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Are Scientologists Using The Sarah Palin PAC To Further Their Goals?

John Coyle, who is the husband of FOX News personality, Greta Van Susteren, is also a main advisor to Sarah Palin's Political Action Committee, SarahPAC. A celebrity website by the name of Gawker had uncovered a political plan by Coyle that dates back as far as 1986 to increase the power of Scientologists by using media and other contacts to gain access to politicians to help to further the goals of this controversial organization. Scientologists are now known to operate at least two front organizations as political action committees to further the goals of their organization including Citizens For Social Reform and Florida Citizens For Social Reform, as well as some Scientologists like Coyle possibly using the Sarah Palin PAC, SarahPAC, to further their goals as well.

It is a very old strategy for political power by religion to use politicians to further their power goals. For example, while the early Christians were once persecuted by the Roman government, by the third century the Roman Emperor Constantine co-opted the Christian faith into the Roman government helping to create the Roman Catholic Church faith as state church for Rome for example. The Church Of England has long been an official state church in the UK in which ancient UK political figures are worshipped as "saints" in this faith. And even in modern times, Spanish fascist leader Franco was largely put in power by support from the Catholic Church. A strong history of church and state working together to maintain power over citizens and rule them exists throughout history. The Taliban in Afghanistan represents yet another example of religion and government working together for power and to control people. And in Haiti, voodoo based religion, kept people in fear, and politicias in power.

There are also a small block of right wing members of Congress including Utah Senator Orrin Hatch, Iowa Senator Charles Grassley and fornmer U.S. Senator Sam Brownback, all Republicans, who have closely aligned themselves with THE WASHINGTON TIMES newspaper, which was founded by the Moonie cult leader, Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

Whether it be larger religions or even small cults, some religions often use politicians to gain favors and even power for themselves. And based on the old plan of Palin advisor, John Coyle, there is a substantial question about whether he is using the Palin PAC to further the goals of his Scientology faith as well.

Part of the political problem for Sarah Palin is that she appears to have a cultist following by a fringe, and for some reason this has now attracted some Scientology elements such as Coyle who may even be using her PAC to further his political as well as religious agenda.

Scientologists might view themselves as a somewhat persecuted religion, although many of their followers are wealthy Hollywood or other successful types. And such a persecution complex might be resulting in this group seeking political power or hoping to further their religious beliefs. secret_scientologist.jpg

On Comedy Central's SOUTH PARK, the above illustration of the actual belief's of Scientologists was once represented, which also helped to result in Scientologist member, Isaac Hayes, quitting the show. The American public has to decide whether they really want such controversial religious opinions so involved in their politics. Sarah Palin probably has a whole new problem to deal with if she allows controversial religious views such as those from Scientology to heavily get involved with her SarahPAC.

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Comments (36)


So are you saying that scientologists want to become the church of state here in the US? It would make absolutely no sense for them to use Sarah Palin as the candidate of choice. Scientology has it's greatest foothold among those that vilify and malign her at every opportunity. They would be trying to sink their own candidate. Makes no sense. They may be trying to use her to gain political power, but they'd be better off with a hollywood figure, like the governor of California. As far as national politics go, Senator Pelosi makes much more sense. She claims catholicism, but makes no attempt to hold to it's values on abortion. She can still claim it as her religion, but veer from it on policy, and it would be considered typical. Congress is where laws get made, that's the place to go to get favorable treatment. We've all seen that congress is full of those that would sell their soul if the money was right. They've got all that movie moola to spend, that's the place to buy your influence.

Lee Ward:

Just a side note -- when I read this post (Friday morning @10:30am Eastern) the Google Ad directly below the post was an ad for Scientology.

They do have their PR act together...

Chad suggests there is no connection between Scientologists and Palin by claiming "Scientology has it's greatest foothold among those that vilify and malign her at every opportunity" - but offers no credible link to support that statement whatsoever.

Who are the "those that vilify" you're referring to, Chad? Paul has shown a link between a Fox News spouse who is a big time Sarah Palin supporter and also a Scientologist promoter.

