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Would You Buy A Used Recession From Eric Cantor?

With so much good economic news out today including a rebound in new home sales, existing home sales, durable goods orders increasing, as well as recent gains on Wall Street, as well as better than expected recent retail sales figures, evidence is pretty clear that the economic policies of the 65 day old Obama Administration and the Democrats are appearing to have not only prevented the U.S. from slipping into an economic crisis as bad as the 1930's Great Depression, but are slowly turning the corner on this deep recession. I guess you could say that this is a typical Democratic administration; economic recovery and prosperity. But this hasn't prevented Republican critics such as Eric Cantor from Virginia to continue to argue the case for the same failed Republican and Bush Administration economic policies that have gotten the U.S. into this economic mess to begin with.

On this morning's TODAY SHOW, like some bad penny. Eric Cantor shows up to argue the case over and over again for all the same old failed Republican economic policies once again including big tax cuts for the big corporations, never mind that the government needs funds to bail out the ailing segments of the economy with some of those tax revenues. Eric_Cantor.jpg

The fact of the matter is that the Obama Administration is proving great progress in just 65 days in office. In fact, incredible results for just so few days in office. But that's hardly enough to deter some GOP critics like Eric Cantor who will continue to argue in favor of the failed economic policies of the past Bush Administration until Hell freezes over. The fact of the matter is that the big tax cuts for big corporations, many of which were donors to the Bush campaign or other GOP candidates for office, hardly prevented this whole current economic crisis from developing.

As the only Jewish Republican member of congress, Eric Cantor represents a pretty lonely little caucus of just one within even his own party. And as a lonely little voice arguing in favor of the failed Bush economic policies, Cantor is also proving himself out of step as well as more and more good economic news breaks that the Obama Administration economic policies are starting to turn the corner.

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Comments (11)


I sincerely hope you're archiving these little gems for later down the road.

Lee Ward:

Feel free to bookmark any of the Wizbang Blue posts, irongrampa, assuming you know how to bookmark a web page. Maybe one of your grandkids can show you how.


Lee, there is no reason to try and smear people like your above post did to irongrandpa. I very seldom agree with anything he posts, but smears and name calling is the GOP way of doing things. Why lower yourself to their level? Just wondering...


Paul, just think if McCain and Pailin would have been elected. Been the same policies like President Bush had, and it would have spelled the end of the GOP for many years.

The reason I is say this is real simple; when asked what their plan is, they can't answer as they don't know what to do, except cut more taxes for the ultra rich. So now all they can do is say "NO" to everything, because they are clueless.

Personally I wished McCain would have got in, because in less than 4 years, bye bye GOP. And McCain, if he had ideas, would be on all the talking shows screaming about it.

Lee Ward:

I welcomed irongrampa to bookmark any of our "little gems" and call us on the post at a future time.

If you think what I wrote was "a smear" you need your diaper changed, Allen.

Maybe irongrampa would be willing to change yours for you...just wondering. lol.


Lee, you implied he wasn't very smart about computers. IMO that's what the GOP does, imply, lie, smear, etc.

Hopefully not, but in some years down the road, I may need help in changing the diapers. Think he would still be available?

Lee Ward:

I used a bit of sarcasm, Allen - in response to his sarcasm.

I dunno if irongrampa will be around when it's your turn to wear adult diapers, but I suspect he'll have experience changing them if he is....


I bet Irongrampa enjoys watching you two fling poo at one another. After all, that's what Democrats do.

Paul Hooson:

Dear BMG, let's not lose sight of the facts here that Cantor is a self-appointed advocate for all of the same failed Bush Administration economic policies that brought America into this deep economic mess and that the Obama Administration is aggressively attempting to lead America out of this recession and make it into a strong and powerful nation once again.


The Obama Administration so far isn't aggressively doing anything except spending my grandchildren into debt. And covering for itself.

I am highly disappointed thus far. Obama needs to slow down and tackle one problem at a time. As much as it disturbs me to quote Clinton, "Its the economy, stupid". Its not health care or crap-and-trade.

If Obama wants to impress me, he can begin by rescuing Social Security. He can begin by letting companies that made poor decisions fail. The turmoil of a bank failure is short-lived. The turmoil of unnecessary government intervention into the markets will be with us forever.

If Obama wants to impress me, he can call for the appointment of a new Speaker of the House and the dismissal of Rep. Frank from any position of responsibility.


paul, the policies that cantor advocates are not all the same as bush's policies. he is not advocating adding federally funded programs. he is not advocating taking over or bailing out failed institutions. he is advocating generally low taxes for people of all income brackets. he advocates for the government to be smaller. to be more fiscally responsible.

it's healthier for the long term economic health of the country to let instituions that have failed, to fail rather than proping them up. the government needs to be prepared to help those who are hurt in the short term by these failures. propping up failed institutions will only dig your hole deeper. so that when it becomes impossible to prop them up any more, the impact will be that much greater.

it is NOT the government's role or responsiblity to guarnantee any person or business succeeds.

personally, i find more at fault with the democrats actions and policies of the past 10 years than i do of republicans. it was the democrats who stymied increased regulation of the mac's, it was democrats who pressured banks to lend to people who wouldn't otherwise cooperate. liberal democrats like Frank, Dodd, and Pelosi contributed to the current mess as much, if not more, than bush or any other republican.


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