over the past few decades and now needed to be tackled.

Mr Brown is on a global diplomatic mission ahead of next week's G20 summit in London. Speaking in New York yesterday, he said that new international standards governing banking - and banking bonuses - would now have to be agreed by world leaders at the forthcoming summit.

At a breakfast for business leaders, Mr Brown said that values such as "honesty, integrity and working hard" may have been absent from the financial system in recent years.

"The principles and values we apply in our everyday lives, you have got to ask 'Did we apply them to the running of our financial institutions?'," he said.

"There is a sense that the global economy was outside these standards that we applied in our everyday lives... A world without standards is going to be a world without stability".

The Prime Minister warned the Wall Street financiers that the major challenge they now face was to ensure honesty in future financial dealings. He described it as an "epoch-making era".

"Markets depend on morality in the end," he said. "We are building for the first time not just a global economy but a global society.

"We have to clean up the banking system. I know that people are angry at what they see in banking bonuses and remuneration."

How dare he call the rich to task for their excesses. No doubt the handlickers on the right will be quick to call Brown to task for this. How dare he suggest that the rich don't have our best interests in mind. How dare he!

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Nice straw man, how about you actually wait for the news of conservative bashing to coalesce instead of making stuff up. Speaking of excess, why did their meeting have to be in a five star hotel when they could just as easily have had it in their equivalent of a moose lodge or something.


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