Can you describe or name "those who vilify" Palin and link them to Scientology, or are you just blowing hot air as usual?


i'd just like to point out that this is exactly the same as any other group trying to increase it's political power in order to further it's goals. like environmentalists, big business, the gay community, and those against illegal immigration. i'm not sure what point you're trying to make, unless it is that religious people should not be able to influence the government. and if that's the point you're tyring to make, i think you're wrong. if it's not, i'd be interested in what the point is


This is absolutely ridiculous. Just another smear tactic from those who hate (or fear) Palin. Sarah Palin is a role model for conservative values and represents that which is still good about our country. That is why so many consciences are pricked and therefore the vitriol that is hurled at her. America needs to wake up before it is too late. 2 Chronicles 7:14 is very appropriate for our time.

Lee Ward:

And what exactly do liberals have to fear about Sarah Palin? -- that's an oft-repeated claim that never has any specifics attached to it. Just a dismissing 'wave of the hand' and a claim that 'theyre afraid'....

What in the world could Sarah Palin possibly do that would give liberals reason to "be afraid" of her gaining power?


Her husband's name is "Coale" not Coyle.

As far as commenting further, I won't waist my time, you have closed shop here and scrub my comments.


This is so ridiculous that it's pathetic.

For one, Greta is a liberal (as most scientologists are)

Greta voted for Barack Obama, though it's very clear she regrets it.

The fact is, her husband has helped other women along the way. He has counseled both Nancy Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton.

And Sarah Palin is about as far away from those two as it gets.

It seems as the author did absolutely no research, and just relied on the Gawker hate site for the scoop.

Sarah Palin is a Christian, always has been.

Oh, and Lee ward, don't play dumb.

Of course liberals fear her. Elsewise, why is there such a coordinate smear campaign against her? If she wasn't a threat, you'd never hear about her.

You don't see anyone going after any other presumptive 2012 contender.

This reminds me of the Great Ronald Reagan. The same little ankle bitters that are chirping now, had their counterparts doing the same thing to Reagan.

I mean the words and accusations are even the same!

Of course, at the time, America had just elected the Worst President Ever!(c) James Earl Carter.

While the media tore at Reagan, the people looked hard at him, and agreed with him.

The result? Reagan won the largest election landslide ever against Carter in 1980. Then he came back in 1984 and beat his own record, winning 49 of 50 states, almost winning that 50th!

As we all know, history repeats itself, mainly because people are too stupid to learn history.

The American people have again elected what will end up (much to Carter's delight) the Worst President Ever!(c)

Obama is making Carter look Presidential, and smart.

While the liberals are berating Palin over stupid stuff, the rest of America is looking at her, her actual record, and her accomplishments, and going "hell yeah!"

Look for 2012 to look similar to 1980.

While liberals sit and make up ridiculous conspiracy theories, the majority of Americans are pissed off, and getting more pissed off by the minute.

They see Palin as a solid leader with guts. Someone who walks the walk, not just talks the talk.

The biggest question right now on people's minds is: Who will be her Vice President when she takes office in 2013.

Vicki Chris:

This is another attempt to make Sarah look bad.

I search for good articles about Sarah and usually have to weed out the junk like this.

Why an attempt to make her look bad?

Liberals fear her because she came on the campaign scene when they thought the democrats had the election in the bag.

Even though republicans lost, it was only because of the so-called "fault" of the Bush administration and the economy and the press never missing a chance to link McCain with Bush.

Liberals thought the dems would rule for years and years, and, due in large part to Sarah, the possibility of that happening is getting smaller each day.

More and more people are finding out just how the media spun her words and cut segments, etc.

This probably isn't very good for mainstream news either, which is generally the darling of the liberals.

In addition, Sarah doesn't believe in killing babies- no, not even when they are inconveinient. Scary-someone who favors LIFE as oppossed to one who wants to kill innocent life.

To make matters worse for liberals, she lights up the day when she graces any event; what man does that? Obama? I don't think so. What other lady politician is doing that?

American Dog:

My gosh Paul, have you regressed in your use of common sense ?
Back away from the Kool-aid and tear down that picture of Art Bell that hangs above your desk.

