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Caribou Barbie Flashback: October, 2008

October, 2008: Sarah Palin explains her views on the role of the Vice-President.

Even a teleprompter wouldn't have helped this airhead.

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Lee, using the word/name airhead is not doing justice in this case. Even through she is a MILF, it took her four different colleges to get a degree. Wonder if she serviced all the professors at every college to get her degree?

But can you see Bobby and Sarah as running mates? One exercises demons, and the other one is a complete nutty religious freak. Christ, give the GOP a break, as that will be a losing ticket for sure.And that's the best the GOP has?



Allen, you can sure be a foul individual.

Basal sexist remarks? Check and check.

Not knowing the difference between exercise and exorcise? Check.

Demonstrating one's self as political pond scum? Check.

Carry on.


Yeah...sure dodged a bullet there!

Who knows what might have happened if she was Vice president...we might have tax cheats in the cabinet, deficit spending on a magnitude unseen in our history, people taking money from corporations they are overseeing, giving gifts to allies that are insulting and the world thinking that our president and VP are tyros...

Yeah, glad THAT didn't happen!

Lee Ward:

Or... we might have had Tom Cruise sneaking into the White House and poisoning President McCain's Geritol so Palin could become President.


It's a good thing she McCain didn't win, or Lee would still be obsessing over Sarah Palin. Instead, he's been able to put it all behind him and Move On.

Lee Ward:

Thanks for stopping by, Dim Tim.

As long as Palin is out there in the political arena I will be doing all I can to insure she's the GOP candidate in 2012. She's the 'right answer' for America, now and in the future. I don't want Americans to ever forget that.

You're not one of the those McCain supporters who called Palin a "wacko Diva," are you, Tim?

Or are you one of those Palin supporters who show up on every blog post critical of Palin and throw stones at the post author - like these folks?

Sorry for asking so many questions, Timmy, but it is never quite clear why you troll our comment threads with your childish little zingers. Are you just lonely? Do you need attention, Timmy? Do people not like you?

More questions -- sorry, you probably have something really important to say, Tim -- so go ahead and say it. No more questions, I promise.


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