This could win an award for the Dumbest or the Funniest theory in the Blog-o-sphere.

It's no wonder you post no links or cite any proof for your drivel.

Paul Hooson:

M, an important note on why "Coyle" or "Coale" might have been spelled different ways here. A source from Japan emailed me much of this news tip and they may tend to translate his name slightly differently due to their language. However, the basic facts here seem to beg whether this major Scientology promoter is using the Palin PAC to help to promote both his religion and his political goals for that organization.

I receive news tips from all over the world, then I try to research whether there is good evidence that this tip is on the mark or not. I tend to reject about 90% of these tips if I cannot find good enough of evidence doing an exhaustive Google search to connect the dots or not.

On another blog a few years ago, I once went with a very controversial story about Karl Rove that connected his grandfather to constructing a notorious German concentration camp for the Nazis based on just one source with no outside collaboration. So I quickly learned that I need several sources before I will go with any story, even if it appears to be a good story or a good news tip or news source.


What a bunch of dither!

All this sort of propaganda does is make more people look for the truth, and then join together to help Sarah succeed.

The American public, as a whole, are intelligent enough to see through the blatant smear job you and others like you are doing.

When did you become a gossip columnist?

Lee Ward:

I'm in favor of people joining with Sarah to help her succeed. I want her to be on the 2012 Republican ticket.


How do you expect to be taken seriously when you write such drivel. Everyone knows Sarah Palin is a christian. You must have had your tinfoil hat on backwards when you wrote this stuff. Do you actually think people like Tom Cruise and his Hollywood scientologiest pals would befriend Sarah Palin for ANYTHING? You must be smoking something.


You're not kidding, "Part of the political problem for Sarah Palin is that she appears to have a cultist following by a fringe."
That's me. Presbyterian, appalled registered Democrat. Go Sarah, go constitutionalists!


Paul...I have to say, even though I disagree with your content, and style. I appreciate your response.

Now, if we can just get you to find more reliable sources, you might be OK yet!

There's plenty of good, solid information out there about Governor Palin.

There's a reason why people like Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, and Loren Michaels have nothing but praise for her.

Dick Morris, on Greta's show last night, was talking about Palin. He met her long before she was the VP candidate. He, like everyone else who has actually met her, is highly impressed with her intellect, and ability.

Watch this video. Morris' comment about Charlie Gibson is classic:


You might also want to read the brand new book about her life.

'Sarah Palin: Poised to Become America's First Female President'


Even if you don't like someone, if you are going to write about them, you should take the effort to actually know something about them.


LOL! What a lame attempt! I actually hope everyone reads this because it shows the insane attempts of liberals to create stupid stories about Governor Palin. I am still laughing. Are you liberals for real? Do you have your tin foil hats on?
P.S. Obama is ruining our country, maybe you should be a little more worried about that?

Lee Ward:

The Palin/Scientology bots are out in force. With as many Palin posts as I've written I've never seen them this organized, but that's no doubt because this particular Palin sect are Scientologists also - and we all know how "they" are.

Discrediting Paul's post as isolated nonsense is exactly the way Scientologists work. You'll notice the Caribou Barbie post I made attracted zero comments - it's the Scientology story they seek to discredit.

Here's more on the the subject of Palin's Scientology connection.

Ben Smith: Palin adviser once planned scientology PAC

Gawker: Sarah Palin's Scientology Team Comes Clean

Gawker: Sarah Palin Adviser's Secret Scientology Plot to Take Over Washington

Huffington Post: Palin Pallin' Around with Scientologists: Todd & Sarah & John & Greta

Washington Post: The Protecters of the Palin Brand


What the Devil!! Someone is trying to grab power so they can control the world! Gee, I thought y'all would never figure it out. Now, back to Palin. I wanted to say that Greta's husband also advised Pelosi and Hillary, but Gary beat me to it. So Scientologists, Prysbyterians, Catholics, Baptists and everyone in between are supporting Governor Palin. I'm pretty sure you're not advocating that she should discriminate against people on the basis of religion. This article is just a spoof, isn't it you little rascal.

Lee Ward:

What the Devil? Speak in tongues for us, Sarah -- please!

Scientology isn't a religion.

Doubting Thomas:

If it isn't, Lee, it sure tries to pass itself off as one. LOL.

Lee Ward:

That's true - they try to seek the protection of a church, but in my brief encounter with Scientology 30+ years ago it didn't resemble a religion -- not at the stage where I was introduced to it. I understand that if you give more and more money into their organization you're introduced to the religious aspects of it - but pay-as-you-go religious trappings do not a religion make - in my view, and that stuff may be more about keeping Scientology's IRS exemption and about freedom from government regulation than about true religious beliefs.

Maybe one of the Palin-bots will explain why Scientology deserves to be treated like a religion? In English please -- no speaking in tongues, you guys.


Religion, organization, glee club...it doesn't matter. People come in contact with many groups and indviduals in the course of their life. For example, a young, ambitious man may repeatedly associate with domestic terrorists, radical ministers, crooks, tax cheats and worse. Does he endorse them because they support him and are a part of his life? It appears that you think so, given the inane logic of the above story. Instead of straining credibility to say or hint negative things about Governor Palin, try a civil discussion based on honest and supportable facts. Calling those who support her "cults" or "fringe groups" is unsupportable and simply an attempt to bully those with whom you disagree. If you're saying scientology is a crock, I might agree with you. But linking the Governor with it is nonsense.

Lee Ward:

So quick to change the subject, Annie?

Is there a reason why you don't want to address the subject at hand? One of Palin's top advisers wants to cultivate Washington politicians for the purposes of furthering Scientology now -- we're not talking about college professors who were radicals thirty years ago -- we're talking about now.


My dear, I'm making a valid comparison. No change of subject. Please try to follow. Coyle is not one of the Governor's top advisors and she has no connection to scientology. The former jr. senator repeatedly associated with, worked with, and socialize with bad guys as he began his career, but "had no connection" with them. These people are still around now and still cultivate radical views. "We don't want to talk about that" is a poor response.
If you are just talking about scientology, why bring Governor Palin's name into the discussion? Shall we pillory Pelosi and Hillary because Coyle was also their advisor? I didn't see their names in the article.

Lee Ward:

Coyle is a 'he' not a she, and you declaring that Coyle isn't a top adiviser of Palin's isn't an established fact.

So you failed on the very first count to separate Coyle from Palin.

"The former jr. senator repeatedly associated with, worked with, and socialize with bad guys as he began his career, but "had no connection" with them."

Bad guys? Since when are college professors "bad guys"? Are you talking about Ayers? he was a "bad guy" 35 years ago.

Coyle is a Scientoilogist now and -- depsite you waving your hand declaring it ain't true -- Coyle is a top Palin adviser now.

So yes, you are changing the subject.

And did Obama associate with Ayers 35 years ago when Ayers was a "bad guy" - no.

Lee Ward:

And as to this: "If you are just talking about scientology, why bring Governor Palin's name into the discussion?"

If Palin can drag Obama through the mud because of a thin connection to a "terrorist" whose terrorism took place 35 years ago, she should have no complaints when one of her top advisers is outed as a Scientologist.

After all - no one has yet suggested that Palin is a Scientologist -- but Obama's connection to Ayers caused Palin to label Obama as pal of terrorists.

Your hypocrisy is amusing, and your whining quite satisfying, Annie.


this connection to Ayers, i suppose you mean, lee? if you had actually looked at the documentation of all the different things they had been involved with you would know that it was more than "thin". the annemberg(sp) project ring any bells? but you were never interested in factual analysis. you're more interested in partisan hyperbole, aren't you?

as for terrorist...let's see. he was part of a group that planted bombs to kill as many people as possible to bring about social and political change. if that doesn't fit the definition of terrorist, i don't know what does.

as for trying to link Palin to the goals of Scientology. how about you point to any actual laws she has proposed, or actions that she has taken that would constitute implementation of an scientologist agenda?

and to equate a political operative with ties to a non-violent religious group to a un-repentant terrorist who tried to blow up as many people as he could? that doesn't fly. there is no comparison.

Lee Ward:

Changing the subject from Palin again? Tsk tsk.

Annenberg- yeah, that project was duplicated in dozens of US cities - it' was mainstream. Nice try, ke - but that's a major league strike. No "terrorism" anywhere near the Annenberg project in Chicago.

"he was part of a group that planted bombs to kill as many people as possible to bring about social and political change."

Who "he"? Ayers? That was 35 years ago. He's now a college professor. was Obama anywhere near Ayers 35 years ago -- nope. Ayers is an upstanding US citizen now, and was so a the time Obama met him.

But keep changing the subject - maybe no one will notice that one of Palin's current top advisers is currently a Scientologist.

Wow, ke - are you not feeling well? That was pathetic - you're usually much better than this.


I'm not sure how helping Sarah Palin's political career will advance the Church of Scientology. Most scientologists are liberal and would have no use for a Palin presidency. Doesn't make a heckava lot of sense to me.


Lee, "Coyle is not one of the GOVERNOR'S top advisors and SHE (the Governor)has no connection with, or participation in, scientology." I'm separating her from scientology not Coyle. Why not include Pelosi and Clinton who had the same connection to Coyle? I really want to know.
The bad guys comparison accurately highlights your double standard. They are good guys now? Yah. God ... Bless America.
Reading comprehension aside, let's just cut to the chase. Your simple-minded agenda is to hurt, demean, and destroy Governor Palin. Her experience, success and valor in the face of adversity angers and frightens you. If you cannot withstand the challenge, try to destroy it. How very Neanderthal.

Lee Ward:


According to the Washington Post, he is running Palin's political action committee behind the scenes and "guiding [her] political image in Washington."

Washington Post:

So, who are the figures charged with guiding Palin's political image in Washington? Here's the lineup based on our conversations with informed strategists.

John Coale: Coale, a well-known Washington lawyer and the husband of Fox News Channel's Greta Van Susteren, drew national media attention when he endorsed Sen. John McCain's presidential bid in protest of the way in which Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, who he backed in the primary, was treated. Coale, in an interview with the Fix, described himself simply as a "friend" of the Alaska governor but acknowledged that he suggested she start a leadership PAC and helped her navigate through some of the questions surrounding her family that lingered after the campaign. Others familiar with Palin's political team insist that Coale has far more power than he is letting on -- essentially helping to run Sarah PAC. Coale demurred on that front, noting only that he talks to Palin regularly and that she is a "fascinating person" who is "definitely not what the right thinks or the left thinks."

Please, anyone and everyone reading this comment. Support Sarah Palin's bid for the Presidency in 2012!


lee, you're the one that brought ayers into the discussion, not me. i was just slapping down your insinuations.

i did not claim that annenberb was a terrorist organization. i brought that up to point out that obama and ayers had a more connected history than you claimed. i noticed that you did not actually refute that connection, instead throwing up a strawman.

so 35 years ago ayers was involved with terrorism. that makes him a terrorist. i never claimed he was currently committing any acts of terrorism. just that he had, and that he was unrepentant about committing those acts he had.

i'm not exactly sure what you are trying to say with the quotes you provided. what i read is that coale is involved with Palin's leadership PAC. what's the story here? that he's also a scientologist? big deal.

seriously, if you have a concern. show me what actions have been proposed or taken by palin or coale that have you so concerned. otherwise, this just looks like more bile and hate directed at Palin for no reason other than that she is a successful conservative republican governor. who must be attacked and torn down by the left.

and you all say that the republicans are the party of hate and personal attack. you really need to take a good, long look in the mirror.


Lee, we comment on Paul's posts hoping to avoid getting spattered with your drivel. Unfortunately, you seem to find your own posts to boorish to comment on.

Lee Ward:

You've already been warned twice Chad. Stick to the post topic.


OOOHHH. I've been warned twice. You're the one that lamented that nobody was commenting on YOUR Sarah Palin post, I was just letting you know why that might be. Hijack much?


john is not employed by sarah palin or her pac- I know that you know this so I am guessing you needed a headline.


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